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Thursday May 22nd, Server 2 evening

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  • Thursday May 22nd, Server 2 evening

    I can only comment on the West team experience, but it was a great game.

    I want to start off by recognized Blackdog as an excellent commander. As soon as we loaded in after I restarted the mission, he filled us in the game plan. He designated a corner of the island he wanted to move the main base to and the towns around it we were going to setup our defenses in. He then assigned teams to hit the cities. IcemanGer, Zaboo, and I started in Cayo, we were joined by AtomicDog. Blackdog, B, the rest moved on Tiberia. We got lucky in Cayo. As Zaboo and I captured the first camp the enemy armor rolled out. A T-72 and M113. We ducked inside the bunker and I was able to pop up and get a great shot on the T-72 and tracked it causing the crew to bail. Zaboo dispatched the crew as I ducked to reload, but he was caught by the M113. I used his sacrifice as a moment to take out the M113. With the armor cleared, I could hear reinforcements coming in so I hopped into the T-72's main gun to deal with it. I dispatched some other light armor and covered Iceman's approach to the main flag. I dismounted the tank and moved into the center of Cayo with Iceman. Iceman fired until he was out of ammo and was forced to scavenged from bodies in the middle of the firefight that broke out. RACS seem to be coming from every direction and I was stuck relatively in the open with only a burned out hull as cover. We eventually captured Cayo.

    Iceman had the foresight to grab a repair truck and recover that T-72 to help clear out Iguana and the other southern cities. Zaboo brought up a 5ton and A.I. as I built up the Defenses at Cayo. I then joined Zaboo and Sabre in capturing Arcadia. About the time we captured Arcadia is when things started going well for us. Having a Tank in the early game helped as Iceman and B seemed to roll up city after city, while Zaboo, Sabre and I worked on setting up our Northern defenses. We donated a lot of funds to Blackdog and he was able to build and exquisite base for us. He had a lot of armor and aircraft waiting for us back at HQ so we started splitting up and moving to different cities. Prior to loading out with A.I. I took the MH6 for spin around the island to get a view on enemy activity. Tracer fire is a good way to find the enemy :).

    The rest my time on the server was spent outfitting A.I. to man defenses and building an Armor column to push on Gulan and Samato. My first Gulan expedition did not go well, because I spent too much time in the map screen micromanaging A.I. and rolled head on into AT4 turrets. As I was regroup at HQ, blackdog organized an air insertion to the North of the SLA's position. We lost Arcadia during hte planning. I was tasked with reclaiming Arcadia as Blackdog lead the insertion force. It worked well as I think Arcadia became a bit of a distraction for the enemy once I reclaimed it because my tanks had a field day picking off targets. That was it for me was the northern force captured their target for staging an assault on the SLA's position.

    It cannot be said enough, having a great commander is where it is at in this mission. My hat is off to Blackdog who not only handled base building and supply lines, but managed to keep up with the different people and move us around effectively.
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    Re: Thursday May 22nd, Server 2 evening

    Thanks mate and a pleasure playing with ya too!

    It was a good game and we all had our jobs to do and it worked well. Some go well and ohers not so, but it's interesting how in just a few days the different tactics now being developed for this mission. What is clear now is the race to get the funds to spot the enemy base, then getting control of the air. I have to say I have found it a little annoying that the KA has air to air which makes recce in western helo's much harder even with flares!

    However, with the new tactics come new challenges and recently in the last couple of days I have found myself scrambling the MHQ to a new base on several occasions whilst recamping somewhere new!

    Thanks again for the kind words, although when you have team mates who have an easy understanding of key targets and getting on with it, it really does not need much guidance from the CO.

    See you on there again soon, I'm sure.


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