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"Lighthouse" and "Radio Tower": video-captures from Oct. 4, 2007.

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  • "Lighthouse" and "Radio Tower": video-captures from Oct. 4, 2007.

    These are Domination CO-OP side-missions and irrata from Thursday, Oct. 4th, 2007.

    Instead of writing out an AAR, I decided to see how using Fraps would go. I discovered that:

    1. It occasionally records blunders you don't necessarily want captured for posterity;
    2. Those .avi movie files eat up amazing amounts of HDD space.

    Anyway, let the movies (and random screenshots) commence!

    The participants in the following movies/screenshots: codeblue, Atlas, Ruddy, Insanatrix, Satmax, and myself. If I forgot anyone, deepest apologies.

    **NOTE: FRAPS didn't record my voice, so I had to go and add what I was saying by way of red subtitles. If you see a red subtitle, just take it as me talking. Otherwise, it makes it sound like codeblue is talking to himself.

    SIDE MISSION 1: Take out lighthouse at "Isla Zooras" (or something like that).

    Unfortunately, I had to use Google Video for this one: Google uses a Flash player, which made the text incredibly difficult to read. Hope you can make out the subtitles.
    EDIT: Just realized that after making some video edits for length, I forgot to change some of the subtitles to their correct point in the timeline. From the moment I call for artillery to when I say "T-72, dead ahead" it's offset by about 30 seconds too late. Keep that in mind.

    SIDE MISSION 3: Destroy radio tower on Mt. Lala-i-don't-remember-the-name. Also: Insanatrix capturing some air after driving the M113 down an almost-vertical cliff.

    NOTE: Use a different color for the subtitles next time. Even on Youtube it's difficult to read.


    - Ruddy sleeping on the job in the back of the M113 as we conduct an amphibious assault during the first side mission.

    - codeblue transporting the M113 back to the airbase after the first side mission.

    - A view from the backseat as we exfil from the second side mission (destroying a chopper at Pita Airfield).

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    Re: "Lighthouse" and "Radio Tower": video-captures from Oct. 4, 2007.

    nice AAR!!




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