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  • AAR MWB Nov 14

    Mid week battle 6 November 14.

    Gillispie, Atomic Dog, Blackmain, Grunt, Squinty, Nikolai, Armatec (not TG), Gogeta and one other?

    I was in tank 2 with Grunt and Squinty, I was driver for the majority of the match. I would first like to thank both Grunt and Squinty for their patience with me at the beginning of the match, my video card did not like the new driver and I was having sever graphical problems that forced me to restart my computer and delay tank 2.

    I was really impressed with how well we worked as a tank crew. We settled into a grove rather quickly. As the driver I can't really say how many enemy we engaged as the engagement ranges seemed to be rather far. Grunt did a great job scouting as well once we figured out where the hot spots were. Squinty was quick to spot enemy even at long range. The choke point that the enemy set up was impressive and we fell victim to it several times. I now have a stinger missle with "MG's" name on it for next time ;) We did manage to push past the choke point late in the game but we mostly encountered infantry targets before being taken out from the air.

    My highlight was right at the end when Grunt and I paired up in a vulcan (again I appreciate the patience as I took a long time finding a stinger and launcher before embarking). We dashed south to the choke point where I got a glimpse of the enemy jet and managed to fire on him for a breaf moment, I like to think I scared him good. We then started to move closer to the frontline where I engaged and downed an enemy transport chopper equiped with FFAR's and a second transport helo shortly after.

    Gillispie did another great job as SL, he stayed calm (mostly due to alcohol) and kept us all on track. Again he was dynamic when needed.

    The event seemed to run smoother this time IMO. One area that was a problem for me was the TS. I had a difficult time communicating with my crew and we resorted to text for 50% of the time, which is not ideal. I think with three tank crews it was a bit much for one channel especially as some people were more vocal then others ;)

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    Re: AAR MWB Nov 14

    Even the alcohol began to fail me near the end. I just got extremely sick and tired of forcing our way through the corridor of land over and over, falling prey to the camping tanks in the hills to our west and north.

    The TS issue will be resolved next time. Lesson learned; I'll have Rock set us up some sub-channels.


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      Re: AAR MWB Nov 14

      I know what you mean about being taken out at the choke point constantly. The problem is that if it was our team that had set up the same situation and we were shuting down the enemy advance I would be extatic.

      The problem so far with the MWB's is that it seems the other team always has the advantage right out of the gate and hold that advantage all game. I don't know if I'm just imagining it and they are simply better, but that is begining to lead to some frustration with these events.

      Personally I thought that the TS wouldn't be to bad all on one channel. The problem was I assumed we would all be in a big armored convoy and taking visual cues for the most part. However as soon as we were seperated the comms increased alot. I should have realised that would happen.

      Next week Gillispie be sure to go with the 12 pack just to be safe ;)


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        Re: AAR MWB Nov 14

        I enjoyed myself overall. I knew from past matches like this armor is going to take a pounding, especially from aircraft. I think the tank crews worked well together but our force became somewhat scattered after we started to have separate respawns.

        The cross chatter from other tanks made it harder to communicate with the people in your tank, especially when time was critical. At one point I had sighted a T-72, warned my crew about it, but they weren't able to hear over the engine noise. I ended up having to go to vehicle text chat and by that time we had been taken out. Both the driver and to a lesser extent the gunner can have a limited field of view, so it's important to have the commander able to spot and call directions of targets very quickly.

        I believe next week will involve attack choppers, this will make armor's task even harder to deploy to forward flags; theres alot of open ground to cover making for easy targets.

        Thanks to the Tgers that took part and to rock for making these spots available to us on a regular basis.

        I do have a few ideas from an armor standpoint for next week that I can run by everyone at a later date.




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