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Operation Tandag 29/08/08

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  • Operation Tandag 29/08/08

    Had a great mission on Beta's operation. It started with sector taking platoon command with Sgt.mays and emale as medics. Great to see Doctor Strangelove back at TG! Beta took command of alpha section, while I took command of bravo, even though I was a bit rusty!

    Once the mission got started, alpha set of on their rallypoint run, while bravo was tasked with destroying an OpFor convoy that was vital to our mission, if it got through, OpFor would have access to their armour, and we were very limited in our AT abilities. Alpha got visual on the convoy first, and bravo moved into position just in time, set up some satchels and our lone AT guy got ready. About only one minute later, the convoy was hit. Congrats to my squad, they reacted very well, we had virtually no set up time, but it was a perfectly executed snap ambush, in about 6 seconds all enemies were down.

    Alpha then moved on, while we waited for the command element to move up and we rearmed before moving on to our OP. Upon reaching our OP we spotted to roving enemy patrols, one to our east and one west, to which the guys reacted brilliantly, splitting into to small fireteams to keep eyes on as we kept losing the patrol as it wandered in the trees, but all showed good play by waiting out to reacquire.

    By this stage alpha was pretty much ready north of Tandag, and when everyone was ready, we all engaged. Our eastern patrol was dispatched quickly, and gogeta's fireteam done well to find and destroy the western patrol. All then showed good discipline to wait for our command element to reform on us, dispatching another enemy patrol to our easy. Once rearmed, we prepared to move into the city. Alpha had been wiped out by now, with the exception of one soldier who was down injured and in urgent need of assistance.

    We moved in to a stack up position, and got ambushed to our west. The squad reacted brilliantly, with a huge wait of fire and grenades returnes, and all enemies dispatched. We then pushed east to the enemy armour staging area. Once the machine gunners were dispatched from their statics, 3 guys went forward to lay satchels on the 4 manned BMP's. Was certainly a little disconcerting watching the enemy guns tracking is but having no armour to fire. We then fell back and blew them, kill all the crew that made it out. Just as this happened, the lone survivor of alpha came under attack from 5 enemy, and done great in dispatching them all, we double timed towards his position, hitting the enemy in the rear and routing them, before our medic administered first aid to the casualty and we returned to base.

    Sadly, it was mission failed, apparantly we forgot to blow something up, but I think my squad done exceptionally, made my job very easy and fun, and we didn't lose a single man. Sorry I can't remember all the guys, but props to:
    And beta for the mission, can't wait for more! Sorry for the names I missed, you all done great, but it was a late night for me!

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    Re: Operation Tandag 29/08/08

    Operation Tandag 29/08/08
    Platoon Leader: Sector_15504

    This was Sector_15504's (what does that moniker mean?) first time in the role of Platoon Leader, and he did a superb job of planning, communication, and coordination.

    Jeepo and Beta perfomed equally well as Squad leaders. I was PL medic, along with Sgt_Mays. Medics remained with the PL and moved the ammo trucks forward once Bravo Overwatch was secure. We lost Sgt_Mays to enemy fire in the first ambush. I saw him get hit about forty feet to my left (between me and the enemy position). Both I and the PL were also in the line of fire and things could have ended right there for the mission. One other soldier required medical attention after this enagement.

    An early dialogue between the PL and the SLs lead to the decision to keep the two medics with the PL. While it may have gone well with both medics embedded in the squads, as things turned out we had one medic left alive to rescue the wounded SL, Beta.

    I was also almost hit when I stuck my head out the door to watch the enemy BMP's be turned into scrap metal. As soon as the BMP's blew up we were under fire from multiple enemy guns. I heard the PL laughing as I ran back inside our building ducking for cover.

    Staying at the rear of the PL required constant attention so as to maintain sit rep. Generally speaking, medics need to keep their distance from the enemy and, as an old TG friend used to say, be the last to die.

    The long waiting and lack of opportunity to engage the enemy paid off when I finally reached the wounded SL, Beta, and put one of those colourful SpongeBob Squarepants bandages on his booboo.

    It is noteworthy that as soon as Beta was wounded and behind enemy lines the PL made it very clear that we were going to get him back. This was a worthy decision, and increased the urgency of all subsequent actions.

    Excellent discipline on the comms was maintained by all.

    End of report. Images attached.

    The PL at Rest

    We all bleed red.

    Enemy Propaganda

    Two 5 Tons in Defensive Position

    Seen here are PL Sector_15504 (foreground) and Medic Sgt_Mays. Note how Mays had positioned the trucks so as to provide defensive cover against enemy ambush.

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      Re: Operation Tandag 29/08/08

      Good to have you back Emale :)


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        Re: Operation Tandag 29/08/08

        So what happens to the dead in this mission...seagull?


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          Re: Operation Tandag 29/08/08

          Ive been away this week. College just restarted and im off for the weekend. hopefully ill be back next week ;)

          Miss ya'll guys!

          -- I always wanted TG to be different than anyone else out there. We need to be unique in what we offer and how we play, if not we are simply competing with everyone else. --
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            Re: Operation Tandag 29/08/08

            I played in this one. I was in bravo squad and part of Gogeta's fireteam on the west. I spent a tense ten minutes or so watching the tree line trying to pick up a foot patrol that had moved away from my position. Overall, Bravo did very well, reacting quickly and effectively to an enemy fire and sticking together to get our wounded man out.


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              Re: Operation Tandag 29/08/08

              Yes, my first lead role in a mission did not end in complete success, but none the less, all the squads pushed hard and i thank them deeply for it....

              and yes, i most likely should not have gone into battle like that, but I would be damned before I leave a stranded Truffen in a bush to die, Leave No Man Behind!




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