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Friday, August 10th AAR: Markers & CAS

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  • Friday, August 10th AAR: Markers & CAS

    A bad night for OPFOR as death rained downed from above; showing how effective a strike from a GBU and a spotter on the ground can be. This AAR takes place north to the on the outskirts of Eponia. I was serving as the spotter and was attached with a squad lead by "ANGELofDEATH", the pilot of the Harrier was none other than "grandma". I was sent ahead of the squad to do some reconnaisance and instantly spotted a compound with a BDRM, a UAZ, and complement of infantry. I sent a hasty message to squad lead, who mediated a call for CAS.
    After a few tense minutes of being immobile and unaware I heard the faint sound of a Harrier's engine, but he fly right by without getting a lock. I learned that the diamond symbol must be showing for the marker to be working. After another call the pilot turned around and succesfully struck the BDRM dead on, but the troops and the UAZ remained (I thought the bomb was going to destroy the whole compound, but apparently it's blast is a very small radius). Another call and another succesful run.

    Effective: Yes. Devastating: Yes. Widely Utilized: Not so much. So here is to hoping that you squad leaders use these fly boys and their large assets and that you flyers get some more action that is actually warranted. I'd like to share a few notes that this experience taught me...

    *Squad leaders: be sure to always have someone with a lazer marker present in your squad. A well place bomb on an armored target 800m out is much more effective than trying to chance it with an M136 at that same range. Just remember the almighty AT from the sky as one possible solution to a problem. Make it know that you have a spotter with a marker & are willing to share some action with a CAS pilot.

    *Troops with Laser Markers: be sure to have both the Laze AND the Marker ammo. The diamond symbol means it is showing up to the pilot; no diamond, no lock. The GBU has a surprisingly small radius (for an explosive ordinance) that it will destroy; focus on a target less than 25m-35m wide (usually only one tank). Make it often known to both your squad leader AND any CAS pilots that you are willing and equiped to use the marker.

    *CAS pilots: Always, always, ALWAYS...give an update of your status as often as possible to all leadership on the ground. Knowing that a pilot is up and running and capable of being to the target in less than a minute is the best comfort in the world. Update where you are at, when you are coming in, if you have a lock acquired, where you are willing to go, and what your crafts
    status is like; up, down, or upside down. And most of all, practice your patience and your self restraint.

    That is all, carry on.

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    Re: Friday, August 10th AAR: Markers & CAS

    Short but sweet. FYI there is a discussion thread on CAS in general forum.

    Earlier in the night me and Coz were acting as a recon squad, lasing targets for grandma to come in and bomb. When the server was quiet we managed to clear a fair bit of armour.

    As the server started to fill up, we took positions round cities and pointed armour out to the squads, giving them the opportunity to take out the armour. Then calling in CAS when needed. It worked pretty well, an enjoyable night.
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