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  • Awards/Ribbons

    Whilst browsing the forums today after a rousing game of ARMA with Blackdog, Scope, Beta, Tito, Kit Pig, etc I realized something.
    I found it quite fun how in the Project Reality section of the forums they listed a weekly awards section detailing awards and such. The reason I mention this is I have not seen any awards related to ARMA in the short time I have been here but I have seen multiple for other games. I find this odd as I can remember numerous moments when playing missions where I was impressed with someones commanding or actions. ARMA has been the only game I can honestly say that really made me feel like there was teamwork. Playing comp in CAL, TGL and TWL was comparable but nowhere close in scope. Talking about some of the missions ends up sounding almost like you actually just came off of a real battlefield.

    So, I being the hypocritical newb posting about the fact that more people should try mentioning award worthy actions(whilst not having done that myself) suggest a similar system be implemented for ARMA. Wherein, at least every two weeks we make a serious effort to discuss memorable missions and ensure that some people get mentioned/awards/ribbons(Blackdog, grunt, beta, Tito for blinding drive, etc). If anything we can at least award most Swedish player of the week and most likely to remove fuzzy thing on the end of the mic awards.

    I know it may be silly but I think that stuff like this serves to both promote teamwork/good behavior and the sense of fun.

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    Re: Awards/Ribbons

    Yep, I agree with you.

    But I think everyone can do it, in the awards/ribbons forum: here

    I really just don't know if the nominations are only for specific events, or just to reward some long time recognized players.
    So I never did a nomination, even seeing that some guys should be rewarded for they good work, and the fun they bring to the server.

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      Re: Awards/Ribbons

      More specifically, please post nominations in the Submit Nominations forum.

      The nominations are then put forward to the admins governing the game for which the nomination is written. Nominations can be for specific one-time events or for sustained merit over time. Please see this post for some guidlines on writing a nomination. The more detailed and specific a nomination is, the better chance it has of being approved.

      By all means, get to writing those nominations. I'm sure in ArmA as in PR, there are many numerous actions and activities taking place that deserve a ribbon. The only hurdle is in writing the nomination.


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        Re: Awards/Ribbons

        Well you could pretty much have a weekly award for Grunt, Beita and BlackDog as of late those are the three that routinely step up and command. Last night though sc+pe did a good job as commander so a big thumbs up to him for that.


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          Re: Awards/Ribbons

          Yep this is anoher area we are going to try and improve guys and I already have some reports I need to write.

          I always find it useful to have a pad and pen by the PC, so that when something happens I can make a quick note. Then post game you can go back and write a couple more details, then in the next day or so you can write up a clear nomination.

          I think this is very important as we will start to build as a group a core respect for each other recognised by the only method we have available; Ribbons

          Let's get the submissions rolling guys!

          And well done Scope you did well last night.

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            Re: Awards/Ribbons

            With PR, it is partly becuase of their huge player base, and because the IHS post the majority of ribbon nominations.

            Look for the link in my sig though if you feel someone should be nominated for a ribbon. If someone submits, the admins vote on it, and it will be posted. Voting takes a while though, so don't expect it to be given out in like 24 hours or something. :D


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              Re: Awards/Ribbons

              I agree with Blackdog, this is definitely something that we will work on, I have a list as long as my arm for people who deserve nominations, and plan to get them written aftet the weekend, its about time we started to show the proper appreciation for our folks!


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                Re: Awards/Ribbons

                mmmm ribbons. they are like cookies for the army.

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                  Re: Awards/Ribbons

                  In reality, we have been doing well with awards in the past. The nominations that come in are sometimes feast or famine, but they are coming in. We would definitely like the community to submit more, hence we can award more.
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