I'm too tired and too lazy to actually write a complete AAR. Essentially, a squad consisting of Atomic Dog, SloppyJoe, Ednos, Vulcan, and myself were on a hill and spotted multiple enemy targets. Atomic assigned Ednos and I to sniper duty, and we proceeded to eliminate both snipers from the roofs, then spotted three extra squads about 1000 meters off. Ednos and I stayed on the hill while Atomic and the rest of the team moved in to clear the city, at which point, two BMP's became active, as did the three dormant squads. Ednos and I moved into the city to pick up weapons (we had all run out of ammunition at this point) and we then proceeded to dominate their faces. SloppyJoe was the only casualty. I think that was a complete AAR. Yeahh.