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AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007

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  • AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007

    DATE: 09 Jul 2007

    TO: Company Commander, Joint Forces Sahrani

    THRU: Lt. John CANavar, 1st-MIP Platoon Leader

    FROM: Sgt. Loyalguard, Leader Squad 2

    SUBJECT: Assault on Obregan (Evolution 3.0)


    This report is a summary of actions taken by Squad 2 during the assault on Obregan on 09 Jul 2007. I had the privilege of leading a full 9-man infantry squad that was quite effective in eliminating enemy resistance. My squad consisted of the following personnel:

    Loyal – Squad Leader

    Shafik – Alpha Fireteam Leader

    Finestyle – Bravo Fireteam Leader

    The Assembly Area for this action was at the Main Base in Paraiso. We had just returned for a long fight in Dolores with an understength squad. Since Corazol had already been cleared and dusk was approaching we were hoping to kick back around the campfire and knock back some DRS Lager or Royal Pilsner.

    (I have no idea how that advertisement got in there!)

    However, as soon as we returned, HQ ordered us to be ready to deploy in 15 minutes to move on Obregan. Our aircraft had done an excellent job of softening up enemy positions in Obregan but there were reports of reinforcements moving in from Bagango and we did not want the enemy to be able to regain a strong foothold there. I gave a quick operational order and then instructed the Fireteam leaders to rearm their men and mount E-Male’s UH-60.

    The primary Objective for this assault was to secure the center of Obregan (Objective Yankee). Secondary objectives were to secure areas in the east of Obregan depending on the actions of other elements. The plan for this assault was to move to and re-group at our Attack Position and then move tactically with Alpha in the lead, SL in the middle, and Bravo in the rear and staggered to the right. If we met resistance, Alpha would engage/suppress while Bravo outflanked. When we reached our final Assault Position, a house just south of the first intersection in town, we would again regroup if necessary for our final assault on the Primary Objective.

    E-Male set us down at our LZ (after taking machine gun fire) and we proceeded to our Attack Position. We crossed the line of departure for this operation right at dusk and proceeded northeast. The only other infantry on the ground were Viper and mmd who held high ground to our east and were identifying targets for airstrikes and and gathering intell. We then approached a deep gorge. Since Alpha was already in a good position to cover, I ordered Bravo to cross and then Alpha would follow once we secured the crest on the opposite side. Just as we were about to set out, machine gun fire broke out from our left rear flank. Two of my troops were wounded before the lone machine gunner was brought down. We were quite shaken up since he could have easily wiped out our entire squad. Guinessbot was operating an M1A1 down the road in front of us and we had just cleared the area when the machine gunner appeared so we could not trace where he came from. Once the area was confirmed clear our combat medic Shafik applied some field dressings and we were able to move out again.

    Just as Bravo was securing the opposite crest, additional machine gunners came into view (to our forward right flank this time) but luckily we took them out. Alpha made it to the crest we occupied just as a strong force of enemy infantry descended upon us. We killed at least a full squad but unfortunately suffered two KIAs in Firteam Bravo. Despite the losses, I ordered Alpha to disengage and move towards the Assault Position while the remainder of Bravo and I covered their movements.

    Air transport was very quick for this operation and two replacements for Bravo we brought up to our position within five minutes. Regrouped and reinforced I ordered the squad to form their original fireteam positions and move out north northeast to our final objective. We eliminated a few scattered infantry advancing on us just as we set out and were less than 50 meters from our objective when we received confirmation from HQ that the town was clear.

    I was extremely happy with the overall success of the mission but also deeply affected by the loss of two fine squad members…but this is the inevitability of war. Thanks again to my patient and disciplined squad. I hope to fight with them again let's hit the brews!

    Please find below a diagram of the assault plan and actual movements:

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    Re: AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007

    That was a brilliant assault, Loyal. Thanks for leading. It's a pleasure reading your reports.


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      Re: AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007

      Pulls up a sand-bag, pushes battle bonnet to back of head, leans back and settles down to read another debrief report by Loyal.
      Ahhhh I can almost taste the cordite.
      This is another excellent report Loyal it is always exciting to take part in a mission which you lead and then be able to live it all again through your words and display map.

      Great stuff
      "I like a man who grins when he fights"
      Sir Winston Churchill


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        Re: AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007

        Thanks for the good times guys. I had a blast, and I just got the game a few hours before hand. I'll be on the server a lot from now on. Cya on the battlefield!


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          Re: AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007

          Yeah, that was a great time I had playing with you guys! When you get men who follow orders and good leaders, the game just steps up to an entirely new level Thanks to all you guys, I hope to work with you again soon.


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            Re: AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007


            Another great AAR from Loyal. I will add a bonus to your July salary for all these excellent reports :)


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              Re: AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007

              Welcome to TG Hunter and Peerless...We are glad you are here. I came in during the last few minutes of that op. You guys were tight. Good to see.
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                Re: AAR: Assault on Obregan - 09 Jul 2007

                NoDebate and Razer were flying air cover! I appreciate the laser targets Viper!

                Another great read, I enjoyed watching the fight from the skies above. (I have 22 CONFIRMED SU-34 kills!)




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