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08.09.2008: 3-Man Domination!

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  • 08.09.2008: 3-Man Domination!

    I'd just like to thank the three squad mates that stuck around after-hours on the 8th/9th tonight to do SIDE MISSIONS! I'd name names, but it's 4AM and I can't remember 2/3 of their kooky names. Oops!

    We managed to do two side missions before everyone else left (kill an officer, and demolish a building), which were a little clumsy but mostly intensely fun. We started off taking a blackhawk to the opposite end of the island (pilot's name starts with a B, darn it. He was squad-leader for the OPFOR silent assault earlier in the night), and in the process earned our wings when the blackhawk took HEAVY Shilka fire and managed to land in one piece. 90% damage and he still landed on a plateau the size of my foot!!

    We eliminated a ton of armor via smart gear load-outs and good recon, and only suffered one casualty. We almost lost it in the final minutes thanks to a sneaky officer (the one we were meant to kill) with a Makarova and a bad temper, but he was silenced via teamwork and smart movement.

    Our next objective was to eliminate an armored column in Paraiso, and demolish an enemy HQ. Things... didn't exactly go as planned. We had two amazing joint-fire AT attacks (we were down to 3 men at this point), but a surprise attack by T72 made us suffer our first major casualties. Eventually, we got in, did the dirty work, and packed it in for the evening.

    Two hours later, I finally left the server, after completing FOUR more side-missions and earning our early-morning gamers some nice kit: a FFAR-equipped Little Bird, FFAR-equipped Blackhawk, Harrier Air Attack, and SU34B Air Attack air vehicles! I then fulfilled my OCD complex by refueling, rearming, and repairing ALL vehicles on-base, and propelled two raids with my trusty M107.

    Speaking of the M107, no one ever told me just how GODLY it is. I took out an entire airbase with 50 M107 rounds and binoculars. No AT, no artillery, no machine gun. I just stood on a hilltop 1 kilometer away and dropped .50s like rain. I took out TWO BMPs like that!!

    Anyways, in closing, two things. A) Great games tonight!! and B) Please don't blow up my precious toys. I wasted a good night's sleep getting those!

    EDIT: Bisclaveret, Sorvete, and Ace King. Wonders what a good night's sleep will do!
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    Re: 08.09.2008: 3-Man Domination!

    Hehe, that was me. First time commanding, first time flying, hoping to get better at flying though. I had my mouse sensitivity pushed up all the way and that wasn't a good situation.

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