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    With the 4th's Sloppyjoe as CO, he had the sniper take up position on the west side of the Ammo Depot, where he was able to spot both the Depot and the Bridge. He then had us move along the ridge, where we had to engage multiple groups of enemy in the tree's below. After Xen made a suggestion, the CO moved the squad to the High Tension Wires that run north and south. From this position we were able to take out most of the Depot's defenses. Xen took the lead of Fireteam 2 and moved in to a flanking position. We engaged a team of SpecOp's and were taken out. This action allowed Fireteam 1, to move into the base without much incident. Fireteam 2 was able to come back as members of fireteam 1 automaticly, and we continued along with our objectives and engaged reinforcements south of the depot. Xen was again called on to lead a fireteam down to clear the bridgehead and mop up. Fireteam 2 found and disposed of 1 flipped BMP and were able to secure the Bridge. Xen was wounded in that action. After the medic patched everyone back up, Fireteam 2, which now consisted of eveyone but the snipers and the CO moved to the west side of bridge and cleared the town to the west of the bridge. Once the CO blew the bridge and moved the truck to the edge of town, Fireteam 2 escorted the truck to the extraction point. Mission was successful.
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    Re: The Screwdriver AAR

    Damn trees. Where's the napalm when you need it?

    Good job from all soldiers, including some new players. A pleasure to CO such a good company.

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