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AAR - 15 Dec - SimHQ Small Unit 02

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  • AAR - 15 Dec - SimHQ Small Unit 02

    After Action Report
    To: Company Commander Joint Forces Sahrani
    From: SSG LoyalGuard
    Subject: AAR - Operation Hornet Smoke

    NOTE: In order to avoid spoilers, I will not provide an overt amount of geographic detail or info about OPFOR.

    Please the action that our squad undertook today's operation where the 10th Mountain and 11th Amored Cavalry regiment made a push into the enemy's stronger western flank. Our squad's task was to eliminate vital enemy assets while the front was isolated and cut off from reinforcement. Our squad was quite understrength but composed of brave soldiers and disciplined shooters:

    LoyalGuard - FT Alpha, Acting SL
    Feisty Sheep

    Squnity - FT Bravo

    We began this mission the knowledge that if the overall push was successful then enemy presence in South Sahrani would be all but eliminated. Although not part of the main push, our squad was tasked with taking out an enemy communication tower and artillery emplacement. Despite our small size, we loaded up in the stryker with our AI and headed to the first objective.

    About 500m from the objective, I ordered the squad to deploy while rcpro8 and his driver manned the stryker. I sent Squinty's FT Bravo up ahead about 50m to some cover to scan our approach. He immediately spotted several sentries over looking the objective. I brought Alpha up and also saw strong resistance at the comm tower. I ordered the stryker to move up to a good supporting position and ordered them to target the comm tower defenses with the M2. Alpha, and Bravo would target the sentries at the overwatch. I ordered weapons free and we all simultaneously began engaging out targets. After about a 5 minute firefight we killed several enemy and noted no additional movement.

    With the stryker covering the objective, I ordered Alpha and Bravo up in bounding movements to the overwatch to ensure it was clear and evaluate it as a final assault position on the tower (the enemy must have occupied it for some reason!). As I was preparing to order the final assault on our first objective rcpro8 unfortunately was disconnected. I ordered everyone to hold firm while I went back and retrieved the stryker. I then provided covering fire while Alpha and Bravo moved in on foot. Squinty called out that there were close so I ceased fire and moved in to the flank to support.

    As Alpha and Bravo cleared the perimeter around the tower I spotted an enemy checkpoint down the road. I engaged some enemy when my world suddenly lit up. A KA-50 had swooped in towards the tower and was attacking my Stryker. Luckily I was partially shielded by some large boulders so I only took indirect damage. I was able to escape just before it was engulfed in flames. It did not explode but was scary nonetheless. We took down the tower and plotted our move to the next objective.

    We had a couple of dilemmas to face. First, movement to the next objective would be difficult with that KA-50 in the air and second, between us and the next objective there seemed to be a hornet's nest full of enemy in urban terrain. So working off of Viper's and Squinty's suggestions, Squinty got a stinger, and we made a feinting movement away from the objective. we encountered some ground forces and just as we were suppressing them the KA-50 came in to support. Squinty locked on and we were happy to see a fireball rise up from over the horizon. I did not want to complete the feint since the helo was down, so, I ordered us to get in our MK19 hummer and head in the other direction towards the second objective.

    Well, that wasn't such a great idea after all it turns out. While we were still 500m+ out, we were swarmed with ground troops and heavy weapons. We had to abandon what route, backtrack, and go the way we had originally feinted. As we traveled we saw all the heavy enemy presence we were bypassing. With out understrength squad we would have been torn up. As we headed out on foot we had some excellent coordination, covering fire, and movement over terrain where we were disadvantaged but once in motion we quickly took out the arty, headed back to extraction zone, popped open a couple of brews, pheew!


    I had a blast last night even with a small server population. 3-4 can be just as fun as 20-30. So hop on, find a good mission for small groups (use the mission browser), and get at it!

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    Re: AAR - 15 Dec - SimHQ Small Unit 02

    i gotta say that last night was awesome after not having played for months. The small squad was more then enough to complete the mission with proper coordination. I will defiantly be spending more time on the Arma server now, but with my non SM handicap, i will have to be limited play haha.

    Perhaps we can get everyone playing again, like old times.

    Spartan 4


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      Re: AAR - 15 Dec - SimHQ Small Unit 02

      Sorry I missed out, I check the server several times this weekend and never saw anyone :(




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