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AAR Wed. July 25

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  • AAR Wed. July 25

    After a server restart at about 10PM Eastern, those of us left on the server set out to clear the first few towns using a mechanized infantry platoon and occasional armor support. Overall this was a success, and although slightly disorganized, completed clearing three cities in under 90 minutes.

    As a squad leader, I focused on guiding AI drivers in a support convoy. As it turned out, having this AI convoy on our heels kept our M1A1 and ammo-stocked HMMV's alive as well as helped our platoon capture and repair two enemy T-72 tanks. By the time we reached Cayo, we had quite an arsenal at our disposal and made quick work of the forces there. My estimation was 50 kills in about 10 minutes, including three separate enemy convoys. The litter was immense.

    After the night's work was done, I again employed the AI convoy to repair all vehicles, and then drive them all back to base while I surveyed from a little bird. This setup (SL flying overwatch on an AI convoy) proved very effective, as I was able to use successive waypoint orders to keep the convoy on track. Sending an AI convoy on a long mutli-turn journey will often leave them stranded in the trees, but giving them a series of waypoints helps keep them on the road.

    At close to 1AM, I could proudly survey the map and see that the first three cities were cleared and all vehicles had been returned to base in working order (along with an extra T-72!). AI convoys worked very well in this scenario.

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    Re: AAR Wed. July 25

    The assault on Somato and Cayo was nicely organized with armor, supply convoys and foot soldiers following armor. It would have been a nice evening...except that twice in a row i got my vehicule "borrowed" by another player. This is particularly frustrating when you spend 10 minutes loading a vehicule with ammo for the frontline...and somebody run away with the vehicule when you are about finish.
    I come to this server to have a good time and always do my best to obey orders (althought i have no military background) and follow the "Gentlemen's Agreement for Evolution".
    I am simply concerned that this behavior will overtime sabotage the whole gameplay and atmosphere on this server


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      Re: AAR Wed. July 25

      That can be a problem and sometimes it can be done innocently not knowing if the owner is alive or still wants it.

      Maybe you could announce in TS where you have parked your vehicle or place an icon on the map equally whoever is needing the vehicle should ask if the vehicle at so & so location is available.

      As for "borrowing" them from beside the gear up point a little more care by all players in assuming that any vehicles parked close by are being geared up.
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