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Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

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  • Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

    Mission start time 21.30 GMT

    Thanks to Debate for organising us into 3 teams Red White & Blue.

    This was very clever'cause by placement of the correct colour icon it was easy to see where each team was to go.
    It did also to my mind help with comms as he led each call with the team colour.

    This mission has been revised but the only difference I saw was in the mechanics of the game eg up from 8 to 12 slots and some changes to missed mission start arrivers on how they could insert.

    The mission seemed to play the same all though when we all on hill 256 with 6 T72 surrounding us I was not so sure.
    We did some feints to con their intel so that the armour would troll along the road after us and onto pre-planted satchel charges.
    Worked a treat that did we got three of the Bu88ers.

    The 3 teams worked well as a single unit and in their individual tasks it was a very enjoyable experience.
    Team Blue Jex, Squinty, Burning something, 1 other + me were a Blunt nosed square jawed only a mother could love squad who were given the task of lead.
    Was it cause we're Brits???

    Our Rules of Engagement were:

    Make enemy contact
    Identify their position
    Name the targets
    Select Targets
    Cover while Red & White assembled
    Then go go go on SL Debate's count down.
    Worked a treat it did.

    All in all the mission worked very well.
    I'm being super crit here as we did what we had to do but we could make some slight improvement in comms talk ie no babble no gabble only WHO WHAT WHERE plus the SL battle plan. I have operated without the WHO part but I think this is useful in priming people in to listen mode you know a bit like in the airport they always Bing Bong before speaking calling your name will do the same for your buddies.
    On the one @ a Time speaking if you have urgent information ie there is a squad right behind us then use the phrase BREAK BREAK OR BREAKER BREAK.
    This should stop all other talk ready for your transmit.

    It was a good to do battle with you guys let's do it again.

    Barnaby out
    "I like a man who grins when he fights"
    Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

    I'll write an AAR shortly. I definitely need to on keeping the comms clean. Personally I don't mind all the chatter. Probably not too good to say that. (^_^) There were only a few moments where I felt it was an issue and would need people to repeat one by one. I didn't except all those T-72s and BMPs to attack us at the manor or we'd have finished earlier. Maybe I'll try leading it again and split up the teams as opposed to going as one blob the entire time.


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      Re: Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

      Had a Good time with this. Well Run by NoDebate. Nice Structure and efficient.

      As for splitting up the teams for Different Objective...I think that's a gamble. If a smaller squad meets up with a few Rogue T-72 they could be wiped out completely. And another squad could spend lots of time just trying to revive them. I liked the Fire team method here.
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        Re: Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

        Yes NoDebate :) I thought the way you managed what with the colours an all worked really well even if we were a blob to use your words.

        A blob we might have been but you did give us separated tasks to do, yeah it really worked well.

        It would be a shame if all the suprises got taken away by too thorough planning eg to have foreseen the entrapment on Hill 256 by the T72's and Brdm's would have been a real shame it was an insane time.
        Like hungry crocs waiting for their prey to fall out the trees they were, snapping, snarling & seeking a way up to us.
        It was one of those BROWN moments now I know why my uniform is Karki.
        "I like a man who grins when he fights"
        Sir Winston Churchill


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          Re: Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

          The mission went fairly well but there were still people running around, trying to be first to places. Tactical movement was limited, communication in fireteams was also limited and people were still talking about what triggers what and which units would respond to what we did.

          NoDebate did a great Job stepping up to the role and coordinating 12 players and making his instructions clear and concise. We just need a little bit more effort within the fireteams to tighten it up :)


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            Re: Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

            And I present to you, the long anticipated AAR as posted by NoDebate! *Crowd cheers*

            The mission began with the roster at nine players each into fire teams of three. We had NoDebate, Sam Hoy, and AngelofDeath in Team White; Peardog, Silas Ender, and SixWingFreak in Team Red; and Barnaby, Squinty, and Jex, in our Team Blue. Based on where the supplies were to be dropped, I decided to send the whole team ontop of the MP5s + G36s, Explosives + Tubes, and the Snipers + MGs, all of which were in close proximity. We jumped from our transport and made our way down. The jump was clean with only one or two stragglers and all of us landing within 200 meters of each other. I moved to the north of the landing zone and pickup up the Laser Designator and the Laptop. With the rest of the team gearing up, Insanatrix made his jump and was put into Team White. He hit the ground, geared up, and within five minutes after start we were moving west. Insanatrix spotted the camp on his way down and we moved to it's position.

            I had Team Red on my left, Team Blue on my Right, and Team White up the middle. We navigated through the valley and forests and took position on a ridge line overlooking the camp. I had the team members with silenced weapons all get beads on the troopers and gave them ten seconds. In ten seconds they fired killing all the guards without them seeing a thing. I sent Red Team down to secure the camp which they deemed as "All Clear." I came down and made note of the codes for the two radio towers and we moved farther southwest. As we began to move out Blue Team spotted a hostile patrol. I noted to myself their approximate route and moved the team out. Our next target was a small manor housing an enemy officer.

            We got within 200 meters of the manor and spotted an empty UAZ and BRDM-2. I had Blue Team hold, Red Team move to the north of the manor, and White Team watch the team's rear. Red Team moved to position and spotted the officer all alone. I order them to move in and secure the officer who then pulled a gun. Red Team executed the officer and gave us the all clear. We then awaited the arrival of Burningpunk who inserted himself while we were en route. I put him in Blue Team under Barnaby. We had the border secured on the manor and I was planning our next movement phase when The Khan came jumping in. He overshot his DZ and landed to the southeast alerting a nearby enemy patrol. We managed to the bait the BMPs onto satchels charges I placed and they were blown sky high. That's when all hell broke loose.

            The Shilka was the first vehicle to rear it's ugly face, we took it out with some AT and set up defensive positions. From the road and the wilderness to the east came at least eight T-72s with supporting infantry and BMPs. I tried to order the squad to retreat but was knocked unconscious by something. (The game called real life called, with a full grown black lab jumping into my lap wanting to go to the restroom. I didn't have much of a choice at that point) Soon enough Insanatrix shook me awake and I believe it was Silas Ender in command of the squad. We had several of our team mates down with the rest retreating. Most of the infantry had been defeated and the BMPs were sitting in the rear. Several of the T-72s had been damaged or disabled but there were still a handful active. I decided to get away from the manor and move the team back.

            We fell back to the north of the manor down the cliff to a nearby set of hills. In the chaos we lost Khan and he was never heard from again. We managed to regroup atop a pair of hills and shake off what was left of the assaulting force. Crane was called in form the skies above and landed in some woods to the northwest. I put him in Barnaby's squad and we prepared to move in on Maeterdo. (I hope that's correct spelling.) I had White Team hold on the hill with me watching the rear and the rest of the team covering the advance on the city. I sent Red Team to the north, northwest and then due east into the town. Barnaby took his fighting force due north right up the road. The town was empty except for a few civilian vehicles that we took for our cause. We proceeded east down the road before disembarking and returning to our original insert point. I had the team rearm and we made our push on the radio tower.

            With many of the forces distracted and moving down to the manor it was a cinch. I had White Team hold in the rear as Red Team took a BRDM over the bridge with Blue Team following on foot. Barnaby ordered his men to hustle to the other side of the bridge and take cover in a nearby embankment. The BRDM held on the center of the bridge and Team White moved up. We spotted a twelve man patrol and took firing positions. We had AngelofDeath on a nearby captured HMG, Sam Hoy with his SAW, Insanatrix and I sniping, the BRDM, and Blue Team all ready to fire. I gave the mean fifteen seconds to pick targets, with my sights zoomed on the AT Soldier. In fifteen seconds we let out a barrage of fire eliminating the hostile force. We proceeded up the road to the tower with the BRDM and Blue Team leading the White Team in the rear. We spotted another team of twelve at the base of the tower and took up firing positions with the same plan in mind. In fifteen seconds we let out another barrage and in a split second the hostile team was wiped out. We secured several enemy vehicles and I was given fire as I rigged the tower for demo. I gave the ten second countdown and blew the tower. At that we proceeded north over the water to a staging area east of an enemy base.

            We moved our armored vehicles, occupied by Team Red, to the north, Team Blue to the south, and White Team on a hilltop to the southeast of the base. I moved Blue and Red in and they secured the base. We found nothing. I figured it was a lack of funding and an excess of vodka, but we had to move out. With the primary objectives completed I extracted several of the more exhausted members of the team, most notably Blue. After extraction I was left with nine men. I had what was left of Blue, Red, and White consolidate into a single team. Insanatrix and I split off into our own team with the radio tower at Eponia as our objective.

            Team Red would move up the coast to the east, secure a pair of enemy camps, and then the radio tower. Insanatrix and I moved to our objective dodging a T-72 and several infantry. I hacked into the monitoring computer and installed my bug. We moved out the northeast side of the city to the second tower. Red Team secured both camps with little resistance and beat us to the tower. They secured it and blew it to pieces. I called for one last extract and shipped us all home. While awaiting extraction Team Red celebrated by launching various vehicles off the nearby cliff face.

            Great job everyone, mission accomplished!

            Wow that's one heck of a mouthful.


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              Re: Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

              Good Stuff Debate...Thanks...
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                Re: Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

                Wow, That was really great! What a description man...


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                  Re: Black Sword 2 ... THE COMING

                  I try. ;)




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