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Fierce Dogs - January 22, 2008

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  • Fierce Dogs - January 22, 2008

    I'm too tired and too lazy to actually write a complete AAR. Essentially, a squad consisting of Atomic Dog, SloppyJoe, Ednos, Vulcan, and myself were on a hill and spotted multiple enemy targets. Atomic assigned Ednos and I to sniper duty, and we proceeded to eliminate both snipers from the roofs, then spotted three extra squads about 1000 meters off. Ednos and I stayed on the hill while Atomic and the rest of the team moved in to clear the city, at which point, two BMP's became active, as did the three dormant squads. Ednos and I moved into the city to pick up weapons (we had all run out of ammunition at this point) and we then proceeded to dominate their faces. SloppyJoe was the only casualty. I think that was a complete AAR. Yeahh.

    Atomic Dog: Do it, hit it with a crowbar!
    Delta: I don't have a crowbar.
    Atomic Dog: Hit it with the dog!

    Ednos: I just need to man up and get ready to have a testicle removed (which is what using Vista feels like)

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    Fierce Dogs - January 22, 2008

    Atomic Dog - Squad Lead

    Mission Objective: Secure the town of Isla Bonita

    The squad was inserted southeast of Isla Bonita on Rahmadi Island. Upon insertion, orders were given to quickly move out northwest and to take up position on a hilltop due east of the town. OpFor presence was heavy. 3 squads of 10 or so soldiers each actively patrolling the perimiter of the city while 2 snipers gave overwatch from the rooftops.

    The orders were given to assume the line formation, focusing our firepower forward onto the town. Ednos and Delta were assigned the two snipers as priority target while the rest of the squad took aim on the ground forces below. Knowing the patrols were moving in column formation, we waited until two patrols had moved into our firing range and their backs were to us while the third remained cut off on the west side town. The order to fire was given and the patrols were cut down in no time at all. By the time the third patrol came to reinforce, they were alone and swiftly gunned down.

    Seeing no further movement in town, Ednos and Delta remained in their overwatch positions while SloppyJoe, Vulcan and myself entered the town to check for survivors. None were present, but soon after entering the town, Delta and Ednos noticed squads moving in from the west and the south along with a T72 and a BMP.

    Having scavenged AT from a dead soldier, Vulcan moved out to engage the armor while SloppyJoe and myself took cover and engaged ground forces as they moved in. It wasn't long before we were overwhelmed and the island was buzzing with activity. I quickly took cover in the rooftop of an abandoned building and began engaging targets moving in on the town from all directions. The situation became chaotic and I lost sight of my squad for several minutes, left on my own to defend my position. Soldier after soldier came to seek us out and before long I was depleted of ammunition for my trusty ACOG at which point I had to rely solely on my silenced M9 for defense. I managed to take down several soldiers from my rooftop position.

    During this time SloppyJoe became overwhelmed by the enemy and was killed during the gunfight. Vulcan made his way to rooftop cover while Ednos and Delta moved into the town to reinforce us. By the time I had managed to scavenge a weapon from a corpse, the last surviving enemy was gunned down as he attempted to flee. The town of Isla Bonita was secured and the squad extracted by Little Bird.

    Mission Accomplished.

    Good work gentlemen!
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      Re: Fierce Dogs - January 22, 2008

      With some tighter organization and better intelligence reports from the sniper team (my bad), we could've prevented the death of the manwich.
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        Re: Fierce Dogs - January 22, 2008

        Yeah, we fell apart a little once we got into the town and realized we were being swarmed from all around on top of the armor threat. I know I got a little disoriented when my first contact in town was a squad of 3 that had managed to run between my location and Vulcan's location...leaving us cut off. I booked it into the nearest building I could find and just holed up there and started going John Wayne on the OpFor.

        Was definitely intense at that point. Helluva good time!
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          Re: Fierce Dogs - January 22, 2008

          good AAR guys...saw you on but was late getting home so I was off gaming for the night...will join in next time. Day before I joined up for some smallish ARMA coop action...patch has helped but I'm still getting random CTD and a weird graphics glitch
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            Re: Fierce Dogs - January 22, 2008

            Are you getting CTD when in-game VOIP is being used? Also, is your hardware acceleration disabled in your in-game sound properties? Turning that off has helped with a few people in regards to CTD.
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