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AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

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  • AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

    Well, I got in the game late, had a head bug that would not let me get in vehicles or get gear (even using the mouse wheel). Rebooted, back in, saw only one heli operating so joined the air element, and crashed on my first mission killing my passengers and then crashed twice more with no passangers (fortunately) moving in for an extraction.

    Tested the heli and discovered what was happening. Somehow, my main channel talk button was binded to the EJECT button, so every time I was in the air and went to talk in the air channel, I ejected. Odd thing is I have not made changes in my key bindings and my options show NO BUTTON selected for eject in the vehicle (air) settings. Will check it out tomorrow but what a disappointment.

    Sorry guys. No excuse is every really a good excuse ...

    On the bright side, listening in to the Command channel and the Air channel it seemed that Communication Protocols were working very well. John.C in the 1st Squad used a Radio Operator (Grunt) and that appeared to be working, but we need more direct reports.

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    Re: COOP OPs June 3

    Organization was top notch tonight. Clearing towns was a breeze. It was nice having the whole team in one location.


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      Re: COOP OPs June 3

      We had a great time, big thanks/props to Khan for organizing the event and leading the platoon and everyone else for joining us.

      Squad 1 (1stMIP) deployed* as:

      Mechanized Infantry Squad with 9 personnel and Stryker Mk19 ICV.

      SL: John_C

      Fire Team Alpha
      A1: Loyal (Squad sergeant, Alpha FTL)
      A2: Misha (AFTL)
      A3: Finestyle (AT Specialist)
      A4: Grunt (Radio Operator)

      Fire Team Bravo
      B1: Coz (Ocosme) (Bravo FTL)
      B2: Barnaby (AFTL)
      B3: Ordo (AA Specialist)
      B4: Blacksheep
      * E-male and Mosely joined the squad later on.

      Great job all. Everyone followed the instructions and procedures, making the operation pretty smooth. Special thanks to Loyal for his excellent preparation (he had kit layouts for the squad printed !) as well as for his organizational and command skills. And to our radio operator (RO) Grunt. Top notch work, proving how important it is to have an RO in the squad.

      A few shots:

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        Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

        agreed , that was a real fun gaming session... nice screens John.

        1-2-3-4 Tactical Gamer ArmA core!!!


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          Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

          Nice to hear you guys used an RO. I was a grunt under Pfeil tonight (who is ultra cool under pressure), but we did not use an RO.

          Did your RO coordinate with dedicated transport and keep Channel commander and new arrivals mostly out of the squad leaders ears?

          You know what I'm asking. Did the diagram work? or was it a modified approach?

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            Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

            Originally posted by Sleepdoc View Post
            Did your RO coordinate with dedicated transport and keep Channel commander and new arrivals mostly out of the squad leaders ears?
            Since this was a pre-planned event, squad was filled with signed-up members. So we had no "new arrival" issue Sleepdoc. Also I had no problem arranging air transport back from command ICV. I even had time mark the LZ with green smoke. The biggest help from RO was giving me the option to turn off my radio. Grunt also helped me a lot by relaying my messages to command.


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              Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

              Watched koala make an amazing hover extraction from those buildings on the right.. sorry I didnt get a shot of him behind the buildings:

              ..yet another flawless insertion under some intense circumstances(thats where he sat us down.. perfect hover):

              Squad2 following Squad1 into the city(with an m1a1 of our own):



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                Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

                This is my new favorite game. Wow.

                I had the pleasure of leading squad 2 after JohnF had some issues and dropped out. In no particular order: Barracuda Magoo, Gogeta. Matrim, Headtaps, Donagel, Pops, Boot and Undead were all in my squad at one time or another and worked beautifully together. We mostly dealt with infantry, but had breif and successful encounters with Shilkas and BRDM's. Casualties were minimal on our side. Loved communicating with the CO and Air elements, Kahn and Koala were excellent, Lefty as well in the LB.

                Some screens:

                Our squad before leaving Base:

                Our first contact:

                Regrouping at the FARP:

                Defending Peardog's downed A1M1, while FARP is being constructed:

                Advancing with the Armor squad, Peardog's repaired A1M1:

                The next FARP, Kahn's

                The first officer we captured, with his defenders napping around him:

                Barracuda Magoo's handywork:

                Impromptu firing squad for an insubordinate officer:

                There were the annoying squad bugs at the start, but they seemed to clear up after a while. They're not even worth mentioning (as are the the team killings before going live) in light of the great times had. Cant wait to do this again! Thanks to everyone involved.
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                  Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

                  From your inserted Brit Barnaby [Bravo 2]
                  Message begins

                  TIME: 20.00Hrs EST
                  DATE: 3RD July 2007


                  Sqd 1
                  Draw weapons
                  Load out
                  Prepare for battle

                  All this happening to the back drop of the wup – wup - wup – wup - wup – of Heli’s starting up.
                  The deep throated roar as mechanised units moved into position ready for embarkation
                  The nervous chatter of the troopers, the odd whiff of fear fffrrrP
                  But above all the sense of excitement

                  Gentlemen start your engines
                  Let’s get ready to Punch & Brawl
                  We arrived at our jump off point & deployed a defensive perimeter.

                  Commander JohnC assigned the Sqd L’s their tasks.
                  “Dominate the road junction @ North point just inside the town of Paraiso & hold”
                  Loyal Alpha Sqd, take lead
                  Coz Bravo Sqd, give them support
                  Weapons free condition GREEN move with caution
                  And off we went…………….

                  I was only able to participate in the attack on Paraiso in which we succeeded in attaining all our targets in the East sector ending with the capture the enemy officer.
                  We then RTB with him & stuck him in the POW cooler.
                  It was a job well done.

                  I then received urgent comms calling me away – As always it was a pleasure to serve with you guys – salute.

                  Thanks to KaHn for suggesting this format & to everyone else for picking the idea up & running with it.
                  Maybe we could make this a REGULAR say once a month feature set to happen on a Friday/Saturday night as that would help us none EST people.
                  Looking forward to doing it again sometime SOON

                  DEBRIEF + thoughts
                  Bottle necks – slow ups

                  Assign Sqds before the time where possible
                  Assign load outs before time where possible
                  EDIT >>> THIS WOULD HELP ASSIGNMENT ??? 6. During the briefing each individual can select gear from the gear pool before the mission starts by clicking on their name in the "Group" tab of the briefing docket. The gear pool is shared per side.

                  Then people could tool up on joining without the need to be individually instructed just needing an A-firm that you have done it.

                  Command vehicle protection [radio man with stinger]
                  Practice your weapons
                  Server slots we needed more by the sound of it
                  Change the password
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                    Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

                    03 Jul 2007

                    TO: Company Commander Joint Forces Sahrani, TG Evo 3.0 Server

                    THROUGH: 1st-MIP Platoon Leader John CANavar

                    FROM: 1st-MIP Platoon SGT Loyalguard

                    SUBJECT: AAR – Operation Domino - 03 Jul Coop Session

                    BEGIN REPORT

                    As you know sir, today’s operations against the North Sahrani occupation of the southern portion of the island was delivered a vicious blow by our combined operations against them. I must truly admit I have never seen so much determination, coordination, and ferocity of the troops in my seven years of service. Please find below my summary of the operations in Paraiso and Somato.

                    Our squad today was composed of the following soldiers:

                    SL – John CANavar (John C)

                    Alpha Fireteam
                    Loyalguard – FTL
                    Grunt (Radioman)

                    Bravo Fireteam
                    Coz - FTL

                    We were also reinforced by E-Male and Mosely (both of whom also would serves as FTL’s)

                    Part I - Paraiso

                    We began the operation with transport in a Stryker ICV MK19 commanded by John C. We dismounted at our objective rally point north of Paraiso and entered the city to the south along the primary North/South road.

                    Despite me beginning my heading north instead of south (I believe the SatNav signals were FUBAR sir!) we were able to proceed 100 hundred meters inward before meeting resistance. We took several casualties to machine gun fire that needed medevac back to base and we brought in a few reserves to supplement. I am happy to report though that we suffered no additional casualties the remainder of our time in Paraiso.

                    After the area was clear, we then turned ESE along the northern border road with Hill 153 at out backs engaging enemy along the way. SL then ordered us to head south. I was hesitant to move directly along the road so I ordered Bravo to move up the knoll and scout the route to the south from high ground amongst the buildings. They reported it was clear and we were able to move quickly to the next intersection. Because we moved deep very quickly I ordered 360 degree coverage to protect all of our flanks. Within moments thereafter multiple enemy were spotted to the east and south and I ordered weapons free. Not long after the eliminating the infantry, a T-72 moved down the hill in front of us and we dived for cover. It was last seen heading west but I didn’t want to wait around for it to come back so I ordered an advance across the street to find some high ground. We did so and eventually moved on towards the church. We regrouped, bandaged a few scrapes and graze wounds, and prepared to move back north towards the center of the city when intelligence reported the city was clear. We then tracked back to capture the officer in charge of the Paraiso garrison, loaded into the Stryker and headed back to base to re-arm.

                    Diagram 1. Paraiso

                    Part II - Somato

                    Although we inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy, we were unable to penetrate very deeply into Somato during its liberation. We were able to draw several enemy squads out of the town making it easier for allied squads to outflank and secure, but we ourselves took heavy casualties in the process due to the lack of significant cover via our approach.

                    We inserted just southwest of Yoro, dismounted, and headed through the vineyards towards Somato. Alpha covered the left side of the road and Bravo the right. Our intended objective was a BRDM and a reinforced pocket of enemy resistance at the northeast tip of the town but as stated earlier attacks from the enemy on all sides halted our advance to no further than an imaginary line between hills 169 and 176. We had to be reinforced several times. Near the end of hostilities a BRDM suddenly appeared to our rear as I was trying to cross the road and I was wounded in the leg. It continued on after taking a pot shot at me and soon the town was reported clear.

                    Due to my wound, I had to return to the base as I was immobilized but it appears that the squad fought bravely in my absence. I was proud to serve with them and eagerly await returning to full strength to fight by their side again (probably tonight!)

                    Diagram 2. - Somato

                    END REPORT
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                      Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

                      Excellent work on the AAR's. Last night was a great time. I had a lot of fun trying to keep up with everything. The amazing thing was the lack of casualties. For a while Air transport was stuck at base with nothing to do. I know that is boring, but it's a good thing.

                      I personally led a squad of A.I.. I had one of each support trucks and a command Hummer. This worked out well. We suffered 3 casualties when a SU-34 bombed our FARP north of Paraiso while rearming the Armor element. Other than that, I spent the night under fire occasionally moving in to repair armored units and provide medical support. All in all it was pretty exciting and I can't wait to do it again.

                      Most important thing to take from this, is we definitely need a password change. We also might consider shutting one server down and running just one larger server during these events. We were pegged out 30/30 most of the night. We had a few occasions where we asked non-SM if they minded stepping out for some SM, but usually someone turned out to be AFK anyway.

                      Special thanks to all the SL's that stepped up. John C, John F, Shafik, Pfeil(aka Mr. Popular), and Switch. Raido officers, Grunt and Phoenix good talking to you guys. Koala great job on air support last night. With assistance without, you got us where we needed to be and that is all that matters. Let's do it again guys.
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                        Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

                        I was with SleepDoc in Pfeil's squad, I must say, he is by far the best officer I have served under. Despite the fact he hates being called sir! Like Sleep said, he was very cool under pressue, very much under control, and he already gave us a group whipping for the difficulties in comms last night. If he commands the Special Forces again, I'm there!

                        For my own personal report, this was my first op. I will say at times I used the comm a little to much and lost my Battle Buddy twice. After Pariso taking a quick restroom break (in game and out of game) I found myself with three Russian soldiers at point-blank range so I took them out and decided to keep the sniper's SVD Sniper Rifle. I was the only soldier from that point on using a captured weapon. I stuck with it for Somato, Cayo, and part of Dolores racking up over 40 confirmed kills, despite it being the first time I held the gun. Unfortunately while escorting a tank on the West Side of Dolores real life issues called me away from the op and I took my leave, regretfully. I can't wait for the next op, hopefully the SF team will get a few night jobs!


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                          Re: AAR / Tuesday July 3rd COOP session

                          It lives....

                          Giving this a nostalgic bumpity bump. I stumbled on this on the old 1 MIP in house squad page (wipes tear).

                          I wanted to have some of the newer players and members take a look at some old timey ARMA goodness with a very realistic expectation of repeating similar ops in OA. This should server as a bit of context to understand where TG ARMA has come from and also a guide for how good we can make it on a regular basis.
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