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Etiquette & fun with a gun

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  • Etiquette & fun with a gun


    One of the main reasons for linking up with yourselves was the fact that you do what it says on your banner "TACTICAL GAMER" The premiere online comunity for mature gamers.

    TG states that the way troopers will perform is in a mature and tactical way.

    So it was a big dissapointment last night when on the coop server to find general messing about while the Sqd L's were trying to set up the teams and grouping.
    We could also improve our TS useage too, most talk should be through the Sqd L unfortunately I don't think we helped ourselves last night when the map called for us to split into 3 groups but we then stayed in the same single channel, got a chaotic it did.

    My enjoyment is gained by acting in a TACTICAL & MATURE way while being envolved fully in a chosen map senario with other team members.

    This is just a heads up guys if you see me on server then you can be sure the TACTICAL & MATURE approach will be the way I'll be heading & calling for.

    Not looking to spoil your fun just looking to have fun.

    "I like a man who grins when he fights"
    Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Etiquette & fun with a gun

    Great post Barnaby. I did notice the vast majority was in one channel last night. Assuming there were different squads, use the same logic that's used in evolution. Split up and use channel commander or whispers to communicate intrasquad.
    Also inform an admin or two about the situation if you believe it has gone awry. Don't be afraid to use the PM function. These kind of AAR's are what we DO NOT want to see or hear about our servers.
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      Re: Etiquette & fun with a gun

      The usage of Team Speak can be a daunting task until people get familiar with it. Most are not that fluent with it on how to wisper, let alone change the channels they are in. Normally one of us is online to help facilitate that, but if not we have a SOP on TS and keybinds so people can use that a guide.
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        Re: Etiquette & fun with a gun

        !!!NOW THAT WAS ARMA!!!

        I opened this post with a negative so let me bring a POSITIVE into this war room discussion.

        Thanks to all who joined up and went into battle last night it was oganised, effective & enjoyable.
        Thanks to the Sqd Leads who came up with some good tactics as well as inviting input with some pre-engagement talk.
        That was really excellent from Sqd L's down to Grunts it worked, smooth like oiled silk it was.

        We even decided to go and visit the coop server to try some other missions again the RTB and relocation worked great.

        I must say the couple of maps I was around for were quite tasty and made a refreshing change.
        One map [forgot name] required a very high level of teamwork to ensure victory.
        The map begins with part of our force on the ground with the remainder parachuting in to layout satchels first towards the convoy followed by mines.
        Then we took up concealed positions and waited for the convoy to arrive, there were only seconds in this procedure so we had to be efficient.

        We then had to clear a small town of foot soldiers and some more armour before moving onto the beach to load into rubbers:) and move to the extracion point a small off-shore island.

        On top of this we all could heal/revive our downed buddies by finding a shrouded grunt and praying for a miracle and low and behold your downed buddy returned to good health. Again it took teamwork to locate and carry this out while under enemy fire.

        Thanks Gentlemen that was great.

        Aha that's the way I like it.

        Barnaby out
        "I like a man who grins when he fights"
        Sir Winston Churchill


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          Re: Etiquette & fun with a gun

          Agreed, I had a great time on both the Evolution server and the co-op mission. I forgot how much fun 'proper' missions are.
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