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Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

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  • Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

    There were around 8 or so playing some of the new SimHQ, we even had Magnum himself stop by and join us(in death).

    We played SimHQ Small Unit 01 and 02 while most of the group was together. We had Loyal, Razer,Magnum,SYphon, Chaka, Ivan, Squinty, Agnew, Barnacle,Insanatrix, and I apologize if I forgot who else was on.

    1st mission went great. Loyal and Razer were were the FTL's, with loyal calling the shots. A simple assault on a fortification on the south side of Somato. I was technically in the SL position, but i manned the Stryker with 2 ai medics to cover the rear. Did a good job with alternate bounding along the west road into Somato with the Stryker providing fire support from the rear. Great job by both FTL's getting their teams into position for an assault. Loyal setup a good postion for the Stryker to provide fire support and his team to provide overwatch as Razer lead his group into the fortification to clear. At the end we only suffered 2 casualties.

    2nd Mission didn't turn out quite as good. As magnum pointed out, it would probably had been a lot easier with a full team instead of having the not so bright A.I. in certain positions. THis mission was taking out two objectives around Ortego. Again, started out well. Insanatrix was flying recon. I again manned the stryker with A.I.. Razer was SL and I believe Squinty and Chaka were the FTL's. The assault on the first obj went well with the stryker and Mk19 providing fire support for the advancing squads. After insanatrix was shot out of his helo as he landed with supplies, things started going down hill. We destroyed the comm tower and proceeded into the city. All was going well with a similar bounding and overwatch scenario through the city. However, a bit of an ambush occurred and took out a good chunk of our infantry. Our squad was reduced to myself, chaka, magnum, and Barnacle once we reached the second obj. After finding some conveniently placed satchels the arty pieces were destroyed and all we had to do was reach the extraction point. The group engaged a small road black and all was going well when we got flanked and the Styker was destroyed taking Chaka and myself. This left Magnum and Barnacle to their own fates. Magnum was injured clearing the last road block so him and barnacle decided to take a round about way to avoid the city. Soon after they started running magnum was shot, leaving only barnacle. He survived that firefight and looked to be home free as he spotted a civ vehicle near some houses away from the city. Just as he was about to grab the civ vehicle there was a random soldier near by that took him out and ended the mission.

    Great games guys. Can't wait to do it again. More people next time. Special thanks to Magnum for working on these missions. Great missions. True COOP experience.
    |TG-12th| tHa_KhAn

    XBL GT: Khan58

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    Re: Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

    Good times last night, here is my AAR on the first small unit mission:

    AAR - 02 Dec - SimHQ Small Unit01

    To: Company Commander Joint Forces Sahrani
    Thru: SSG tHa_KhAn
    From: CPL LoyalGuard
    Subject: AAR - Operation Gull Nest

    Since this is an excellent coop mission that I see being player a lot here at TG I will try to avoid spoilers in this AAR, so unlike previous AARs I will not provide as much geographic detail or info about OPFOR.

    This morning our squad received orders to move out from our FOB near the airport in Paraiso and proceed south of Somato to clear out an enemy position there. Intel reported that we would meet strong resistance from dismounted infantry. In order to ensure we had proper support, we all loaded up in a Stryker and proceeded south. Here was the squad roster:

    tHa_KhAn - SL
    LoyalGuard - FL Alpha
    RazersEdge - FL Bravo

    We set an attack position along the road between Paraiso and Somato where we would stop the Stryker, dismount, and advance. We would then proceed away from the road to find high ground as an assault position on the objective. Khan was driving the Stryker and I was in the Gunner's position when an enemy squad was spotted on the road well before our attack position. The squad disembarked and I opened up with the M2. The first patrol quickly went down and we set up a hasty defensive position while we re-grouped. Another supporting unit came up to assist the downed patrol but we quickly eliminated them as well.

    Not wanting to encounter any more surprises, the dismounted squad continued on foot with the Stryker covering our advance from the rear. We had several hundred meters still to cover but we move slowly and cautiously making the best use of cover we could. I originally intended on turning off road for optimum use of cover, but after encountering the patrol on the road, I changed gears and decided we needed to make sure the road was clear (especially for the Stryker). Alpha stayed on the left side and Bravo advanced from the right (both moving south/southeast.)

    We did indeed encounter more resistance on our way to the objective but were able to proceed fairly unimpeded. As we got closer to the objective, I took a small gamble and split up the fire teams a little more than I would normally feel comfortable. Alpha proceeded to the assault position while bravo continued on a more direct path. Once Bravo was in a covered position I ordered Alpha to engage with scoped weapons, automatic weapons, and GL's. The Stryker roared up and began suppressing the objective with heavy machine gun fire. Bravo continued their advance and quickly moved towards the objective. They called out that they were near the objective so we adjusted fire to avoid hitting friendliest. I ordered Alpha to move up and support Bravo and we soon got the word that the objective was clear.

    We did suffer casualties, but this was not as a result of poor execution. All elements did exactly what was needed at all times and were constantly aware of their fellow team members and enemy positions. I had to return to base after this mission, but I definitely think this one will be in heavy rotation here at TG along with the other SimHQ missions. Good job all!


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      Re: Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

      I was only able to get one mission in with you guys, and not even a full one...but was fun... Being only involved in 75% of the mission I only got 3 screenshots to share...

      This is us blowing up the artillery pieces, and why I didn't want to fall back to far even though my fire team leader was ordering me too, lol...

      Love your logo, need to do that one day for my own... your's fit well on the equiptment...

      Us getting to the extraction zone, before the incident at the road block, (Your server setting, thou realistic and more tactical, don't let us combat photographers have much fun, till dead at least, lol)...

      Just to add a couple of comments....
      1. Sure is hard NOT to tell you what is around the corner when you were part of the mission design, lol.

      2. All the SimHQ missions are meant to be 30 to 60 minute missions, where you can complete it and get the feeling of acomplishments... I personally hate playing a mission for hours on in and have to leave before we finish it. So these ones are meant to be short, sweet, and too the point... get in, destroy, get out.

      3. All these missions have random patrols, random enemy vehicles guarding objectives, and random friendly vehicles... sometimes you will have a couple of strykers, sometimes just a 5 ton, sometimes just a couple of hummers... thats so the mission is more random, and less predictable. Sometimes squad leaders keep it on foot, sometimes not... it's a choice.

      4. A couple of tactical points:
      a. Most of the vehicles have explosives, M136's or a Javelin for use when needed, or a enemy camp will have the equipment you need. That way you can always finish the objective.
      b. The reason the missions are set up as fire teams is to force teamwork. It is rare for one fire team to be able to complete a task without a supporting fire team to watch the flanks. A fire team sticks together, they never split, (a fire team is the smallest unit in the US Army), so no fire team member should be more then 10 or 15 meters from there team leader leader.
      c. Fire teams support one another, one fire team isn't sent to attack the town from the North, while another from the South... one fire team would get high ground or a support location and cover the attack and flanks of an assault fire team or two.
      d. The squad leader controls the fire teams, tells them where to go and what to do in basic terms. The fire team leader decides how best to execute those orders, and how best to keep his troops alive and together. If a squad leader says "Alpha go to this marker and prepare to engage", then the fire team leader moves out his troops in his preferred formation, and when he gets to the marker and sees it's a bad position to engage a enemy, he makes a on the spot adjustment, like maybe behind some rocks a little more to the left of the marker, or a building, farmhouse etc ect...
      e. Play your role, stick with your fire team. Squad leaders give the basic marching orders, don't micro-manage, fire team leaders control your fire team, keep them alive and together, and do your part to accomplish the mission. Fire team members stay with your fire team, never go off on your own, or go do it a "better way"... this is the ARMY, follow your orders and shut up. (you can lead the next one. lol)

      If you take my advise, you'll get the most out of these SimHQ missions, there designed to test and reward fire team tactics.

      and one more thing... some of the later made missions have an extraction point option... if you lose to many people, and you pretty sure you can't complete the mission, then you can call "broken arrow", and have everyone move to the extraction point, hopefully still tactically, the mission will still then end, but what task you didn't get done will be "mission failed"... it's OK to fail, these missions can be difficult at times based on the random events... load it up again, or try another one.

      Thanks for playing, and enjoy.
      Magnum |TG-18th|

      We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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        Re: Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

        One more tactical point... never have the stryker or any vehicle platform engage a enemy without having the troops disembark first... one RPG can take out the whole fireteam/squad.
        Magnum |TG-18th|

        We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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          Re: Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

          :( damnit... missed it. Sounded like a first rate time on the ArmA server.. Ive been a little too busy lately to hop on, Ive reallllly wanted to try these simhq missions out :( Sounds like they are as quality as I expected.. Nice write up guys! .... on the other hand I did go see No Country for Old Men though...


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            Re: Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

            Originally posted by Gogeta View Post
            .... on the other hand I did go see No Country for Old Men though...
            With your mother.
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              Re: Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

              Originally posted by Atomic Dog View Post
              With your mother.
              As yours waited in the car..


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                Re: Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

                I too am sorry I missed this. Should have checked TS as I was playing POE 2.1 - had I noticed I would have moved over.


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                  Re: Sunday Dec 2nd, COOP server, SimHQ pack.

                  I tend to prefer these smaller maps that have several objectives somewhat near by each other. Having a few AI in non critical roles are also helpful for people who join mid way through a map, and makes it alot easier to build the player numbers on the server. Theres a fine balance of having dead players and late joiners wait as the current mission is completed. Too short and the immersion level isn't as high. Nothing makes you want to be more cautious than knowing your going be reincarnated as a seagull for 20 minutes. Too long and people start leaving to do other things and by the end of the map the player numbers have decreased. I think the "broken arrow" option Magnum mentions is a great way to end a mission when things have hit the fan and most of the team is dead; without simply restarting the mission.




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