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Project Phoenix - January 22, 2008

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  • Project Phoenix - January 22, 2008

    Atomic Dog - Squad Lead
    Ednos - M24 Sniper
    Dirtboy - Medic/Rifleman
    TheGreatNardini - Rifleman
    Viper - Mk12 Spr Rifleman/AT
    AdeptAbyss - .50 Cal Sniper
    Gearson_MARSOC - SAW Gunner

    Mission: Assassinate Officer

    Under the cloak of night, the squad was inserted by paradrop onto the southside of the island of Rahmadi. A high ranking officer was visiting a heavily fortified base in order to raise morale amongst the troops. Our mission, to assassinate the officer and high tail it off the island by any means neccessary.

    Intel informed us that the island base was heavily fortified and crawling with patrols. Not wanting to engage the entire island it was decided that we would move west along the shoreline and avoid patrols at all cost. It wasn't long before we encountered our first patrol along the beach. We attempted to flank around the patrol and did so, but then encountered a mounted UAZ patrol cutting through our desired path. We knew avoiding detection would be near impossible, so we did our best to move within 500m of our objective and dug in on a hilltop southwest of the base.

    MG turrets surrounded the perimeter along with several artillery cannons within the base. Patrols moved along the perimeter as well, while snipers gave overwatch from rooftops within the compound. No visual made on the Officer. Suddenly, Dirtboy informs us that we're recieving fire as several members of the squad began hearing bullet ricochet. Not seeing where we were recieving fire from, I ordered the men to keep weapons tight. Then down in the valley below us a lone inantryman on patrol came up the hill on our position. We had no choice but to open fire. Fortunately, OpFor nearby were unalerted to our presence during the exchange of fire...but not everyone was unalerted. Several soldiers came running up onto our position from the fortified base. I gave the order to go Weapons Free on all targets.

    The gunfight began hot and heavy with patrols coming in from all over the island. Intel informed us that a rescue operation was underway to retrieve the Officer from the base. The clock was ticking and we were running out of time. We needed to kill the officer before he could escape. The distinct sounds of the approaching kamov alerted us that he would soon be rescued. The order was given to Viper to prepare the M136 to engage that kamov if we could not spot the officer.

    As the kamov approached, the officer showed himself. AdeptAbyss honed in on him and began opening fire with the .50 Cal. Several shots later and one dead officer, our objective was complete. Now it was time to get the hell off of Rahmadi.

    Intel informed us of a nearby boat that would be suitable for our escape. The problem was, the boat was 800m from our location and the island was buzzing with activity. I gave the orders to move out to the western shore and to move fast, stopping to engage only when neccessary. Dirtboy and myself were the first to reach the shoreline. Once there, Nardini soon joined us as we gave cover to our commrades. The rest of the squad had been cut off and held down in gunfights along the way.

    First Gearson and Ednos appeared on the horizon, then Adept and Viper. Once we were reassembled the orders were given to move out north along the shore toward the location of the boat. Along the way we were engaged by more patrols and Nardini fell to gunfire. Viper and Adept took position above the shoreline on a hill and held the enemy back while the rest of us proceded northward.

    As we spotted the boat, we quckly realized it was defended by another patrol of alert special forces. The squad made quick and decisive work of them and we all were able to board the boat safely and exfiltrate with no further incident.

    Mission Accomplished.

    Good work gentlemen!
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    Re: Project Phoenix - January 22, 2008


    I had an awesome time tonight! Great teamwork, Great Communication, and super sexy people (Me). Hard to believe that this was my first time EVER that I completed a mission. Great work all around!
    "Dirtboy is super awesome, and chicks dig him too!"- Everyone


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      Re: Project Phoenix - January 22, 2008

      Yeah was a great mission, went well and luck was on our side that time :) The squad worked together and we got the mission done, was great playing with everyone, you should all get on more and we can complete more missions

      My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
      So I'm a very skilled deep hole :D


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        Re: Project Phoenix - January 22, 2008

        Take THAT, Clint Eastwood!
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