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EVO @ super Vets Aug 17

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  • EVO @ super Vets Aug 17

    Evo @ Super Vets

    I enlisted in to Jex's “sqd2 daylight runners” just as Angel & Radar did.
    We were advised to link up and meet the fighting sqd @ proto's mash.

    Where r ya where r ya we cried eventually Angel got a Hummer and we3 linked up.
    A quick double tap [esc] found Jex and of we set.
    We assembled at the mash and set of to wage war on Corazal.
    @ the 2nd bridge in the town we set up to offer cover while 1 ran a zig zag over, I was first to go. As I reached ½ way the next man was ordered to go go just at that point a tank showed in the distance beyond the bridge but heading down the road towards it. The 2 of us just made it over and gained cover right side.
    SL Jex called for AT to hit it and Proto fired a missile down the road and burned it, niiiiiiice shot some 400-500mtrs I think.

    We moved deeper into town towards the barracks and the enemy forces.
    There was some quite spectacular flying going on with some close very close air support being given.
    I remember peering around a corner knowing there was a concentration of enemy near by to see several blocks of buildings erupt, impressive collateral damage management or what.
    Cheers air element that was whizo.

    We secured Corazal
    Obregan followed suit and we RTB to rearm for Bagango

    This time we took a LB to insert ourselves at the beach head near Mercalillo.
    We needed to heal ourselves by our medic as our landing was a little bit clunky.

    We climbed aboard the parked Hummer and took of for our inserted trooper Angel.

    At his mash we formed up and headed out following the power lines NE towards the town outskirts.

    We could hear armour so I was asked to crest the rise to our front and report.
    Initial inspection showed 2 patrols of ground troops plus at least 2 readied armour a T72 & a shelka.
    I spotted to our right a small ground depression surrounded with a few trees that would allow us to move nearer under cover.
    We got into position our AT troopers were given targets while the rest took on the ground troops.
    The depression made a great spot to ambush/launch our attack from afording us a good view from east to west with some good protection and a good open kill zone in front of us.

    We got ready to party.........................
    Jex called open fire and our battle commenced.
    The armour was taken out but 2 more T72 and shelkas arrived we kept pounding away but there was a T72 and a Uaz still standing.
    We needed resupplying with missiles.
    Angel had fallen back to get the tow hummer this was going to be close we had retreated but the T72 was after us.

    Just as the T72 crested the rise 50 mtrs away our hummer arrived and with a sorry guys it fired and blew the 72 to bits unfortunately Sqd L me and another got taken down in the after shock.

    We got evac'ed out and the mo worked miracles on our battered bodies we grabbed a stiff cup of coffee and boarded a lb and headed back to link up with our buddies.

    We maintained our attack clearing three T72, two shelkas one uaz and many troopers.
    With no enemy movement visible we were ordered to move out east to the crossroad and link up with sqd 1.
    This we did then decided to sweep west just after entering the town a hidden uaz firing nades flattened most of our squad I was wounded but hidden from it.
    I tried to get a fire position but it charged me firing as it came.
    Boooooooom no more Barnaby

    Back at base I decided I needed more time to recover so I stayed put.
    Jex returned to finish our business.

    Over to you Jex
    Barnaby out.

    And made all the more interesting because of the server set-up :icon19:
    "I like a man who grins when he fights"
    Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: EVO @ super Vets Aug 17

    Nice AAR Barnaby...It looks like I missed a good time :)




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