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Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

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  • Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

    Great games tonight. Go ahead and post your AARs in here and keeps those pics and frappings coming.
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    AAR: Coop Event Sunday, 22nd of July 2007

    Much Thanks to Panzerhans (sp?) and Kahn for the COOP event. As SL of Squad 4 I think we did some good work, proved that the TS whisper channel method works VERY well.

    Thanks to the patience and discipline of my squad members:

    A1 BlackNight
    A2 LinkKill

    B2 FFLaguna.

    We did not see too much action, but helped clear numerous enemy from the map. More later.



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      Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

      PayBack: Squad 1 (Riyker, AgNew, Barnaby, Curtagain, Toshido, IRS_Agent)

      Likewise -- was a good run. At several times I heard how "cool" this was. We had good movement and communications. Great job done by the element in this capcity -- recommend any of these guys.

      We had action in every town with little casualties. Our biggest challenge came after assualting the SLA Communications Post. We secured it after SQ2 cleared soft targets from distance and we GL'd the hell out of it. Fortunately the artillery was still up so we used it to hit the advancing mech forces.

      Then came a very odd, friendly fire/bug/enemy attack where like seven troops got taken out. That was a big blow, because there was a 4 minute death timer in place.

      Nonetheless, ulimately we conquered the island and had a great time. Also, shout out to squad 2 -- good communications between squads (thanks for your medical help VIPER).

      Kudos again to everyone in my squad for making it a great Sunday. :)
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        Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

        Here's a quick AAR by me. I don't remember that much from the battle so some of the information is off. Mention if I forgot you! Also, the ranks are based off what I saw in the group screen.

        Sunday, July 22nd, 2007
        1800 Hours

        US Army Armor Platoon, comprised of myself (Sergeant Bobik), Private MikaelW, Private Vegabond, Sergeant NoDebate, and Private Experiment (sp?) are called up to support US forces moving into Northern Sahrani. Our tanks (Codenamed Bagget 1 and Bagget 2) mounts up and heads off to the rally point established by Commander Khan north of Corazol. Unfortunately, the platoon is held up by mechanical failures in their M1A1 Abrams tanks. Private Vegabond is critically wounded and medievaced to a US base deep in southern Sahrani. Both tank crews are short one man but still operational. 3rd and 4th squad of the US army tanks up in the positions in the hills south of Obregan, the first objective of US forces. Both myself and Sergeant NoDebate are able to form up with the infantry squads and head into the city from the south east. 3rd and 4th take heavy fire from SLA forces and proceed to return fire. I lead the armor north west to flank the SLA forces (as suggested by Sergeant NoDebate). Our tanks pull onto the road and start to engage SLA infantry from behind. Suddenly, a missile BRDM pops around the corner farther down the road and knocks out the turret of Sergeant Bobik's and Private MikaelW's Abrams. We pull back up the road out of danger and let Sgt. NoDebate and Pvt. Experiment's Abrams handle the SLA infantry and vehicles. This isn't confirmed, but I believe Bagget 2 takes an RPG round to the front but manages to stay in combat and assist advancing US infantry. Unfortunately, a BMP pulls onto the road and knocks out Bagget 1. Pvt. MikaelW and I are transported back to base and given the proper medical care. Bagget 2 remains in the town and holds it against all odds. Along with Bagget 2 are squads 3 and 4 but 4 takes heavily casualties and is forced to retreat. MikaelW and I hop in another operational Abrams and head out to Obregan. Along the way, we bring up some support personal and their trucks. On the way the way to Obregan, Pvt. Experiment is found at a field hospital and hops onto a truck in the supply convoy. Right as they approach the bridge into Obregan, SLA infantry to the west and a shilka open fire. The convoy dismounts and the lead M1A1 Abrams returns fire. We take out the shilka and some infantry. The convoy mounts back up and heads into Obregan, but the M1A1 stays behind and covers the bridge. Bagget 2 has managed to survive the entire battle and is hold up in the valley under the bridge. A repair truck goes down to it and the support personal help repair the damaged parts of the M1A1. It is soon battle ready and proceeds to repel some infantry heading up through the valley. Bagget 1 heads across the bridge to support Squad 3 whose sole surviving member is it's squad leader Boudreux. More infantry support is secured as 4th Squad's leader E-Male radios in that support is on the way. Bagget 1 and 2 proceed to hold the town. They engage in small skirmishes around the city and even take out some Shilkas holding the SLA AA defense line. Private Experiment is critically wounded after this series of skirmishes and sent back into Southern Sahrani. Sergeant NoDebate is now short a driver and joins up in my tank. We fight off some more infantry and vehicles before splitting back off into two tanks. NoDebate is given a mission to capture an enemy KA50 and succeeds while myself and MikaelW clear a nearby town with 3rd Squad's support. During the battle, Bagget 1 takes a hit from enemy AT and I am heavily wounded. Medical Evac takes me back to main base while MikaelW dismounts and helps 3rd squad hold off enemy infantry. I am eventually transported back to the front line and by this time Sergeant NoDebate has used the KA50 to effectively combat the enemy counterattack. More skirmishes and battles take place and end in the KA50 being shot down and NoDebate being transfered back to the US base for medical attention. During this time, myself and MikaelW mop up an SLA counter attack that was headed towards Corazol. We hunt a lone T72 in the city and lose our turret in an ambush. We back up, dismount, and hunt the enemy tank on foot. MikaelW sends two RPGs towards the tank and knocks it out. A quick mop up of the crew and the city is clear. We bring the tank onto the main road, turn the frozen M1A1 turret towards the T72 and finish it off. NoDebate arrives from main base with a repair trucks and helps repair the turret. We then head off to Obregan to get his M1A1 and lose the repair truck to T72 fire. The T72 is killed and we head out to an SLA base near Bagango. We quickly clear the base and start towards Bagango. Right as approach the city limits, another enemy counter attack strikes Corazol. NoDebate breaks off from the armor column and heads to Corazol to help defend. MikaelW and I singlehandely (I believe) clear out most of Bangago. We engage 2 T72s, a BMP, and lots of infantry. Right as the last infantryman is killed, a RACs squad arrives. The sector is deemed secured and command gathers everyone for a debriefing.

        I highly recommend that every member of the armor platoon is given some kind of merit or commendation for their actions in the battle. I feel the armor platoon really did a lot of fighting and contributed heavily to the success of the US forces in the south. I'd also like to thank 3rd Squad, 4th Squad, Command, and everyone in my tank platoon for putting up with my rookie commanding skills. A really big thanks to MikaelW for driving most of the battle.


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          Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

          3rd Squad...
          After a long hard battle to control Obregon (what some Sahrani's call the Cesspool of the island, due to the odor their under achieving waste removal system puts out on a Warm summers day)..the 3rd was down to it's last two men... A reinforcement push by the 1st Armor Division (led by bobik and his solo tank named Geraldine) allowed the crew to get back to strength..
          ... All was going smoothly unit Squad Lead Boudreau was called to the rear to tend to personal matters. While boudreau was being transported in a "Borrowed" enemy uaz... a drunken local plowed into the vehicle with a tractor..instantly killing all involved including Boudreau ... The mighty third was able to retrieve the body and place it in a small grave yard south of Bogango...
          He would have wanted it this way... Semper Fi..
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            Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

            I got no Pics or battle words but I do want to say thanks to Panzer for organising this and to our SL Riyker who remained cool, calm & calculating through out.

            Thanks to the CO and the other Sqds for engaing fully in this mission.
            Sqd 1 stuck together - fought together & saw victory together.

            Well done all, Riyker, AgNew, Curtagain, Toshido, IRS_Agent & me Barnaby.

            One thing I'd add ref the comms is that when Break is called or the CO is speaking it would help if the SL said "open" or something similar so we know it is clear to use comms again.

            Excellent stuff

            Barnaby out
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              Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

              Great games guys! Great comms!

              Thank-you everyone with putting up with my PLing. Once again the position fell into my lap. The comms worked out much better this time and were a great improvement.

              Some things I learned:
              Two fronts are very hard to manage.

              Request more tactical information from SL's.(I have limited intel ability)

              Give more opened ended orders.

              Having a dedicated pilot transport me for Intel from above, great idea.(thanks Moore) Hurry up Active Cargo mod, PL's need their Binocs in the sky!
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                Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

                Noooo! They turned off the internet in my area just before the game!

                Bah. I hope you all had a super time, I just hope that I can actually join in the next one.
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                  Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

                  AAR: Sergeant NoDebate, Bagget Armor Platoon

                  (Details from Bobik's report are the same as mine up until Obregan)

                  While in Obregan the lead tank took a hit from a BRDM-2 ATGM, the crew then takes an additional hit form a BMP and was destroyed. My tank took a hit from a nearby RPG but remained operational. Xprment as my driver navigates us throughout the city taking out numerous anti-tank infantry and the BMP. The BRDM-2 was never found. Our tank experiences engine failure and Xprment disembarks to examine the engine. He is hit and wounded and then shipped off the line. I managed to restart the engine and I found a small farmhouse on the northwest side of town. I parked my damage Abrams inside. From my position I took out another BMP, several infantry, and a UAZ. The city was deemed clear and I saw 3rd squad moving around me. A resupply convoy was due at my position in three minutes so I held tight. They were then engaged by an enemy Shilka at long range with supporting infantry. The threat was eliminated and I was patched up. Still awaiting Xprment's arrival on the front I decided to capture an enemy helobase. I moved across the countryside west via my tank and disembarked outside the base. I killed the pilot to the KA-50 stationed there and several infantry. I then boarded my tank and neutralized the hostile checkpoint just to the west of the helobase. I reported to commander who was pleased with my work. I boarded my tank and took hits from two RPGs. My tank was red and I bailed. I engaged the infantry and neutralized them. I reported my situation to the commander and took the KA-50 back to base. When I arrived at base Evil Koala was off-duty and an error in the supply line prevented a replacement tank from being shipped to the base. I boarded the KA-50 again and flew to Mercalillo to provide cover for my fellow tank. I destroyed one Shilka, one BMP, one UAZ, and a dozen or so infantry. I began taking ground fire and was forced to land due to a fuel leak. I repaired the leak and took off again, this time aiding in stopping an SLA counterattack. I flew over the SLA staging area and opened fire with my 80mm Rockets. I let loose the rockets in the first two passes and used the VIKHR rockets in my third pass. On this third pass I took more ground fire and the repaired fuel line began leaking again. I attempted to get to a repair truck however I was loosing fuel too fast. I was forced to bail and hit the ground hard. Dazed, I was shipped back to Corazol for some brief R and R. Soon a new tank was shipped to the front line and I was ready to move out. My fellow tank repelled the remaining SLA counterattack and we were ready to strike at the enemy. We proceeded to the SLA base south of Bagango and broke through the walls. I spotted two Mi-17 transport helos attempting to take off. I shot a SABOT round into the first helo destroying it and opened up with the machine gun on the second. Soon the second helo burst into flames. My fellow tank set several urals ablaze and we deemed the base clear. I then started taking grenade fire from a nearby SLA firing position. The other tank proceeded in destroying this firing base clearing the main road to Bagango. We were called back to Obregan for resupplying. We rearmed, repaired, and refueled are tanks and went out towards Bagango. There was a breach in the Corazol line and SLA forces had broken into the city. I broke off of the armored column and returned to Corazol to defend it. I took out two BMPs and several infantry and the city was deemed clear. Shortly after the all clear was given to Bagango and we were called for a debrief. Lots of fun can't wait until next week!


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                    Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

                    @ Peardog. - Thank you for the kind words ;)

                    First off, sorry I had to run, still pretty angry about that.

                    Fantastic mission! Khan did great at PL, not micromanaging too much, but always giving us a direction/objectives. The armor squad and air squad were ON THE BALL. Fantastic work there.

                    Obregan was quite the battle! We had a hard time getting started, losing Whiskey to RL, Hawkeye to computer problems, and another guy to not showing up. By the time we hit Obregan, we were at full strength, with a talented squad. Finestyle was the perfect fireteam leader, leaving me with no worry that our flank was secure. JAmerica was always in step, taking the appropriate actions. Peardog was the beast with the SAW, while Hawkeye and Grunt just killed lots of people ;)

                    I loved the surprise when we got hit by an armored squad counterattacking Obregan. We took casulties, but destroyed all the armor units. Several squads of infantry came from all directions, wiping out everyone but myself. Armor squad again saved our butts by breaking into town Patton style, and covering me. When the rest of my full squad reached me in Obregan, I had a huge sigh of relief. Too bad I relaxed, because at that moment, right before I joined them, I took a shot to the back and began the 4 minute wait!

                    Anyways, the mission was a pleasure today, with a lot of great coordination, teamwork, and style. Pure joy playing with all of you.


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                      Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

                      Originally posted by peardog View Post
                      3rd Squad...
                      After a long hard battle to control Obregon (what some Sahrani's call the Cesspool of the island, due to the odor their under achieving waste removal system puts out on a Warm summers day)..
                      That is just tremendous! :row__572:

                      Originally posted by Barnaby View Post
                      One thing I'd add ref the comms is that when Break is called or the CO is speaking it would help if the SL said "open" or something similar so we know it is clear to use comms again.
                      Oooo, good point m8! I'll remember that. :icon14:

                      Originally posted by boudreux View Post
                      Anyways, the mission was a pleasure today, with a lot of great coordination, teamwork, and style. Pure joy playing with all of you.
                      Thanks for transferring Toshido over to our squad, Boudreax -- forgot to mention that!
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                        Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

                        I was being led by Panzer in Indep. squad 1-1-F and I had an awesome time. We cleared tons of enemies and we had alot of fun too.
                        Thanks to Panzer, for his excellent job in squad leading, Viper because he saved me from a certain death by healing me (after ten minutes of waiting...) and SnakeDoc for his great performance on taking armor down.

                        Very good job guys :icon14:


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                          Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

                          Great game!

                          I was honestly a bit bummed out at first when I got assigned to the armor platoon, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Excellent commanding by bobik and heroic fighting by NoDebate. Shame about the initial technical problems with the Abrahms tanks and xprmnt's unfortunate fate.

                          As for an AAR, see bobik and NoDebates posts above. I mostly served as the driver of Bagget-1. Below is a personal, brief record of the events in Mercalillo ("Mersillo"? "Merk-a-liljo"? "merc-a-iho"? Proncounciation was and remains a mystery to the crews of Bagget-1 and 2).


                          We were approaching the town from the east/southeast, having finally cleared Obregan of enemy forces. Supported by one squad of infantry, we spearheaded the assault and took out a Shilka just south of town. I drove our Abrahms tank closer to town along the road leading into it from the southeast, where we engaged several scattered units of enemy infantry. Proceeding into town, we took an RPG-hit that left bobik incapacitated and the tank's left track disabled.

                          To reflect on this, it might have been wiser to wait for the infantry to catch up before heading into the tight streets as we had no one in the commander position being able to maintain a full 360 degree awareness.

                          After managing to back up the tank into cover, I made the decision to abandon it and guard it on foot until a repair truck arrived. Lightly wounded, I grabbed an AK-47 and an RPG-launcher off a downed SLA AT-specialist. At this time, friendly infantry had arrived and I received some medical care from Medic Hawkeye. All patched up, I shot and killed another SLA soldier, as well as engaging an enemy T-72 with my RPG, although I can't confirm if it was me that finally got it - although I can confirm one hit.

                          By this time, the Abrahms had sadly been rendered totally unusable, so I stuck around till Bobik arrived in a new one before we headed back south to pick up NoDebate and regroup.


                          I think we could've used more people in Armor though. We accomplished very much as it was, but I can only imagine the upped effectivity of having 2 fully manned tanks. And the minimal respawn timer on certain un-manned tanks was ridiculous and made it even harder to organize a joint effort between bagget-1 and 2.

                          On a final note, I sadly won't be able to join in for the next two weeks (out-of-town vacation coming up), but expect me in game once I get back!

                          All in all, great fun, and thanks to Khan and Panzer for setting it up!


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                            Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

                            Second squad started out by setting up an ambush for the armor column advancing on Eponia. There we destroyed a BMP and multiple infantry. After Eponia was stabilized we moved to Tandag along with squad 1 and captured the town. A couple UAZs were captured along with a BMP destroyed by squad 1. Next we switched to m24 sniper rifles and weakened the defenses at the SLA command post north of Bagango from a distance. Squad 1 advanced with their stolen vehicles while we provided overwatch from a distance. The command post was taken without much difficulty. Immediately after securing the command post the enemy sent in a counter-attack which we put down with the help of squad 1 , making use of the post's defenses (d30 artillery and multiple mounted dshkm's (machine guns)). Next we were inserted by helicopter close to the northern SLA watchtower which we cleared before moving east of Bagango to the radio tower. From there we took out a shilka and multiple other pieces of armor (t72's mostly) and eliminated all the infantry we could from range. We moved down the hill into Bagango and cleared around the apartment buildings and the mission ended.

                            Unfortunately I meant to take screens and video during our attacks on tandag , etc but I forgot in the middle of battle. I did get a few screens on the hill outside Bagango and a couple videos that don't show much.

                            |TG-Irr| Snake Doc


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                              Re: Sunday 22nd of July 2007 Payback marathon

                              Hey, Great time yesterday :D I was being led by E-male. He was a great leader and so were my team members Blacknight and Lagguna. We cleared some of Merchallio and some of bagango. We didn't see much action but it still was a blast. Thanks everyone




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