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AAR-Sunday Evening Oct. 28th....Evo Blue Testing

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  • AAR-Sunday Evening Oct. 28th....Evo Blue Testing

    Great job and great comms guys. I want to thank talkingBEERmug for Sling for most of the time while I was there. Good job.

    This AAR is going to focus on the assault on Cayo. We split into two team. BEERmug was SL with myself, Gillespie, CHaka, and Dragon. Codeblue and Sgt.Moore formed a spec ops team moving in advance to mine the roads leading to Cayo from the East. In hindsight I think they place their mines too far to the east or the vehicles went off road as there were lots of armor reinforcements, but I don't remember seeing any booms to the east. The west main infantry group had a TOW hummer and infantry. We moved in from the West side of Cayo. The hummer crew took out several Shilka's however the infantry suffered some losses when an entire infantry squad spawned 100 yards to our east. Just bad timing when entering the gray zone. ONce we reformed, the spec ops was with us and we were joined by Jex, Ivan, Curt,Agnew, Sam Hoy and Tazz on Transport.

    With the new larger group we started a push from the North side of Cayo. The TOW was able to eliminate a few armor pieces our M136 soldiers performed well disabling 2 tanks and destroying other armor. The SAW gunners did a good job cutting down infantry. We commandeered a T-72 to help eliminate some armor. We were small enough that there was going to be no FF incidences with the tank. The tank was in lead with TOW behind and infantry falling in. A nice formation, however that's when a KA-50 was approaching. A nice shot from the TOW took out the KA-50, but it happened to land near the column and destroyed the TOW hummer and disabled the tank. Then it really hit the fan. Armor including T-72's and BMP rolled in waves of infantry. I barely made it to the bunker on the N side of Cayo and was the lone survivor. I hid in the bunker eliminate infantry as I could waiting for the friendlies to return. When they returned they were able to mark several targets for the New Support system which worked well as we eliminated the last SHilka, some armor, and infantry. As the group moved into the city we were supported by a MK-19 on the push to the radio tower. The squad was in a line with the hummer. It was one of the more memorable firefights I've seen. It was dusk and the muzzle flashes and explosions were lovely. The contact reports and coordinated fire were amazing. Everyone responding to contact reports and we eliminated just about everything we encountered. Just as we are closing in on the radio Tower the Paratroopers start dropping in and I became the first casualty at the radio tower.

    All in all a great test of the new system. Works well. I think having someone besides the SL be the team leader and be responsible for the Support Fire Missions worked out well. Excellent use of Comms and calling out contacts. Great teamwork when engaging. All capped off with one of the best firefights I've been involved with at the radio Tower. Great job guys, sorry if I missed your name.
    |TG-12th| tHa_KhAn

    XBL GT: Khan58

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    Re: AAR-Sunday Evening Oct. 28th....Evo Blue Testing

    Nice AAR Khan!

    I too have been thinking it is nice to have someone else be responsible for sire support and CAS. Perhaps we could split some of the responsibilities? Perhaps establish a designated Forward Observer position so that either he or the PL can call in support or perhaps someone back at back in a "Fire Directon Center"?




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