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First Time as Platoon Leader (Gloria Sept 8)

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  • First Time as Platoon Leader (Gloria Sept 8)

    Arrived at Base HQ around 21:00 with my assignment as PL, my first crack at platoon leader in the ArmA theatre. Had considerable assistance from Beta, without whom I would have been quite lost. Beta took the role of SL for Alpha section 1, around 8 men. Beta organized his men and loaded the 5 ton with ammo while I plotted our attack of Gaula and Bajo Valor, East of Corazol. My notes are incomplete, but my best regards to the many men who joined in the action.

    By the time we secured Gaula I had under my command Beta's Section one and a Jav team lead by the very capable Vector. The key to any battle is the squad leaders, and I knew enough to delegate and let them do their jobs.

    After the men secured Gaula I moved the command post forward from the outskirts of Corazol and sent the Jav team North and Alpha team East, to secure Bajo Valor.

    Foolishly, I remained in the open (and alone) at Command (Gaula), which made me an easy target for a lone enemy infantry. As soon as I was wounded and incapacitated Beta took the initiative and properly took command of the operation (a very astute move). Alpha resecured Gaula and I returned in a 5 ton, with Barnacle of Doom at the wheel.

    Meanwhile, Beta was knocked offline, so I put Barnacle in charge of Alpha (Section one). Fortunately, Beta had his men well organized and guarding the perimeter of Gaula, so Barnacle had no trouble taking over and reacquiring Bajo Valor.

    By 21:00 we had cleared the Bajo valley of enemy and I was recalled by central command.

    A few notes

    Beta was excellent at providing concise Sit Reps.

    Vector's mic tends to clip out making comm difficult, but not impossible.

    I need a better methodology for using air transport. Still green on the role and availability of paradrop. Sector_15554 did provide a solution to the issue but I need it repeated for my notes.

    Use of comm gets awkward when individuals speak to me BUT do not identify themsleves. We must always be clear on whom we are speaking to, as voice and face recognition in the field are very weak (and by me). SOP for comms require identfying oneself AND the individual to whom you are requesting comms.

    Perhaps the solution to getting people into the field from Base is to delegate the entire matter of transportation to the available pilot.

    All in all, an interesting challange and one I look forward to meeting and eventually mastering.


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    Re: First Time as Platoon Leader (Gloria Sept 8)

    Great AAR E-male. I had to bail out at the start of the mission. I thought I might return later but didn't. Happy to see you in the lead spot.

    The great thing about this mission is the sheer options it allows. I love seeing how different commanders plan and execute their strategy on this map. I've yet to PL lead on this but I'll step up soon.
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      Re: First Time as Platoon Leader (Gloria Sept 8)

      You did an outstanding job for being your first time as Platoon lead E-male. I was the medic that got attached to the Jav squad. You kept calm, told us what you wanted and defered to Beta when you went down. Thats all we need. You will gain confidince and refine things I'm sure.

      I had a good time in Jav squad coordinating with Alpha section to draw out and take down the armour. We work from Hill 146 alot. It seemed to be great postion to watch Bajo Valor and Modesta. As we were returning to Gaula from the hill to re-arm the Javeline we encountered a 4 man patrol on the outskirts of Modesta. Viper had us line up on them from the hill side, the MG opened up (Rahual I think?) and as the lead flew I dropped a perfectly placed 40mm shell on their doorstep (however in the time it took my shell to land 3 of the 4 were already down :row__635:).

      We then proceded to overwatch on hill 146 as it was still an active location.
      We returned to hill 146, first by re-securing a now vacant Bajo Valor and preceding north to the hill. We were then tasked with shifting to Modesta to verify enemy contact there. Viper had us set up again in a similar location that we encountered the enemy patrol. After a few minutes I was able to locate three enemy infantry just outside a church. Viper had me hold position (a dead medic is no good) while him and two others approached the church. Once in position the number of contacts grew to 10! Once they opened fire, while I watched their flanks, even more infantry engaged them. They held their ground at first and once the firing died down they pushed forward to clear the town. No casualties. As they returned to my position a two man patrol was seen moving on their postion from the south of Modesta. At this point I was joined by one of the squad members, the two of us engaged the patrol as we couldn't risk them flanking our returning squad mates. We managed to down one of the enemy and wound the second.

      We were then called to provide AT for Alpha squad now further east. Once at the hill (Anthony?) engaged a SAM site far to our east. This served to draw out a T72 and 4 crewman. Alpha was set up somewhere to our east in the hills. As soon as the T72 was hit by the javeline, Alpha squad erupted and droped all 4 crewman ( looked and sounded great from the hill).

      At this point the Jav team needed to re-arm and I called it a night. It was intense fighting and the coordination needed in vet mode is huge. Great time and thanks to all who stepped up to lead and those who followed orders.


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        Re: First Time as Platoon Leader (Gloria Sept 8)

        Long Bow, that squad member that joined you was myself. I need to work on long range marksmanship with iron sights.

        It was an interesting night. Dropped into the server as part of Viper's Bravo/Jav team - assistant automatic rifleman, actually - and found myself helping E-Male and a couple of others load AT into a five ton. Then drove the five ton to Guala and hustled off to join Viper and company. Not long after arriving, E-Male was on the radio and I got moved back to Alpha section in Guala. It took me a few minutes to find out who was in the squad and where they were but we got moving east. Static was quite helpful throughout. Shortly after we got to the marker labeled 'Proposed OP' in E-Male's post, Beta arrived back and I briefed him and headed off to Viper's squad.

        Hooked up with Longbow and fired the first few shots of the evening for me, after about 45 min on the server, at the two man patrol that he mentioned. We headed back to Bajo Valor, then to Guala, where Viper had to leave due to PC issues - video card, I think. I drove the truck east to pick up Beta and company in Everon, and then we turned around and headed back to Bajo, picked up the fresh arrivals from the helicopter LZ, and drove on to Guala. We established a position on Hill 101 south of Modesta and moved into the town to clear and occupy it.

        At this point, I had to call it a night... nice work leading, E-Male, and as usual TG provided an entertaining evening!


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          Re: First Time as Platoon Leader (Gloria Sept 8)

          Sorry Barnacle, I recognised the voice but thought you were off with Alpha leading it still. It was really a great mission just playing around the Guala area, so much to do.


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            Re: First Time as Platoon Leader (Gloria Sept 8)

            yea sorry about not understanding who was PL, i thought he was at the front line and could not hear me because of the ArmA JIP comms bug...

            none-the-less, still a good job for a first try....




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