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AAR: 1stMIP July 11, 10-11 pm

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  • AAR: 1stMIP July 11, 10-11 pm

    Action at Ortego

    I suspect that John.C might be working on a more detailed AAR, I'll start the report with a few comments.

    Last night 1stMIP platoon leader John.C formed an 8 man squad with 1stMIP Mosely as Alpha1, 1stMIP Grunt as Alpha2, Goggeta Alpha3, Borat Alpha4 and 1stMIP E-Male as Bravo1. Initially outfitting, planning and briefing took less than 20 minutes (not bad at all). We loaded a Stryker with extra weapons and ammo (which subsequently came in handy). The Striker was later used as the squad leader's (John.C) command post, with the SL also manning the Stryker's arty. The arty (grenade launcher?) was used against enemy armor, with Alpha1 acting as forward spotter, but no targets where hit.

    From the top of a hill on the East of the city Bravo (SleepDoc and Viper) covered Alpha's South East flank and eliminated one enemy armor and 6 (?) infantry at distances ranging from 100 to 500 meters. As Alpha moved down the hill into the outskirts of the city Bravo provided overwatch and eliminated one enemy that was flanking Alpha from the West.

    SleepDoc and Viper were diligent in maintaining proper formation and watching their zones. Radio discipline was excellent although on occasion I myself failed to hear or distinguish some fireteam voices (note to remind troops to preface communications with their designation code). Indeed, I did not hear any unnecessary communications from Bravo2 or Bravo3 during the entire operation.

    What casualties we did suffer (and Bravo suffered none) where greatly minimized by the fact of Bravo holding Alpha's South East flank and providing overwatch on subsequent advance into Ortego.

    Friendly Fire Report

    An otherwise excellent operation was marred by a FF incident in the last minutes of the operation, after the city had been cleared of enemy units. Our last objective was the destruction of the radio tower. Alpha1 cleared the objective with SL, and Alpha3(?) opened fire with AT on the target -- missed. I ordered Bravo3 to open fire -- two missed shots but the third shot was a direct hit and the tower collapsed before us. Too late we realized that an friendly infantry was setting explosives at the base of the tower. His family has been notified and we left facing an inquiry into the events leading up to the FF incident.

    As radio records will show that both Alpha1 and Bravo1 requested and were given permission to open fire on the radio tower the investigation will focus on what actions the SL took prior to issuing the order to fire. In his defense, I distinctly recall him noting that the FF victim was in our radio channel at the time. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if due diligence was taken by the SL to ensure that the target area was clear. This may cost the poor bastard his pension. I myself have retained a law firm to represent my case in military and civil courts.

    1stMIP E-Male
    11 July 2007

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    Re: AAR: 1stMIP July 11, 10-11 pm

    Additional friendly 'fire' report : Grunt (aka Humpty Dumpty) fell off of a wall while holding at one of the villas in Ortego and had to be 'rebuilt' back at the base.


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      Re: AAR: 1stMIP July 11, 10-11 pm

      Nice AAR Emale...

      Grunt was Alpha 2 in the operation, led by Mosely as A1. A4 was Borat and A3 was...I can't remember...I'm sorry.

      This short operation also involved an armor element on our right flank. Both the Stryker team and the armor moved in on the city in staged methodical advances. Both teams spotted and engaged enemy in mutually supportive actions.

      I died in combat once and fell off a wall once. The wall was only 4 feet high ??? The other death was dumb too...I was crouched and wanted a brief better view with the binocs. stood up and bang...

      We operated using standard 1st MIP formations and deployments. We had several members of the squad not in the 1st and they did an outstanding job picking up lots of info very fast and applying it correctly. Good job guys...
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        Re: AAR: 1stMIP July 11, 10-11 pm

        Originally posted by Grunt 70 View Post
        Nice AAR Emale...

        Grunt was Alpha 2 in the operation, led by Mosely as A1. A4 was Borat and A3 was...I can't remember...
        Gogetta was A3.

        I too would like to say thanks to non-MIP for their good work on this successful mission, and for adhering to the developing MIP SOPs (Alpha/Bravo and delta formations).

        It should be noted that intelligent spotting from a secure vantage point is a very successful method of attacking a city. Fireteam members did an excellent job of spotting targets, marking them on the map, and then updating those markers as targets were neutralized or redeployed.




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