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Operation Tulsa III 07-18-2008

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  • Operation Tulsa III 07-18-2008

    For the third time in as many days the quiet coastal town of Arcadia bustled with activity as a recent shipment of fuel, ammunition, automotive components and other essential gear which had just arrived at the port of Chantico was loaded onto three five-ton trucks destined for the re-supply starved RACS forward base outside the capitol of Corazol.

    Two previous attempts to restock the installation of essential war fighting equipment failed during Operation Tulsa and Operation Tulsa II on the 16th and 17th of July respectively, when in both instances the lead vehicle in the convoy had been accidentally engaged in friendly-fire incidents outside the forward operating base.

    Today the plan had changed only marginally from the previous two occasions. The convoy left Arcadia on Route Alpha, a green route patrolled frequently by RACS forces with the same MK-19 armed Stryker and M-2 Hummer as the other days. And they were skillfully guided by a UH-60L airborne command and control unit.

    At precisely 0530, as the pale desert sun reflected off the baked earth the convoy left the safety of Arcadia, and the problems began. Firstly, due to the intense heat the Hummer's .50 caliber machine gun cooked off at least one round into a nearby group of RACS commandos, no causalities were reported.

    Upon leaving the lead Stryker missed the first left turn and the entire convoy was forced to roar about Arcadia to right itself on the correct route. Once the convoy finally left the urban area they were approached by speeding white pickup, however, it proved no real threat. Citing traffic backups around the North Desert Bridges the airborne command and control unit lead by Blackdog suggested we take the alternate Route Bravo southward towards Iguana.

    Route Bravo, often alluded to as the sidewinder's tongue due to its hostile arid environment, twisted path and frequent IED attack lived up to its name as the convoy descended into the bush the mercury rose to nearly 110DegF and as the convoy reached Cayo inbound sniper fire was reported. Moreover, the airborne command and control unit was disabled by a BMP-2 in Iguana. All crew survived, however the helicopter was irreparable, and to prevent SLA capture the chassis was dismembered by thermite grenades.

    On the outskirts of Cayo the convoy received additional automatic weapons fire, all three of the trucks reported taking hits. The convoy increased its speed and raced into Cayo only to encounter a manned SLA traffic control point with one UAZ and at least three infantry on the Bridge Romero. The Stryker and Hummer quickly engages and destroyed the threat, but not before at least one enemy .50 caliber round penetrated the front of a truck carrying ammunition disabling the power steering. As the convoy prepared to take a hard right out of the town the damaged ammunition truck failed to complete the maneuver and was disabled after hitting a road barrier.

    The truck and all of its contents were destroyed to prevent their utilization by SLA forces. However, the convoy was forced to turn back. Resupply of the RACS Corazol base would have to wait for another day.
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    Re: Operation Tulsa III 07-18-2008

    Yep....having gotten us going we got hit hard! Just after I had landed the helo, my game crashed and so that was that for me!

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      Re: Operation Tulsa III 07-18-2008

      You didn't miss much, we moved onto the next town, then a novice driver slammed his truck into a wall and game over. We did have plenty of good rounds tonight though.


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        Re: Operation Tulsa III 07-18-2008

        Yeah it was awesome playing with you guys. Too bad my pc got BSOD in insurgency mission a couple of times, so i gave up.




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