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  • Blackdog shout out

    Hey Guys, no fancy AAR here, just a shout out to the guys i literally spent all of today playing with. CO was blackdog, done an excellent job focusing us! Lots of other guys, far to many names to remember, there were 19 at one point. Hopefully some of the guys will be popping on to the forums at some stage.....

    Mission was Urban engagement, my new favourite, take you to some of the better cities on the island, and gives you some cool toys, such as my javelin....

    Personal highlight: Was aiming at a shilka from about only 600 m out with my Javelin, but as i fired it locked on to a tractor in a barn....boom , one pissed of farmer!

    Im all hooked on ArmA again, and although i had 2 crashes that required restarts, it is a lot more stable than it was, and still as beautiful!

    Hope to see you all soon,


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    Re: Blackdog shout out

    is it just me or does that map specifically have performance issues? Normally I run around at 40-60fps....with Urban Engagements I'm in the 15-25 range.


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      Re: Blackdog shout out

      Cause it massive with AI running at the same time across the whole map not alot of maps have that much AI going at the same time

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        Re: Blackdog shout out

        The main issue is it forces either medium-high terrain detail on at all times. This can lag some machines down quite a bit.


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          Re: Blackdog shout out

          hehhehe thank you m8, it was good, I have posted a note on tech page regards this map, to see if there is anything that can be done as it now seems to regularly crash a start up.

          The toasted tractor moment was quality!

          See you on their again soon.


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