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  • Dominated

    Time & Place ....... 22.30 UK Sunday Domination world Co-oP server

    The Battle Hardened Crew :icon_eek:
    Sam H
    Me Barna Barna Beeeeeeeeeeee :madsmile:
    There were others sorry if I've missed you off the roll call.
    It was good to join up with so many regular players at the same time.

    This was my first taste of Dominatrix doh!!! Domination I mean.
    I was very impressed.
    Seems this is a much more realistic battle world in which to wage war.

    Others too had not been under Domination before so we had a brief instruction from Jex and off we set all aboard the Black Hawk.
    Our target was to be Acadia, we had to clear the town and capture/kill of the enemy Captain the dastardly dog.

    Initially we set of attacking Acadia from the NE sector but we were a little disorganised particularly when I realised I was SL.
    Late at night here in the UK this is a bit of a problem as the House General retires early and demands total silence or she will cut off my priviledges :icon19:

    I was relieved when Loyal took over the SL and implemented some structure to it.
    We moved in slowly from the E using the tree cover to get close up on the armour.
    Targets were selected and taken down as we moved forward.
    Slowly but surely we made our way to the town outer perimeter and started to work N to S. I was in a flanking position @ E of the main group which did afford me some crossfire targets.
    The one thing I noticed was the enemy AI's seemed more inteligent which made for a more interesting contact tango.

    While suffering some casualties the rebirth alowed us to get back in.
    Bit of a two edged sword that, too little respawn wait time and it changes how we attack ie too much carefree rushes. Then too long a respawn time and you become bored and fed up of waiting.

    Eventually we made the town centre with some of us securing the roof tops., at this point we were informed the enemy was about to COUNTER ATTACK oh my clammy thighs.

    Loyal called fo a 360 cover with some bino searching set up.
    I suggested that the E road would seem to be the logical counter attack route naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they came heavy handed with armour and troops from the S beach, the N front and the W side none came initially from the E as I had said. I think they must have bugged my radio comms to Loyal.

    I was taken out at my roof top position by a mixture of T72 MG and rifle fire from the S attacking force.......
    I was sorely wounded and remained in the Medical tent back at main base for the duration.
    Can any survivors continue the battle report on from here as it would be good to know how we fared.

    Regards from
    Barnaby -in the medi_tent -back at base -leering after the nurses -longing to get back to the front -out

    PS. I understand there is a later version to this one which I hope will soon get uploaded.

    Enjoyed all your company - thanks
    Last edited by Barnaby; 10-08-2007, 04:42 PM.
    "I like a man who grins when he fights"
    Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Dominated

    We got pretty wasted at the town on the counter attack and decided to do a side mission instead, after that I went to bed. Good lead from Loyal - ty. We still need 2.19 on the server as it addresses several bug fixes and includes HALO drops and other stuff.

    On the counter attack point, we needed to place the mobile spawn better because we were cut to pieces every time we spawned back in. Great fun though :)


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      Re: Dominated

      every time I play with you guys in some sort of event I have a blast, literally.

      Domination seems like a refreshing change from evo, AI way more coordinated.



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        Re: Dominated

        Good times last night guys! It's always easy and fun to lead a bunch of hoo..., I mean solid group of players.

        This was my longest session of Domination yet and it was a great experience. The counterattack was intense. As noted above, I finally decided to "extract" (defined as let everyone die one more time) and yield Arcadia temporarily. We were completely surrounded as there is no way we could have punched out. The side mission was a chance to take a break, re-establish cohesion, and start anew. When we counter attacked the counter-attack from the north we fared much better and re-took the town much faster than I expected. Good work all!


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          Re: Dominated

          I think that as soon as a counter attack is initiated, we need to be fast in the following

          - Position the Mobile Spawn somewhere that is covered. This should be decided for each city we assault as we never know when a CA is going to happen. Pre-defining this will save time.

          - Make sure that we equip with fresh ammo. Maybe drop ammo at our cover postions.

          - SL needs to make a plan and postion the team on each side of the city, with a fall back position we can move to as the enemy advance. Because the AI are pretty accurate, we need positions that do not expose us, and we can easily move back using cover (a bit like the final battle in saving pvt ryan where they keep falling back as the enemy advance).


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            Re: Dominated

            That's called defense-in-depth. You always leave a fallback position.




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