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AAR - Operation Gothic Serpent - 26 Oct 07 (Evo Blue)

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  • AAR - Operation Gothic Serpent - 26 Oct 07 (Evo Blue)

    It's been a while since I've done a proper LoyalGuard style AAR so I can think of no better occasion than documenting some of the action on the Evo server last night while evaluating Evo Blue TG Edition:

    TO: Company Commander Joint Forces Sahrani
    FROM: Lt. LoyalGuard
    SUBJECT: Operation Gothic Serpent - Fri 26 Oct 2007

    Operation Gothic Serpent (aptly named by Sam Hoy) was an operation to oust the enemy from the city of Dolores located in South Sahrani. After a successful morning of routing the enemy from Paraiso, Somato, and Cayo; the decision was made to continue on towards Dolores in order to keep the momentum in our favor and the enemy on his heels. So, after some organized vehicle recovery we proceeded towards Dolores from the West with 1 M1A1, 2 Strykers, a Harrier, a Cobra, and a MQ1 Predator UAV :D

    The following personnel were involved in this operation:
    • LoyalGuard (PL)
    • Mike MFS (Cobra CAS)
    • Sam Hoy (MK19 Stryker Gunner/Commander)
    • Chaka (MK19 Stryker Driver)
    • Angel of Death (M1A1 Commander)
    • Switch (M2 Stryler Gunner/Commander)
    • SlowurRizzo (M2 Stryker Driver)
    • NoDebate (Harrier CAS)
    • Dragonfire (Forward Observer (Laser Designator))
    • BarnacleofDoom (Inf)
    • DaChevs (Inf)
    • Codeblue (Inf)
    • IvantheBad (Inf)
    • Phoenix (Inf)

    (Please pardon any omissions or incorrect assignments as they are unintentional due to some JIP players...if I missed you please speak up!)

    The first image below shows the situation as we arrived at our assault position:

    The enemy were able to take fortified positions while we were engaged in vehicle recovery and brought in additional armor support in anticipation of our attack. As Angel and Mike had been involved in vehicle recovery in Cayo and Somato they were able to move past the line of departure and take positions to the west of Dolores before the the rest of the column arrived. As NoDebate got his Harrier on Station the first priority tragets were Shilkas to allow us more air freedom and the other heavily armored targets. I called in several Hellfire, artillery, and mortar strikes against known enemy positions while Angel, NoDebate, and Mike pounded away as well to soften enemy positions.

    Sam Hoy suggested we move on towards the radio tower quickly as additional BRDMs, BMP-2's, and other reinforcements were beginning to arrive from Ortgeo and would continue to do so until commo was cut. The next image shows our progress through the city:

    The strykers took the lead under cover of Angel's M1A1 and easily pushed to Pos 1. As we were re-grouping to move onto east towards the tower, we encounted heavy resistance from the road to the south. In order to avoid risking being flanked while moving on the tower, I ordered the Strykers to push south towards Pos 2 and for Angel to cover our rear from Pos 1. Mikec continued to enage targets in the south and NoDebate targeted the reinforcement convoys coming from Ortego.

    Once the enemy were seen retreating we proceed back towards Pos 3 and then finally east across the bridge towards the tower. A BMP-2 suddenly appeared to our forward left but luckily it lost traction and slid into the water where a hellfire quickly dispatched it. We pushed on and set up a 360 deg perimeter around the tower at Pos 4. It seemed to take an eternity for me to get a SF AI to drop his satchels so I could grab them and take out the tower. The tower went down while we continued to engage small pockets of resistance but the city was cleared within a matter of minutes without reinforcements streaming in.

    Overall this was a massively successful operation not only because it took back a key city from the enemy, we did not suffer a single casualty or lost vehicle during the entire battle (a sight rarely seen in Evo). Thank to all that participated. I was especially impressed with Chaka and Rizzo with their skills driving the Strykers and keeping giving their gunners/commanders Sam and Switch good positions to engage targets. The combination of hardened veterans and motivated fresh faces were key ingredients in this victory. Well done all!
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    Following the Gothic Serpent...

    And I got good practice with strafing runs and am back in the game as a jet pilot. :)

    Very good AAR, very good operation, it was calm, under control, and as Loyal stated an complete success. Zero friendly casualties, the town was taken, and a good regiment of armor and infantry wouldn't be fighting another day.


    Following the success of Operation Gothic Serpent, LoyalGuard was recalled to HQ and Switch was left in command. With what was left of the battered forces, Switch decided to roll into Ortego in attempts of securing the city. The ground forces were given five minutes before launch. NoDebate suggested he would RTB and prep the A-10 for launch. Switch gave him the clearance and sent Phoenix back aswell to prep an AH-6. AngelofDeath had gone ahead in his M1A1 to get into position before the attack. He reported hostile infantry at the gas station, the first landmark on the convoy's route. Angel was given the "green" to engage and destroy the infantry. NoDebate landed at base in his Harrier and the A-10 was waiting, prepped for launch. Within thirty seconds he was airborne, forty-five seconds passed and he was plunging into a dive over the city of Ortego.

    I locked my first tank and let loose a Maverick. I locked a second target, a Shilka. It too met a similar fate on the recieving end of a Maverick. I switched to my main cannon and let loose a four second barrage of high explosives on a group of light vehicles. Two UAZs and a BRDM were in flames. I eased back on the stick and pulled myself steadily out of the dive. Dropping down to a hundred and fifty meters I leveled my bird out and screamed over the recently captured city of Dolores. I banked left and pulled out far into the sea before setting my nose on Ortego. I throttled up the engines and increased altitude to three-hundred meters. I searched for hostile tanks and found a T-72, the Maverick soon found it's kill. With two Mavericks left I wanted to make the most of them. I scanned for T-72s inside the city but found nothing. As I made my pass over the city and banked right towards Corazol I spotted an armor column moving in to reinforce Ortego. Two T-72s and one BRDM were soon in flames. Speeding towards Corazol and pulled another hard right towards the ocean. As I passed over the southern road I spotted more armor moving in towards Ortego. I slowly turned my bird around over the open ocean and leveled my nose on a light armor column. Two BRDMs moving independently from a BMP and Ural were now in my sights. I let loose a short burst of cannon fire on the BMP. The BRDMs opened fire on my A-10. I saw tracers passing to the left and right of my cockpit but didn't notice anything hitting the mark. I passed over Ortego yet again in a bank left and caught the convoy out of the corner of my eye. From what I saw it had made it past the gas station and turned right. It was then engaged by hostile infantry. I a few soldiers on the ground and a STRYKER in flames. As I banked the bird left back over Dolores I expected a call from Switch for assistance, but nothing came. As I can out of my leftward bank I remember the reinforcements moving in from Corazol. I armed my main gun and went in right ontop of them. I pouring into the light vehicles six seconds on ammunition. As I flew overhead I saw nothing but fire. I banked left and RTB to rearm and head back out into the field. As I took off for another run, Switch called in. I was told to FFAR the base of the tower and the street it was on. As I flew overhead the city of Ortego I had the tower in my sights. It was a east, west road, so I decided to appraoch from the east and then pull south. I angled my bird's nose for a pass and let loose a barrage of rockets, Switch gave me his compliments and I again flew over Dolores. As I flew over Ortego I spotted more armor moving in from Corazol. Two seperate groups coming from both the north and south roads. As I engaged the column on the north road I saw thick AA fire coming from Corazol. I had been spotted by the AA. I dove hard dropping almost two-hundred meters avoiding the incoming fire. It was on the southern docks of Corazol. I quickly armed a Maverick and let it loose. No good, a miss. I shot off a second and saw flames. The flak ceased but my bird was hurt. And banked right and looped around over the ocean for a final pass on the incoming armor. I launched my remained three Mavericks and let loose cannon fire. Three BMPs, a T-72, and a pair of BRDMs were burning, with a the Shilka in Corazol. My bird was leaking fuel so I had to RTB and get her patched up. Another A-10 was on station so I parked my damage bird and took the fresh one out. Phoenix came over the radio. He had spotted several infantry and I needed to strike the central road of Ortego, running north, south. I armed my FFARs and came from the north, in a small pocket inbetween mountains and Corazol's AA. I slowed the bird and let loose twenty or so FFARs on the center road. All I heard was "nice" as completed the run. A second call came in, more infantry spotted in a cemetary near the radio tower. I looped my bird around to the south into ocean and then came from the east. I spotted the cemetary and let loose what was left of my FFARs another compliment came in over the radio. Then to my right I spotted a lone T-72. I banked left and veered my bird around to tank the T-72 out. Within fifteen seconds it was in flames. Two more armored vehicles were approaching the city in a last effort to reinforce the city. Communications had been cut and the OPFOR were near routing and surrendering. With four Mavericks in my hold the last two armored vehicles of the day soon met flames. I was then given the "stand down" and RTB. The city soon after was deemed clear by a joint helo, ground effort. I touched down at base and had the A-10 taxied off the runway. My damaged bird was being patched up and would live to fly again. I walked to the air control tower and kicked back in my office and called it a day.


    Enjoy, I should probably write a nice detailed story for Gothic Serpent too. Then again, maybe not. :)


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      Re: AAR - Operation Gothic Serpent - 26 Oct 07 (Evo Blue)

      This was a very fun and effective operation, but there are a few comments I'd like to make for perhaps improvement in the future.
      1.I think more specific planning could be advantageous to the overall fluidness of execution, one thing I think Loyal did exceptionally well was assigning people into roles and generally organizing the mission. However, in my mind role assignment is only one aspect of planning, perhaps specific routes. objective list and priority and then insure each element understands what they need to do once we get into hostile territory.
      2.Secondarily, I'd think that a softening up phase before entering hostile territory would be effective in reducing resistance. whether it be dumb dropped GBUs down a road, ARA, or M119s down the road you know you're going to utilise. Even if the rounds don't hit anything at least we know that nothing is there. Also it reduces the risk of friendly fire due to calling in artillery and air strikes since the friendlies are still out of the area.
      3.Perhaps it would be beneficial to keep the command element airborne when possible. Not only is it easier to observe friendly positions and hostile positions but it allows for easy artillery spotting and route planning changes.
      Overall great job last night, a lot of fun and special thanks to Loyal for stepping up and leading the unit.


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        Re: AAR - Operation Gothic Serpent - 26 Oct 07 (Evo Blue)

        Yeah with a great night like that, I can only cross my fingers and hope we get some more fun like this tonight, or tomorrow. :)




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