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07-31-2008 into 08-01-2008

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  • 07-31-2008 into 08-01-2008

    One memorable coop mission that we played last night, called 'Missionary', called upon special forces troops to sneak into Paraiso in near total darkness to destroy an enemy officer and training camp, then to get to a chopper for evac. The mission was particularly challenging due to several BMP-2 sentries posted around the area we needed to infiltrate.

    I volunteered to sneak up to two of the BMPs to try and place satchel charges for a coordinated simultaneous destruction event. Luckily, I was able to place the charges and regroup with my team while remaining undetected by the BMPs. I believe another team member was successful in placing charges next to other BMPs as well. Once everyone was ready, we touched off the bombs, eliminated some of the crewmen that bailed from the BMPs, and set up in a cemetery next to our target location.

    We were successful in assassinating the enemy officer and destroying the training camp, but sustained several casualties in the process. Then, when moving to evac, we crossed a road that was previously guarded by a BMP and a lone crewman that had remained undetected on our way in to the cemetery managed to kill at least one more of our team before we took him down and hightailed it to the evac point.

    Overall, I think we did a great job working together and I'm proud of the team's success despite the casualties we sustained.

    My lesson learned from this mission is that we should have been more careful in checking both sides of the road as best we could before crossing en route to the evac point.

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    Re: 07-31-2008 into 08-01-2008

    Yep this was the first time I have played this mission, yet I enjoyed it enormously, it really required some planning and teamwork between two squads and the guys I was leading did a great job, especially you Gabe as I still dont know how you were not detected crawling up to those BMP's.

    Well done sir, more of these style missions will be coming to our servers soon!

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