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I stand corrected...& SimHQ missions...

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  • I stand corrected...& SimHQ missions...

    got on a ArmA kick this weekend, and joined a couple of missions on the TG server... open and unpassworded, I was expecting some serious lack of teamwork and tactics... but I was wrong, and stand corrected... the couple of missions I did was fantastic, and the server truly represented TG as I know it...

    I wanted to point out something about the SimHQ missions...

    1. I appreciate that they are liked and on the server. (there on a couple of servers, and that does my design team good.)

    2. These were the first set of missions, with a group that knew little about mission design and scripting... so they are basic made.

    3. There also easier then most missions, because when we designed them, we wanted quick 30 mins to 1 hour co-op missions that could be completed with an occasional mission complete. (nothing like playing a game over and over again, only to see everyone die), so there easy for a reason.

    4. There based on a squad plus level of players, broken down into fireteams... the purpose of this is so the SL in charge can plan and direct the individual fireteams as he see's fit without having to micromanage the fireteams... so SL, don't micromanage, give the basic plan, mark some way points and order the fireteams out... let the fireteam leaders control and manage there fireteams.

    That said, I notice when I played people were confused about the mission designs... humans have to be fireteam leaders otherwise that fireteam will just stay in the mission start area.

    Also when we played, fireteams pretty much ran off on there own to do there own objective... but thats why theres a SL... fireteams are suppose to support each other, and you should always have visiual contact with another fireteam... so if your moving and one fireteam takes fire, they hit the dirt, get to cover and return fire ASAP... while the other fireteam quickly moves to flank and kill an enemy, but this has to be fast... the fireteam under fire, especially with the ArmA super AI won't last long.

    So work as a squad, but be your own fireteam, and support each other.

    Thanks again for the good games... it was funny, I never said who I was and was just listening to the confusion and praise of the fireteam missions, lol.
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    Re: I stand corrected...& SimHQ missions...

    Like I have stated in the past, patience was needed for TG to find its groove with ArmA. The sever of late, brings back old school memories of OFP and the way that game was played. Having a open server has its downsides, but I think the “first person shooter” crowd has long since been weeded out the die hards are starting to play now. With the introduction of VON, I have a feeling that the popularity will increase and the quality of play will only get better.

    As for the Sim-HQ missions, we do enjoy them a lot here at TG. The command structure which is designed into the mission makes it great for true tactical control of the environment. Only issue we ever had with any of the ones you guys put out, it sometimes the SL is not in the 1st position, so it leads to some minor confusion for 1st time leaders to a Sim-HQ mission. Basically the leader is number 1-1H or something along those lines. The overarching mission objectives are clear and concise which also tend to make them favorites here. The SL part, people are catching on and are constantly making improvements.

    Glad to see you had a decent time on the TG server, make sure you stop back again!!

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      Re: I stand corrected...& SimHQ missions...

      I had a great time on the server tonight. Lots of new faces and everyone really trying hard for teamwork...comms were pretty good (though we did rely too much on "side" channel too much I think) and we played several SIM HQ missions in a row. The open server has it's downfalls to be sure but I was very pleased at tonight's action. PHUN!!
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        Re: I stand corrected...& SimHQ missions...

        Tonight was definitely the TG server i remember, i had a blast. Wished i had the to time play more often though.


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          Re: I stand corrected...& SimHQ missions...

          Is there a listing of SIMHQ missions we use and a synopsis of each? This way if we get someone new to the Admin in-game they can sort through missions quickly.

          Otherwise ingame chat looks like this:

          "What about this one?"
          -No idea
          "Want to play it?"
          "What abou this one?
          -No idea
          "Want to play it?"


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            Re: I stand corrected...& SimHQ missions...

            Well, tonight I played Sim HQ 10, and 12, I liked the basic Idea, quick, to the point and honestly very action packed.
            I would like to request a Battalion commander though. One that has a spot to himself so He can not have to worry about commanding a squad and the battle. I had to do this tonight (reluctantly) and it was confusing at times.

            At one point we had formed a convoy and we were taking heavy fire, I was Yelling (over gunfire) to Keep moving while rounds were bouncing all over the place. I was switching to vehicle chat to tell the front passenger to get in the Gun after our mk19 gunner was killed. (felt like BH Down for a sec!!) But people kept coming in on side chat yelling their sit reps, it was Chaotic at best. But I guess that is what made it so intense.

            BTW great job Bravo and Charlie squads that Stryker Convoy was awesome!!!

            Also I know Air support is in the game but is really just a death trap as the Strellas take em out before they know what has happened. Any way to add Mando Missles? Or less AA. Or maybe an A-10? That way we can do talk ons to targets, just like an Army JTAC (Joint Terminal Air Controller)would for the Air Force.

            And Finally, these missions really do remind me of raids that the Predator supports (providing the jtac with a video feed from the predator) and I happen to know that a very nice Reaper addon will be hitting the scene soon. So anyway to get these into a mission?

            I know that everyone would need the Reaper, and that seems to be the Problem for ArmA, great addons but no real way to get em organized.
            Well anyway, thanks for the games and I'll be in the server again for sure!!
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