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AAR - 05 Dec - SimHQ Small Unit03

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  • AAR - 05 Dec - SimHQ Small Unit03

    Unfortunately, not every operation is a success. We must take the good with the bad and learn from it!

    After Action Report
    To: Company Commander Joint Forces Sahrani
    From: SSG LoyalGuard (Posthumously :( )
    Subject: AAR - Operation Donkey Tail

    NOTE: Since this is an excellent coop mission that I see being played a lot here at TG I will try to avoid spoilers in this AAR, so unlike previous AARs I will not provide as much geographic detail or info about OPFOR.

    Our order today were to conduct a raid on the enemy's rear logistcal support prior to a mass amphibious landing at Everon. Despite our small numbers, our mission would be critical to the success of the amphibious assault. Here was my squad roster:

    LoyalGuard - SL
    Squinty - FL Alpha
    Sam Hoy

    Our mission had several objectives located west of of the main road running from Corazol to Obregan. We geared up and headed out with two HMMWV. I set a probable line of departure at the first major intersection before Obregan (well south of it though) and then we turned NW towards the first objective. About 300m before they suspected location of the objective, I ordered a dismount and had Squnity lead out his with his fireteam using trees along the roadside as cover.

    We spotted enemy contacts almost immediately but remained undetected. I reiterated the order of "weapons hold" until we could get a little closer in order to better reconoiter and establish ideal firing positions. We progressed about another 100m and I ordered the squad to take cover and Id a target. Once we had targets designated I ordered weapons free and we easily eliminated several enemy.

    I ordered everyone to hold and brought up one of the HMMWVs to make sure we had use of the M2 is necessary before continuing. While bringing it forward, the HMMWV started taking fire from the left flank. I ordered Squnity and Section-8 to continue to cover NW while Chaka, some AI, and I dealt with the threat to the left flank. We took down several targets without casualty but I was now a little concerned.

    I ordered Squinty to take us forward slowly while Chaka and I covered the flanks. At this point Sam Hoy joined us as we moved up. We spotted some reinforcements moving in and took them down as well. As we prepared to continue to move I was very happy to see an "Objective Completed" Message. I was just about to order us to move out and ensure the area was secure before moving on to the next objective when all hell broke loose. We immediately began to take automatic weapons fire from the NW. I suddenly felt a searing hot pain in my abdomen and soon lost consciousness.

    Several more members of my squad were also cut down. All we could see were green tracers fying every which way. Squinty took over command of the squad but was almost immediately wounded in the leg. He bagan to pull back to assess who was still alive when he too was cut down. After 20 mins with our squad wiped out, the mission ended.

    It wasn't a glorious day on the battlefield, but it was another great night playing ArmA on TG.

    Lesson Learned:

    Don't always take the most direct approach towards an objective. For this misson I brought us up right where OPFOR probably expected us to come up. Eventhough we did not suffer any casualties from the attack on our flank, at that point we were obviously exposed and reinforcements were likely called in once units other than those we were directly attacking detected us. In retrospect, I should have approached from a completely different axis to better protect our flanks. We'll get 'em next time!


    This was one of Section-8's first ArmA sessions. He did an excellent job. He followed orders and carried out his assignments to the letter. I hope to see him out with us again soon!

    And as always, it was nice to have a team of experienced players to team up with. Squinty, Chaka, and Sam used excellent tactics during our assault on the objective. Now if there leader can just manage not get them killed next time ;)

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    Re: AAR - 05 Dec - SimHQ Small Unit03

    Nice AAR Loyal,
    Although I was on last night only for this map it was a fun one, although it did end shorter than we would have liked. We didn't have an advantage as far as elevation and that worked against us somewhat. Not much we could have done about that though. Soon after we took the first objective, op-for was reinforced from the north and northwest upwards of two squads. A UAV was also spotted but we never got eyes on it, I have a suspicion that did the most damage to us.




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