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30.07.08 aar

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  • 30.07.08 aar

    Some Awesome games tonight. From Beta's new missions, which look ace so far, to the TvT insurgency map we had a few rounds on! Lots of TvT stuff tonight actually, all on server one, which was a nice change, and i think we introduced some new people to TG....But there was a flip side, a little more disorganised than normal, and a few TK and run issues. Had an awesome round of the insurgency map yet again,this time approaching from a whole new direction (literally), and but for a friendly fire incident with Bamboo (i ran in from of his m16) i may have survived. Most people underestimate this mission,there are 50+ bad guys, its crazy, i think one of my favs, and i WILL beat it some day. Sam got a good screenshot that i hope he will post of all of us and our assets forming p for tha assault. Must get a good reliable program to take good screenshots actually.....

    But the usual thanks has to go to Beta, Bamboo, Blackdog, Grunt, all the guys who always step up and make it happen!

    One question, why are we not nominating people for ribbens?

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    Re: 30.07.08 aar

    I fell out a window on Insurgency, did get one screenshot though.


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      Re: 30.07.08 aar

      Last night was great, i am glad we did some TVT missions other than human shield, i especially liked the assault on Preceinct (sp?) 14 even though i died early bc of the cold war guard towers that should be taken down, I hope to play that one again and i hope we get to try that BHD COOP 20 mission soon.

      Great teamwork, and all around great fun, and it was nice to be using mics and to be communicating with one another as a team/fire team/squad.

      Great Job Guys!!!

      I also learned some valuable SL particularly that the overall commander of the mission should never take point.
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        Re: 30.07.08 aar

        Damn ive missed that one. Please guys, dont do anything too cool when im not at my home lol


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          Re: 30.07.08 aar

          Yep, we need to find out if that Insurgent Mission is bugged as I am sure we cleared all of the enemy yet still the game didnt end! It was a disappointing end to what had been an excellent round!

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            Re: 30.07.08 aar

            Try this Screenshot tool Jeepo.

            I have used it for about 6 years. I believe it was created by a guy who played Tibia (online massive multiplayer), as I did.

            I had removed it at one point, and a fansite's link did not work anymore, so a friend gave me this link.

            I have to say, it's a pretty good tool that allows you to stay in game and not jump out the game to go to photoshop (or other such image area), to paste your copy via the more traditional prt scrn (copy) and move to another folder (paste) method. Though a noticable difference on PR as opposed to Tibia, is that the shutter stalls the game on screen for a second (this didnt happen in Tibia), and it's damned near impossible to take a shot of you taking a shot in a flurry of diving and raising sites, as it were (as well as a ticket to the dead list). Failing that though, because it just creates a picture (jpeg or other) you can hit the designated key till your hearts content, and look at the pictures you like later, in the file.

            So in short, this is a good screenshot tool for gamers, but because it stalls like some cameras do when taking a picture (only in PR I noticed it, I can't speak for BF2 as I don't play much anymore, and there was no stall in a game like WoW, I used to play) I would say it is not so good for taking 'action shots' when facing off an oponent (besides your fingers are busy elsewhere on the keyboard).

            Anyway, it's a basic download at the bottom of the page and you need to use 'prt scrn' for full-screen shots, by all accounts. Nothing more to it really. You can allocate where you want the pictures to go, too.





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