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SP Operation: Fly By Wire.

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  • SP Operation: Fly By Wire.

    Mission Map:

    I started out with Alpha Squad requesting to go to Liberated Island(Spanish mission, don't know Spanish:P). So the squad got into chopper. I started the video just after i took off. Frame rates got bad over the forest but everything smoothed up after. I continued to Squad ones LZ. After landing. I turned and headed back to base for Squad Two. After a little trouble landing. The Squad hopped in and I got a new way point to Squad Twos LZ located Mercalillo(?). The flight was a little high at first, but once I got it under control I kept the bird low and made it in for what I think was a pretty good insertion. After landing, I checked my map to get direction to the next objective-- pick up a spotter and return to base. Alright, it's SE, I take off, keep myself low. Well turns out that was a mistake. As you can see by the video. Agnew found out what Fly by Wire really means. Just watch a learn.

    Over all. It was a great mission, except me dying. I'm on my way to restart it shortly. This mission is the fifth in the Gunship 2000 campaign I posted in the Mission, Mod, and Tactic Discussion(I believe).

    I am a brand new pilot. Been flying this campaign for three days. I decided why just learn how to fly, when I can learn how to fly with TrackIR, and dodge bullets all at one time. Turns out it's doing pretty good for me. Right off the bat I got used to low and fast which has help evade some Shilka's :)

    I hope you enjoyed my Fly by Wire encounter, and I will post another AAR on the first mission to give a sense of what it is all about(this campaign).

    Hope everything works.



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