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High Mountains 6 Sept 2008

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  • High Mountains 6 Sept 2008

    Just got finished with about three hours worth of coop up in some hills. Second time I've participated in the mission. The game stuck me in Bravo Squad 1IC, which wasn't completely full to begin with - I got most of the JIP players. Always makes for a fun mission, but fortunately we did have icons so folks could figure out where other were. I was in a evening/night Gloria earlier this week and the nav problems were mind boggling. I was not gruntled. At any rate, we climbed up a hill, assaulted a tower and took it out, and then Alpha moved into an overwatch position on some enemy in the valley below. I misunderstood Bamboo and let my squaddie blow the tower at his discretion, resulting in alerted infantry below us and an interesting hike across some hilltops. We eventually got into position overlooking two or three squads of infantry... I have no idea of what Alpha thought of this delay but I am grateful for their patience. We spent the next thirty or so minutes running along the ridge line engaged in a battle with a fair number of squads below us and, twice, squads that worked their way up the hilltop to engage us.

    We worked our way down to the first of two roadblocks after laying siege to it from above. Bravo Squad than got to set up a blocking force whilst Alpha ran around behind us (!) and cleared out another tower as well as some type of AA vehicle. We started moving out to the second roadblock and conducted a very good envelopment operation on it... One of the best engagements in the entire mission. No casualties, in spite of the one major error that I saw - the squads engaged the enemies 180 degrees from each other. We moved on towards the town where E-Male and Eugene got taken out by a BMP. We worked our way through town, managing not to spend 15 minutes clearing the forest in the center, and captured the repair vehicles. I sent them off to the helicopter and had a crew take a five ton back to pick up Alpha but I don't think that they ever made contact.

    Helicopter repaired, we launched off to the highest tower and conducted a air assault with the help of Zeno, who was the pilot. We engaged another tower from our vantage point and then got Zeno to drop us off in the valley below. My plan was to take the second to last tower on foot whilst Zeno picked up Alpha and ferried them to the last one. Unfortunately, there was some type of mishap and the helicopter crashed. We took the second to last tower, destroyed it, and took up position to engage the last tower. I offered Alpha the chance to work their way their on foot whilst we supported (I had a full squad but Alpha was spread over half a kilometer and their SL, Beta, was AFK). From our vantage point, we watched someone who had spawned at the main come driving up in a Humvee, engage some Opfor at the tower, and destroy it singlehandedly.

    I'd like to commend my medics, Andriy and E-Male, for jobs well done... Para did good work with his rifle as well. In fact, the squad did well, especially after we managed to get joined up and acting as a unit. Thanks to Bamboo, Beta, and Grunt for excellent jobs as well. My squad 2IC (Viper) did good as well until he left. My apologies if I've messed the names and/or positions up.

    Overall, lots of fun and I had the good fortune of a good squad as well!


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    Re: High Mountains 6 Sept 2008

    Definately a fun mission. I came in as mg in the middle of the mission I would guess and then my router/modem had a fit and I had to reconnect. To my great suprise(and happiness) I found the sniper slot empty. So finally I had a real chance to try GMJ Sight Adjustment in a mission(its a bit of an adjustment, but all in all its a nice mod).

    There were some awesome engagements like Barnicle said. It was rather impressive to obeserve the attack on the main enemy city(name?) from my overwatch postion. Relatively few casualties assualting the city from what I saw last time we played this mission. Highligt for me was the envelopment of roadblock 2, watching the attack on the city and removing 2 of the snipers on the roof from a distance>1.2k with 2 shots.

    Nice Squad leading by BoD as he kept us all in line ;) . Bamboo did a good job at being CO until his pc locked up.


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      Re: High Mountains 6 Sept 2008

      I apologize for that Barnacle, my computer and I were not getting along and so froze up. By the time i got back in there were no spaces left. I am looking forward to another large mission tonight.

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        Re: High Mountains 6 Sept 2008

        BarnacleofDoom and Enemy BMP (High Mountains 6 Sept 2008)

        Dr. E-Male, Medic -- AAR

        I joined in the middle of the assault. The first thing I saw was a Humvee drive out the main base without confirming with the SLs if anyone needed pickup. After a quick message to command the Humvee was ordered to RTB and eventually I was joined with Eugene as his gunner (Eugene was not the individual who drove out of the main base without confirmation from Command).

        Eugene was an excellent driver and we provided cover fire has Alpha and Bravo advanced through the woods towards a village occupied with enemy squads and an active enemy BMP. Before the assualt began, coordinated by BarnacleofDoom, I suggested to BofD that our teammates do not position directly in front of our Humvee, so as to avoid friendly fire. This suggestion was relayed to fireteams and maintained with occasional reminders from BofD. At this point we engaged the enemy from a distance of 1,000+ feet (mere dots in my sights). It was quite a thrill to be gunning in the Humvee, a guilty pleasure as a Medic, as I was putting myself in harm’s way.

        A few minutes into this engagement I made a very foolish decision when I asked my driver to move forward twenty feet so my line of fire cleared a hill at our 12 o’clock. I should never have had us move forward while the enemy BMP was still active. We took a few direct hits from small arms fire and then the BMP took us out. I was thrown clear of the Humvee, knocked unconscious and shortly revived by another medic. As is often the case, lust for a kill over took common sense and friendly casualties were the result.

        Throughout the entire operation I was never clear who my fireteam leader was – I should have spoken up and asked for clarification. As we moved into the village I deployed next to BofD, as this remains one of the best positions for a combat medic, near enough to the SL to provide cover on the six, ensure a safe position for the medic, and maintain sit rep for rapid response to any injured soldiers.

        I subsequently provided medical services in the field to two other wounded soldiers.

        It should be noted that BarnacleofDoom demonstrated excellent communication and leadership skills. Between operations he brought the squad to order and provided proper briefings. Discipline was maintained and all mission goals accomplished.

        There remain some SOP issues and instances of poor communication and leadership practices (unrelated to BarnacleofDoom) which will be written up in the ArmA general forum at a later date. In summary, courtesy and professionalism must be the guiding SOP.

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          Re: High Mountains 6 Sept 2008

          Was a great mission. Kudos to those who lead. Did an outstanding job.

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