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Insurgency -> Domination 7/27-28

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  • Insurgency -> Domination 7/27-28

    I didn't play on insurgent threat, but understand it failed again. I witnessed three ground troops walking way too close to a car. The car exploded on them. That is not good.

    I did play on the first three side missions of Domination, which became increasingly amazing as the night went on. Highlights included:

    - Accidental premature takedown of a ridgline radio tower in which the evac UH60 was destroyed along with the entire crew and squad in the blast. Sad end to a very succesful mission.

    - Amazing coordinated assault on an armor depot in the mountains near Eponia. It took quite some time to coordinate and gather our three firesquads on a U-shaped ridge above the compound, but once initiated the ~10 minute barrage was a sight to behold.

    Lessons learned:

    - When faced with a high population, communications must be strict: only Squad Leaders, Commanders and Pilots should be using side chat. Squads should resort to direct comms or group chat if available.

    - When destroying radio towers, remember the blast radius includes the airspace surrounding the towers.

    - Side missions can be more fun and more rewarding in Domination

    - Domination revive mod seems to eliminate player tags/markers, which I think hinders groupwork. On the real battlefield, you would see these on the GPS.

    - I love night missions, but I still prefer to use NV goggles

    Great job to all. Looking forward to lots more action on the server!

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    Re: Insurgency -> Domination 7/27-28

    I like the use of flares instead of NVGs because it reinforces your need to rely on the group to survive, but I do feel it's not terribly realistic at this point in history.

    I would suggest we alternate NVG and no NVG missions. Running without NVGs keeps the group together and on it's toes, and once it is working together well, running with NVGs will make it that much more dangerous, provided people stick to their guns.


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      Re: Insurgency -> Domination 7/27-28

      The funny thing is that we were waiting to pull away from the radio tower, get a nice view from a safe distance away, and then remote det the munitions. That would have looked great, but someone got a little premature with the clicky-boom button. I have to say, though, that as the flaming helicopter smashed into the valley below, we were all laughing like loons.

      I'm digging the night ops w/o NV gear. With a full moon rising, you have enough time to run a few missions, and the atmosphere is really amazing. A line of troops walking across a granite slab becomes a greytone work of art, and fire adds a very nice splash of color and depth to the view. The flares add a nice touch too. Very Vietnam.

      When you limit yourself to no NVG, no player markers, and Directional speech, night ops become a primer in teamwork, as FrankManik noted above. We had a conga line moving through pitch blackness based on Directional speech and map headings, and we all made it to the RP.




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