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AAR - 06 Dec - SimHQ Patrol 01

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  • AAR - 06 Dec - SimHQ Patrol 01

    After Action Report
    To: Company Commander Joint Forces Sahrani
    From: SSG LoyalGuard
    Subject: AAR - Operation Eastern Excursion

    NOTE: In order to avoid spoilers, I will not provide an overt amount of geographic detail or info about OPFOR.

    Intel had been reporting that since we liberated the area from the SLA forces they have been slowly moving men and supplies into the small villages surrounding the city in preparation for an insurgent campaign to drive the coaliation out. Our orders were to conduct a patrol to the east of Corazol to discover any assets that may have been moved into the area and eliminate any enemy resistance. The patrol was comprised of the following members:

    LoyalGuard -SL

    Squinty - FT Alpha

    Insanatrix - FT Bravo

    We grabbed some additional gear and moved out in a 5T truck. Our patrol area was divided into two zones. We stayed along the main road until we got closer to the first zone and then dismounted. As we rounded a corner we almost immediately saw contacts. I ordered everyone to disembark and find good cover. Squinty moved us forward to better firing positions and we took out several enemy soldiers. All was proceeding well when several enemy suddenly appeared over the hill we were on. We had to hastily fall back to the 5T in order to avoid being overrun. Section-8 used the M2 to take out several enemy.

    For the next several minutes we had regular contacts in multiple locations so I was hesitant to move further forward to our earlier positions until we were sure it was clear. At this point Khan and Insantrix joined us. With no contacts for a few minutes and with our reinforced numbers, I ordered us to form a firing line and move forward. We engaged a couple of contacts, established an overwatch with Alpha, and I sent Bravo in to secure the area. After the area was secure, we re-grouped and re-equipped. Called up the 5T and continued east.

    Hawkeye joined us as we continued our patrol. We met heavy resistance en route to our next objective and had to proceed very slowly. We noted several attempts to outflank us but due to the dilligence of the fireteam leaders all these attempts failed. As we approached the objective, I orderd the squad to move away from the road and cautiously move forward from an oblique angle. We slowly moved in and secured the final objective.

    After the area was clear we headed for the extraction zone with minimal casualties and the confidence that we prevented a lot of innocent bloodshed in the future.


    This is a fantastic mission!!! I had a lot fun last night and we fared MUCH better than the night before. We only played this mission with 3-6 players but you really should play with at least 10-15 (it is a coop 15 mission). Nevertheless, the mission went very well with very few casualties and excellent execution.

    I have to admit we did not techncially complete the mission. Hawkeye noted that the first objective still showed red on the map after we had already begun to assault the second objective. This was obviously an oversight on my part. I had mistaken an "objective complete" message as indication that the objective was completed but I confused it with a secondary objective. And, despite clearing the whole area, the objective was still not complete. Perhaps there was a wounded enemy in the area that was prone and we could not see or perhaps something else I overlooked. So, if playing this mission in the future do be sure everything is clear before moving on. Despite not technically completing the objective I consider the mission a great success! Thanks again team!
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    Re: AAR - 06 Dec - SimHQ Patrol 01

    Great write up loyal. This was another quality COOP mission from Sim HQ. Simple, focused and fun. Teamwork is a must as the A.I. is aggressive enough to keep you honest. I think I've played about 3 or 4 of these so only 40+ to go:).

    I'm not sure how we did not complete the first objective. Not only did we secure the flag area and all tents. We swept fairly wide into the objective area. Also A.I. and Hawkeye walked through the area after we "cleared" it and had no contact reports. Something else interesting as I was in a squad with an A.I. leader he called out targets for me while assaulting that first flag. After we engaged the last A.I. he gave a "Clear" shout while we were moving in. This is even more perplexing considering the targets the A.I. gave me were sometimes hidden anyway.
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      Re: AAR - 06 Dec - SimHQ Patrol 01

      There is still life in ArmA; 2 AARs in 2 days.

      I'll have to take a peek over the weekend <0>
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