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  • Epic!

    Tonight was a good match. Even though we only took once city, it was awesome. Great work to Atomic Dog and Mosely for leading us, and thanks to Cobra Commander for showing me how to properly use that scope! =D Thank you.

    Atomic Dog: Do it, hit it with a crowbar!
    Delta: I don't have a crowbar.
    Atomic Dog: Hit it with the dog!

    Ednos: I just need to man up and get ready to have a testicle removed (which is what using Vista feels like)

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    Re: Epic!

    Special thanks to Mosely for his input and direction, without him I would've been a bumbling bafoon of an SL. And an extra special thanks to those who squaded up under me and endured that friendly fire incident. It still nags at me!

    But all the same, great night and a great game. We cleared out Corazol and Obregan in record time I'm sure.
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      Re: Epic!

      I was about to post an AAR for this (though my AAR's tend to be short) because I really appreciated the teamwork last night - everyone was using teamspeak (except one player who was asked to return only when they had TS loaded) and working together in a very effective manner. In particular, I was really glad to see Atomic stepping up as SL - great job!

      I missed most of the assault on Corazol, but following that Atomic's plan to bring the M1A2's up the road to Obregon (I think) along with a sniper team, cobra support and additional ground/repair troops worked exceptionally well. By taking the two tanks on a circuitous route through the city Obregon fell quite quickly.

      Yes there was a friendly fire incident at the end, but these things happen. When a FF incident is so clearly unintentional and immediately noted by the parties involved, I have no issue with it. We all learn together in this game.

      Great job guys. I was really glad I logged on last night.


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        Re: Epic!

        Yep that was a great night ! Im actually glad I stepped out of the squad to gun in the Cobra. It worked out nicely as Atomic was able to step up and get some invaluable SL experience in! I was having a blast reporting infantry to the ground troops and warning them about ambushes n such... I wonder how it looked on the ground to see those precise rounds falling from the sky ;) Good job with the tanks too. We cleared that city in no time flat.

        A+ for Atomic. SL gets easier and easier the more you do it so keep up the good work!


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          Re: Epic!

          *cough* *cough*
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