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  • ArmA armor and air action videos...

    Well Sunday night i took screenshots of game play action on our SimHQ server... Last night (Monday) I took video... We don't always do infantry stuff... the first video is Armor Company, No one died and all missions were completed...sweet... but of course that gives boring video (only one person, me, to watch...and my excellent gunner, and Tactical Gamer member, Viper):

    Then we hit the air waves with Snakes on the Plain, a Air Cav mission, which has us infiltrating and destroy AA units, then a convoy... You start out watching me again, with my excellent wingman, another Tactical Gamer member, Brennus):

    A incident occurred when i was dodging missiles and firring flares and chaff... I hit the left shift to many times so the dam computer alt tabbed out to ask me if I wanted to "turn on sticky keys", lol...needless to say I crashed and burned, the rest of the footage is from Brennus, till he went back to re-arm, then Wepps for mission complete.

    Both great missions for a change of pace.

    Thanks to everyone who joined and played...and thanks to the TG members who come visit and show how it's done. ;)
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