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July 29th Coop Event-After Action Report

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  • July 29th Coop Event-After Action Report

    I'll preface by inviting others to contribute to this report. My experience this session was less than stellar but I know we had moments of success by listening to comms so lets get those comments in too.

    The event looked promising with a multi faceted mission lined up for play that involved a spec ops team, infantry and dedicated air support (transport only). My squad consisted of

    1. SL: PanzerHans
    2. SnakeDoc
    3. Concr3te
    4. Grunt 70
    5. IRS Agent
    6. Viper1986

    Our objectives were to clear Delores of terrorists, and find the recruiting officer and destroy a mobile weapons cache somewhere in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

    Our team began it's mission just NE of Delores. We commandeered two RAC 4 X 4's and moved through the city of Delores with an objective of eliminating any terrorists. The terrorists were dressed in civvies and much care was necessary to eliminate only weapons carrying civilians. The lead 4X4 was armed with a .50 cal and took point, followed by the other transport and a small team of foot soldiers leading the way. ROE called for the driver in the rear transport to reinforce the foot soldeirs with coverage from the other vehicle's .50, if we were engaged. The squad carefully made it all the way to the end of town without suffering casualties, eliminating a smattering of enemy along the way, finally taking up defensive positions on the West side of Delores.

    Soon after we were approached by an enemy armor convoy from the West and simultaneously were attacked by a small group of terrorists who had just debarked a bus. (did those weapons come out of nowhere or was it just me.) We eliminated the terrorists using our silenced weapons but suffered 2 or 3 casualties. During the engagement Panzer called for assistance to deal with the armor but the armored column moved to our South and out of view and range. Our primary mission was to the North so we did not engage them.

    The squad then fell back to our starting point and rearmed and refitted as our reinforcements were brought up from our main staging area on Isla Verde (name ??), off the coast of Tiberia.

    From the NE side of Delores we departed into the mountains of the Sierra Madre. Our mission was to find the mobile enemy weapons cache. We had a big area to search and we were split up into two vehicles. Soon after we started we encountered a small mountain farm occupied by enemy. Our team dismounted and moved to engage the small enemy force. (Was this where we had to eliminate an enemy recruiting officer-someone in squad clarify please).

    From this point forward I was detached from the squad for most of the rest of the mission. Here's the rundown:

    Tried to debark from vehicle - stuck in vehicle not able to debark or change positions. Requested TK from squadmate to respawn

    Respawned at the island base off the coast. Looking for transport...but oh no ...dreaded head bug...can't fix it can't move effectively. Must respawn to fix.

    Respawn with head bug again. fix did not work and found myself in same situation. This time disconnecting from the server and closing game and reconnecting.

    Mind you 4 minutes apiece for respawn...

    Respawn at our original spawn point and attempt to make it to squad...somehow (this is fuzzy) ended up back at the island base for transport. Timing was good...the squad had been engaged and suffered some casualties so we were able to transport together. Squadmates hop in helo and away we go, arriving at the squad LZ 4 minutes later. Can't get out of chopper, can't switch positions...I'm stuck again with no recourse but to respawn...(another 4 minutes).

    Respawn again at our original starting point near Delores. The team is still searching for the mobile cache somewhere in the Sierra Madre. All the vehicles but one are gone...So I hop on the dirtbike and start my way to the squad's position.

    Panzer assigns me to do a solo patrol with the dirt bike from N to S on the Eastern side of the Sierra Madre. After being out of action so long I have to say I had quite a bit of fun riding the motorbike up the mountains, all the while peeling my eyes for said ammo cache. It was neat to come across dead enemy at one of the engagments I missed while out.

    I made it to the Nothernmost summit and just about then the remainder of the squad, who had been patrolling in the West, enaged and destroyed the mobile ammo cache in the Vallejo Valley. With our primary objective completed, Panzer ordered me to his position at the hotel in the valley. I had more fun riding the dirtbike down the mountain in the South of Sahrani, all the while feeling like Steve McQueen in the Great Escape-Narrow escapes and all.

    We assembled at the hotel, and moved out in vehicles to the main road West of Delores. Our orders were to assist in mop up in the city of Parato. The squad moved out and within 500 M were engaged by a BRDM and a small contingent of enemy infantry. I manuevered into position with my squad mates and at last, engaged my first enemy. One shot fired, one BRDM down with infantry killed by secondary explosions. We began to form up in the vehicles to move out and at this point the mission was called to a halt by Panzer. The fun, what little of it (for me) was over.

    Overall, in an approximate 90 minute mission, I was probably in game and effective for about 30-40 minutes. For me, this mission was a bust. I suspect I was not the only one with this reaction. After debrief many of the players stayed on and we started another coop mission (Coming Home). Lots of pent up energy released at the beginnig of that mission I'd say. I'll let someone else fill in the blanks on that. Suffice to say the mission starts with defending the main airbase near Paraiso from a massive enemy air and ground attack.

    Cheers to Panzer and company for organizing. This takes a lot of work and despite the less than stellar game play from this mission it's always rewarding to participate in these organized sessions. Looking forward to the next one.
    ARMA Admin (retired)
    Pathfinder-Spartan 5

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    Re: July 29th Coop Event-After Action Report

    Very nice writeup Grunt. As you have noted the mission suffers from some unfortunate bugs which we did not encounter during testing. I know some other squads were having the same problems, although it seems you had "the full monty" of them so to speak.

    BTW, I believe IRS Agent was assigned to 1-1-B(squad 2).
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      Re: July 29th Coop Event-After Action Report

      Yep...full monty... I can identify with that. I think Panzer knows but I'll say it again--none of my post was intended as a complaint...simply an accurate AAR.
      ARMA Admin (retired)
      Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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        Re: July 29th Coop Event-After Action Report

        OK, here is an AAR from Echo. I know not everything is right, so feel free to correct/add. This is my first attempt, so be gentle :)

        Squad 1-1-E:

        1. SL: TheBigC
        2. juke
        3. JAMerica
        5. curtagain
        6. Silas Ender
        7. Rookie420
        8. Shafik
        9. FatCobra
        10. Transport pilot: USARMY_JeonJiHyeon
        11. RazersEdge

        Our squad landed our RHIB to the West of Cabo Gavio with orders to secure Hill 70. Our approach up the East side of ridge leading to Hill 70 was easily hidden from possible enemy forces in Tiberia and Iguana.

        Upon establishing a perimeter defense on Hill 70, our scouts identified enemy combatants near a church south of Tiberia. Squad marksmen were ordered to fire, and all tangoes were eliminated with little incident. From our vantage on Hill 70, the squad was able to provide surveillance on the major road heading NW from Iguana to Cayo, where two UAZ were noted patrolling outside Iguana.

        HQ ordered the squad to move out towards Hill 51, slightly East of Tiberia. On route, 4 members of our squad were assigned to reinforce PanzerHans's squad in the North. These 4 were extracted with the LB.

        Immediately upon arrival at Hill 51, the SL received reports of a convoy consisting of 2 T-72's and a squad of mechanized infantry traveling on the main road towards Cayo. All soldiers were ordered to take up ambush positions and prepare to fire on the convoy when it reached the cross-roads. Despite the lack of cover on the hillside, we were able to take the convoy by surprise. The APC, 1 T-72 and the infantry squad were eliminated, with one T-72 disabled (which the squad later commandeered). Our squad suffered 3 (?) casualties.

        The squad was ordered to hold at Hill 51 until reinforcements arrived [Note: I have two ambushed marked, but they may have been the same one...not sure I was dead]. The 4 SM's that were temporarily reassigned return to formation. Fresh reinforcements were brought in by LB and dropped off in the SW of Tiberia.

        With a fresh squad, we took positions down at the cross-roads, with orders to eliminate the enemy Shilka to the NW. After several failed attempts with the M136, the commandeered T-72 was used with great effect. [We also destroyed some enemy units to the EAST, but I was busy humping it back from main]

        From the cross-roads, the squad pushed toward Iguana, eventually meeting up with 1-1-Bravo and clearing Iguana of the single militant left (with 2 wounded).

        Below is a map showing our approximate movements and engagements:

        Thoughts on the mission:

        The added element of civilians was interesting, and sure kept everyone on their toes. Although, as some mentioned it was too bad the unarmed civilian weren't a little more "militant". I suspect it would have been more tense had we saw more combat in the towns. I think if there were more pockets of militants/infantry, it would have been a little more action packed.

        Our squad eventually comandeered a T-72. From this point on, IMHO, the mission got pretty boring as we were able to take out the Shilka, and another group with 0 effort. I would have preferred to continue to operate as an infantry squad to achieve our objectives. From an immersion POV, I don't know how likely is it that a infantry would be able to man and effectively operate an enemy tank anyways.

        Big thanks to the organizers and the squad I was in!


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          Re: July 29th Coop Event-After Action Report

          Thanks Grunt! I was in 1-1-E squad with C as our squad leader and we had quite a bit more contact and success against the enemy. When I initially entered the event I was a seagull aborted re-entered paralyzed on the ground aborted and played the event and later till 2130 EST without a system/app crash! Thanks for all the help tweaking etc! Sorry to hear others didn't fare as well! I was killed (by the LB copter)trying to enter the copter as squad 1 reinforcements but thats the only other bug for me.My thoughts concerning the mission editing: It was great to have civies dispersed amongst combatants. I'd like the AI to enter buildings and generally be more alert.I guess you can all relate to moving along and you look to the side and there is a bot next to you acting drugged or sleepy and your startled (where'd he come from?), make a mistake with the keyboard(BF2 reflexes!), shoot the bot but you know if it was a real person there it probably would be you dead! It would be cool to have a combat knife handy for that scenario!Anyway like all I thank those involved with setting this up and totally enjoyed the mod Coming Home with you guys!


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            Re: July 29th Coop Event-After Action Report

            Yep, I agree Grunt. It was unfortunate that the mission suffered from bugs like those you experienced (butt-glued-to-vehicle-seat one for example) because the mission seemed like alot of fun. Well actually it was alot of fun for me, but I can imagine there wasn't much in it for you.

            A little AAR moment from me in squad 1-1-Alpha led by PanzerHans:

            The moment I remember as the most fun was when we just finished clearing out this (very cute looking) mountain town and we got visual on this hotel, which was swarming with infantry and a BRDM.
            We took the BRDM, placed in front of the hotel, out and it already took some infantry with him. We placed our .50 cal 4x4 into firing position and it while it was suppressing the enemy with consistant fire the rest of the group took position and we managed to clear the infantry within a very short time because of our Sniper Rifles and Grenade Launchers.
            When the area in front of the hotel was declared clear me and SnakeDoc pushed up to the hotel, with the order to clear any survivors. While me and Snake carefully moved up, we were suprised by an incoming UAZ, I reacted by diving to the ground and firing at the jeep. Panzer and Viper, who stood back to cover us, opened fire inmediatly and took the driver out and I managed to hit the gunner.
            We were double suprised when it said "Objective Clear" and when we looked at the objective screen it seemed that the Enemy recruiting officer was in the UAZ we just engaged.

            Looking forward to the next week TvT event (altough I might be on holiday by that time - only time will tell ;))




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