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Dark & Deep (a ArmA AAR)...

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  • Dark & Deep (a ArmA AAR)...

    1. This is one of SimHQ's exclusive missions for our Armed Assault co-op server. It is one of the smaller ones for a smaller number of players, and as you can see even for us brave souls who are willing and able to do it alone, with a fireteam of AI support of course. BUT... I have no idea why it's called Dark & Deep, it's not dark and it's not deep... unless the maker was watching porn and came up with the title. lol

    2. This is on our SimHQ server, but I played it on VBS2, which allows me to record it and watch it again and again with the AAR tool. Therefore the screens are from in game, while playing, and sticking with the theme of the mission title, the boner bonus video footage is recorded while watching the replay in the AAR tool.

    SimHQ Dark & Deep... Simple mission, a enemy squad is reported in the area to the North with intent on capturing then destroying the radio tower. Our mission is to defend said tower, and repel the assault.

    Scouts return with word of the enemy advance:

    I decide to fight from high ground as I order my men to watch the direction of the enemy, and engage at will:

    Enemy spotted from my high point advantage:

    I identify the targets then order my men to engage:

    All hell breaks loose as both sides dive for cover and open fire:

    I get the first confirmed:

    More begin the assault:

    I fire at targets through the trees:

    Lead enemy fireteam appears neutralized:

    I then send out a couple of my men for a status report, and enemy check:

    They take sporadic fire, so I climb down to lead the small sweep and clear team:

    I have my men fall into a wedge formation, as we move out to sweep and clear the battle zone:

    For the most part the enemy lies dead at our feet, once in a while we get return fire from a fleeing soldier, we simply engage and neutralize:

    One more hides in the tree line, my rifleman spots and neutralizes him, while i hit the dirt for cover:

    We gather up, with new orders to report to the Captain in the rear with the contact and lost order:

    We load up in one of our utility trucks and move out to report:

    Mission complete:

    Well done comrades, short and sweet mission:

    Boner Bonus...
    Here is the footage from the mission being replayed in the AAR tool of VBS2... I usually DO NOT add sound tracks to my videos, I prefer you to hear the sounds as well, but FRAPS didn't record the sound this time (happens about 50% of the time with Windows Vista... it's like it don't always know what sound it's suppose to record, even though the settings are correct.)

    Well anyway, since the silence kinda sucked, I put in a soundtrack... "A Horse Called War" by the "Black Label Society". (don't like the music or music type, mute it.)


    (Recommend you right click and save as for stutter free viewing.)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Dark & Deep (a ArmA AAR)...

    Nice one Mag! Looks like a nice OpFor mission. Great screens and vids as usual!

    AAR Tool rules!


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      Re: Dark & Deep (a ArmA AAR)...

      The look of a real engagement.
      Nicely done Magnum.

      I think "somewhere over the rainbow" would have soothed my ears more. lol
      "I like a man who grins when he fights"
      Sir Winston Churchill


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        Re: Dark & Deep (a ArmA AAR)...

        Good Stuff Magnum...Man I love Arma...screenies like these make me wonder why I don't play it more.
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          Re: Dark & Deep (a ArmA AAR)...

          Excellent job Magnum. I too love the way ArmA looks - I just have issues with how it plays!


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            Re: Dark & Deep (a ArmA AAR)...

            Thanks for an excellent AAR, Magnum50. It prompted me to reinstall Armed Assault and join this week's Co-Op event. I really enjoy these types of missions and look forward to playing this game again.




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