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Comms and Squad Cohesion (Sept 12)

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  • Comms and Squad Cohesion (Sept 12)

    Misc Notes:

    Reading the threads and rejoining Arma after many months AWOL it is clear that comms remain a problem. Comms were slightly less a problem when we were using TeamSpeak, but they still need a solution. This solution may be more in the human element than in the technical side.

    There was great coordination last night during the planning and rollout phases (in the two rounds prior to midnight EST), with Grunt and Sgt Mays acting as platoon leaders.

    As others have observed, once the shooting starts squad cohesion and comm discipline devolve. I am not going to blame anyone, as this is no one individual's fault. I am going to make much more of an effort to take up the role of SL more often and return to the use of Alpha and Bravo fireteams and within my own squad work on better situation awareness, comm use, and squad cohesion.

    It was quite telling in the second major round (which ended just at midnight) that at one point the PL (or SL?) asked people to start pairing up. The round seem to progess with various individuals holding key overwatch positions and the remaining individuals acting as a mob in the center of the bridge/town defense. I could be misreading the collective behaviour. I myself had very little sit rep, saw little squad cohesion (perhaps only I was out of place?), and had great trouble hearing my SL's comms.

    Grunt may be quite pleased to note that at the opening round of the battle over the bridge and town someone on BlueFor said "He's (Grunt) gonna try some freaky stuff" by which the speaker meant that Grunt was going to be tactically smart and not rush headlong into obvious defensive positions.

    I find the TvT game play to be the most intellectually challenging except when the map has two opposing headquarters that are too close to each other -- then it plays out like a old BF2 battle -- running and dying, little tactical opportunities. I am not interested in night maps as the level of comm and squad/PL cohesion is not yet up to the challange.

    As Jeepo said at one point, step up as SL and you get to pick your men. I will start stepping up and pick those I know who are trained in fireteam SOPs and comm use and from there gain further knowledge of the new maps and tech issues.

    Made my first kill in TvT last night, much more satisfying to shoot a friend then an AI.

    I think the main challenges faced by TG's ArmA community are not technical but lie in the human element. Jeepo and Grunt and others are setting fine examples.



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