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Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

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  • Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

    G L O R I A

    or not ...

    (This is going to be a bit longer, as I see now after I wrote it up.)

    I think last night I had at least the funniest arma game ever, and definitely one of the most exciting ones as well.

    Our platoon started out on the southern part of Sahrani with Beta as the platoon commander. BlackDog and regularly changing people were the squad leaders for the 4 sections (even though a 54 ppl mission, we were 25 at best times, I think. If this is ever gonna be played with 54 people, it will be super-awesome.). BlackDog was as always a formidable squad leader.

    Our objectives were on the northern half of the island, platoon lead decided we were to clear out the part east of Corazol first. So we hopped onto our trucks and off we went. After a short stop at the bagle shop in Somato, we went straight to hell. BlackDog's squad was tasked to move into Modesta from the south west. When the other sections got under fire from Modesta, we had to help them out by engaging the town, which turned out to be fatal for all but two squad members (Naco and me). We retreated to a nearby barn and held position until the lead was somewhat gathered again and then moved due south for Gaula, where platoon HQ had been set up. I can say that the fight at Modesta was incredibly intense, espcially when one after the other of the mates went down.

    From Gaula we started attacking east, and this is were the "fun" started. Meanwhile the chopper, trying to bring in reinforcements seemed to have quite some problems with the enemy AA, which were high priority for us to find and engage. The first incredible thing happened when we were advancing to Bajo Valor and encountered a BRDM on the middle of the road. It had not spotted us, but we were down to a single AT tube. The AT gunner moved in closer to get on a nearby hill for a clean shot. Only to lag out when he was just on top of the hill. Not enough, a joker from another section began to fire his M249 onto the BRDM (one of the sections with no clear lead). This was one of the wrongest things I have seen on TG. We were 10 people lying in the grass, waiting for orders and hoping not to be spotted and this rocker opens up on armor with small rounds. WTF? Of course the BRDM started firing back but to our luck remained at its position. Remains to say that the only casualty we (gladly) took from this encounter was the joker himself, who kept firing and firing and finally got wasted himself. The incredible lack of common sense really astonished me.

    So we retreated back to Plt HQ where we set up again, this time BD was back with us but our squad had been much reduced due to disconnects. We pushed east again, being covered by an M1A1 (which ended up getting destroyed two times), but the resistance was still too strong so that we retreated back to Gaula. Of course there was a person who knew better, running around in front, wanting to take whole OPFOR on by himself. Our platoon lead stated he was beyond getting annoyed, so the guy became something like a running gag.

    The next attack was successful then, so that we were able to advance to Everon. After that was cleared with just a small amount of resistance, BD's squad took position on a nearby hill. We spotted another SAM site and due to our lack of AT tubes, the tank was ordered to attack the BRDM. First, the tank got very precise instructions on the whereabouts of the BRDM, even a nice red marker on the map. Instead of moving there, they thought it might be a good idea to see what we do if they open fire with their MG on us on top of that hill -- taking one of our men down. The queen was not amused, that's for sure. I got that recorded with Fraps, it was incredible. We sat on the hill, looking down at that SAM site waiting for the tank to attack ... and suddenly we have bullets all over us whizzing through the air. Boy ... The tank was ordered back a bit and directed by Beta to the BRDM. When they stood 5 meters in front of it, just a ridge seperating the two, we thought: Now he got him. The tank slowly moves up the ridge, slowly moves on, slowly moves 1 meter beside the BRDM past it, slowly moves on way behind it ... say what?! If there was a ROFLMAO animation in Arma, we all had been using that one at that time. The tank was completely clueless and after ordered to turn around, they spotted the BRDM standing 20 meters behind them and finally opened up on it.

    After that, we only moved on to the last objective in the vicinity and then ended the mission. To this point, we had been playing 5 or 6 hours and the mission was *far* from over.

    Other "funny" things were BD kicking Grunt by mistake (of course screenshot'ed) and Grunt getting leg-shot by FF when moving in front of an attack line (fraps'ed ;-)).

    As for the mission itself: Absolutely great, unlike Domination, where enemies can be expected only where the red circles are. Here you need to watch your step. Knowledge about enemy presence is limited. Of course with the usual style, one-shot AT tubes, limited ammo, no paradropping or similar. All in all, I think the game was okay for having been played on server one. But that is with me having been in the squad of one of the most capable squad leaders. I might have gotten annoyed pretty badly if it had been some random hot shot, who temporarily seemed to have been leading squads.

    Next time on server 2, it will be an absolute blast (alas, maybe with less funny stuff going on). I am really looking forward to this, hoping for a bit more of these kind of missions than Domination all the time.

    I will see what I can post of the FF by the tank and their holy search for the evil BRDM, it was hilarious.

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    Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

    As chopper pilot I had a couple of successful flights both into and out of the AO. But for the most part the SAMS were just too much. 5 times I was shot out of the sky. Each time I was flying at 5-10 meters off the deck. Disconcerting to say the least.

    Oh...I didn't realize I was hit by friendly fire...that makes sense now. I thought we had an order to advance and I started moving through the brush towards the town. Only after I was shot in the legs did I realize I was in front of the line. I thought we had all moved in together...

    This mission was one of the best I've played in a while. It's long but I loved the dynamic nature of the enemy. One time when my FT was on line and facing Everon we had a sizable enemy force swoop in behind us and engage us from behind. Caught us all by surpise...phun that spells fun.
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      Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

      Sounds like a good time.
      Maybe we could give it another go tonight, been really looking forward to this one.


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        Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

        The mission definately worked out great.

        I agree the SAMs were a bit overpowering, part of that is because of the random positioning of them, part of that was because we were reliant on the chopper for reinforcements. Mistake on my part, sorry about that, next time I command this mission, I think I will make use of an ICV at first, then switch to the helo once we can confirm one of the AA sections has been eliminated.

        Things went pretty well, I didn't notice any lag, until people started joining every 5 seconds. Locked the server for a few minutes, and it cleared up. The mission ended due to a server crash ... I would like to try this mission again to find out if the mission is causing the crash, or if it was just "it's time" if you know what I mean.

        In the latest, I further dialed back the SAM range to 2.5km from 3km. I didn't really want an Iron Wall of air defense, just an EXTREMELY strong deterrent from flying on top of your objective. I think the SAMs are more than adequate for that purpose, I think Grunt would agree ;)

        Thanks to everyone for being patient, it was difficult to say the least to get things organized and moving. I could definately see the change in the players however, they feared the long wait at base it seemed. Much less gung ho, they weren't as aggressive as in your typical Domination session. As far as the vehicle respawn times, it seemed to be perfect IMO. We lost one chopper early on, the second one was damaged, by the time it was repaired (and destroyed again) they 1st chopper was respawned.

        Still don't know how to effectively use tanks coupled with infantry however ... can't seem to keep both happy when they are near each other. Either the tanks are too close and get destroyed easily, or are too far away and get bored and drive in. Maybe now that we have a mission that incorporates tanks into an infantry platoon, I will be able to get an idea on how to use them properly.

        I look forward to seeing some other people take up the lead on this mission, there are sooo many ways you can approach it, I took only one approach. You can attack the enemy in ANY way you see fit, flank the to the far west, try landing behind them somewhere, attempt to blitz past towards the northern coast. So many choices.

        The dynamic nature of the enemy will guarantee this mission will not play out the same way twice. If this ever does get put up on Server 2, I could see it being a compliment to Domination, a more "hardcore" domination really. Same style of gameplay, much more stringent rules, and a MUCH less forgiving enemy.

        Look forward to playing it again, especially v107 .. new and improved!


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          Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

          Sounds like you guys had great fun, can't wait to get stuck into it, the one chance I have had to play the mission was excellent, so any tweaks can only improve on it.


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            Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

            Wow!Must say I love the feel of this mission.Beta think you did a great job on this.Unfortunatly I could just play 40 min. of it due to the server crash we had and because the server was locked and I could not connect.

            Would love to play this again!

            And BD you were a classic again with your comments on that crazy lads shooting at your squad---got me laughing like crazy!!!!

            |TG| Eugene
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              Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

     was .........EMOTIONAL!


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                Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

                It was an interesting mission and I have to say it was rather fun even though we had a couple of less tactically gifted people join the server. BD was a good squad leader as usual and it was a pleasure to be in his squad. I had a good time hanging out with Bert as I often ended up next to him; which seemed to work out rather well(I have since adopted him as a good luck charm and have decided to stand next to him whenever we are in combat...). No offense directed at the tank but that ff/bdrm hunting incident was priceless, it seemed more like slapstick comedy than a serious effort. All in all an interesting mission that I think would work better if it was on the pw server. Thanks for the hard work in making the map Beta.


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                  Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

                  That was fun, but it was a jumpy mission from the get-go. I got to take over for BD for a little bit as he fixed his commo issues. Bad luck. I watched the M249 v. BDRM unfold, even though myself and pretty much everyone else on the line asked the guy to stop. Bad decision. At least Karmic justice worked for once.

                  The AT guy losing connection just as he reached his firing point was another bad twist of fate.

                  Watching blackhawk after blackhawk get blown from the sky wasn't helping any either.

                  In spit of all the adversity, bad luck, and poor form, however, the core group of players that night kept good morale and worked to overcome every obstacle in the way. We've had some really good, tense missions of late, and the level of play is just getting better and better.


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                    Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

                    I would say the unpredictability of the AIs made that a good, replayable mission. They popped up in unexpected places, and I saw them attack our rear three different times. The first time, I was watching the rear until someone told me, 'Xenios, stop watching south, they won't come from that direction.' A minute after I turned away, I was shot in the back from the south. Lesson: someone always has to watch the rear, even if you think it's clear. I also had the bad luck to be the victim of UH60 crashes twice. After repairing the chopper two times, I had to wonder why we were even bothering with them.

                    Unfortunately, we had our least capable players in the tank. In good hands, the Abrams could have turned things around, but as it was the tank was more of a liability. Tanks are half-blind without infantry to guide and protect them. Armor should hang back using its range advantage and let the infantry pick out targets and screen it from enemy AT. Our tankers last night couldn't find close targets marked on the map and with a given compass heading. And they kept racing ahead without support.

                    I liked the one-shot AT weapons--it made for a tense moment when we were anticipating an attack by 2 or 3 T-72s, and I knew that the best I could hope for was to detrack one tank. I'm looking forward to trying that mission again--we still have a score to settle with those AIs since the server crashed prematurely. (I think if we had been up against Arma II's improved AI last night, we really would have gotten knocked around.)


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                      Re: Gloria, oh Gloria ... Mon, 25.8.2008

                      That sounds like an ideal version of this VR simulation -- unpredictable enemy is a key component for real-world simulation (and just plain fun) -- even the unpredicability of lag and such.

                      Looking forward to joining in.




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