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Sunday Event 9/14/08

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  • Sunday Event 9/14/08

    What an awesome few games we had that day, it was somewhere near 25v25 with a buttload of good players who all listened to orders (atleast on my side) and tried their hardest...

    Me and Digital had lots of fun, first round as OpFor, we were both Engis and lied mines EVERYWHERE, I kept thinking god help the first person, friend or foe, to drive through town, because they were not going to make it.... Then we had fun plinking at the Recon team, and i finished out the round on a MG Nest and for the last 4 mins, me and a good chunk of BluFor shot it out through a tree.... awesome....

    2nd round, me and digital blew the bridge and were barricaded in a house in town across the street from the HQ, the plan was to stay there until they attacked and we would flank, but a wandering OpFor came into our house and spotted us, we shot our way out and were on the run and desperate... we jumped in the UAZ and started running around town until we rolled up on 4 OpFor who blew us up..... yea it seemed Rambo but we were on the run and trying to get out of there someway....

    Overall, i enjoyed the day and would be happy to do it again...

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    Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

    Just an idea for next time that kind of situation happens,
    You probably could have taken the UAZ, and driven into the valley, then west out side of it while under cover.

    Then you would have had a large MG to shoot down our helocopter.
    That UAZ coming up behind us was a bit scary, I was about to yell cease fire, until I realized it was blufor inside it. Then Xiathorn nailed it.

    Xiathorn nailed that Styker in the very begning as well. I was looking to the east and saw it pop out for a second, so we waited till it started going up hill and slowing down.

    Didn't look like it got blown up on the first shot, but it looks like it got disabled


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      Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

      A great event! Thanks to Grunt for setting it up!

      It seems I was running into Sector and bro all day long. I was the first guy to see the UAZ, "Boy, those guys are driving erratically... and those uniforms look funny...", but I managed to perform a panic dump which actually hit the gunner before the UAZ went up in flames.

      Earlier in the day I was pinned by Sector's MG, wounded and huddled by a fence post. They must have thought I was dead, but after I took out one member of the MG crew I got hosed with so many bullets that I respawned as a sieve in the company mess.

      I'm really glad we started doing ArmA events again. Thanks to the ShackTac boys for the assist. I ended up in a nearly all ST squad and was pleased with the no-nonsense leadership style and selfless teamplay.

      Hopefully we can replicate this more often. Thanks to everyone that played!


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        Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

        Thanks for posting up about your experience Sector and Tripper. You beat me to it and I'd like to invite all of the participants to post up a short (or long) recount of their experience during this organized event.

        I'd like to take this moment to thank all the players who participated in this event. From all accounts it sounds like team play was well coordinated and very organized. Not an easy task with 45 or so people anxious to get up and get into action. The server issue delayed our start by about 30 minutes or so but no one complained or lost their cool. Players remained in channel and let admins and organizers work the issue. I was very grateful for that and grateful for everyone's patience. The fact it was so is a credit to the players who waited so patiently while we sorted our server issues out.

        I'd also like to thank the ShackTac guys for participating in this event. They were a welcome addition to the ranks and I was doubly grateful to have some of them take up key positions such as command and transport slots. Special thanks to Dslyecxi and Xiathorn for managing the process on the ShackTac side.

        The first round found me serving as an Opfor rifleman in Section C, under Bamboo's able leadership. We were tasked to guard the bridge on the S flank. Our round was quiet as we experienced no major attacks on the bridge itself. We did have a couple of pushes from the West but they enemy focus was on the center of town. I was killed once by an infiltrator lodged on the 2nd floor of a house on the South Side of town.

        I commanded Blufor when we switched rounds. I had a plan involving two strykers that I had worked on for a few days. We got everyone assigned to positions and got our plan up and running very quickly. It was not to be however as the enemy had other ideas in mind. Very shortly after the map opened our plan was dashed and we had to regroup back at main and try again. We rebounded fairly quickly however and despite our initial setback we quickly regrouped and started attacking again.

        Upon regrouping we assembled all forces on the West of Obregon. From there we had mixed sections pushing in towards the outskirts of town. These units were supported by an M2 Stryker and an MK 19 Stryker. We met stiff resistance at this time but in the interim timd sent a small spec ops operation out to destroy the bridge.

        The infantry on the West side of town made slow progress but encountered fierce resistance at the farmhouses on the outskirts of town. I sent another squad in from the North to relieve the pressure but in the end, we simply ran out of time. Opfor did a great job defending the headquarters.

        I was killed once during the first round with no kills recorded on my end and I didn't fire a single shot nor was I fired at in the second round. I had my face buried in the map while commanding. In spite of that ( or perhaps because of that?) I have to say it was some of the most immersive gameplay I've played in a while. This event is a testament to the idea that scoring well individually doesn't give nearly as much satisfaction as seeing your team do well overall.

        Kudo's guys. We'll begin planning another one soon.
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          Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

          well the reason we decided to try to flank you guys in the UAZ was the chopper was just shot down within the minute, so if we came up behind you guys, your chopper pilot was down and transport would halt, if we could get as many shot and out of town as possible, we could rush in and seize the HQ.... atleast that was the plan, which Grunt OK'd because me and Digi had no options left, either die or take away an asset.... so we decided to go out in a bang and take as many as possible with us....

          and yea the first round when i jumped on the MG Nest for the last 5 mins of the game was crazy fun.... tracers WERE EVERYWHERE... and because of that tree, either side could only spam away hoping they would hit someone, I ran that thing dry, went through 4 belts spamming through that tree, hopping on and off because some of those shots were getting close to my face, like 1-3 inches, so u guys were getting close, as i believe so was i...

          GG tho, awesome games....

          EDIT: Yea, me and my bro tend to stick together, when we played America's Army, we were known as "The ****s(worse word for Poop)", because when one of us go through a hole, u know the other one is right behind...

          Brothers in combat, very hard to beat sometimes....
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            Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

            I was only around for the first round, it was still good though.

            I would like to start by apologizing to beta. At the start of that round it must have seemd like I was not listening to you but I was just a bit confused. At first I had been put into your Fire Team Section 1 Alpha, so the later instruction to be in Section 1 Bravo with Fuzzhead didn't rgister. Sorry. It also lead to the confusion later when I, along with another member of Bravo didn't follow you out of danger towards the East. Needless to say I ended up rejoining you via Stryker delivery.

            One thing that I, and I think a few other people found unusual (being used to playing vs AI) was the use of suppressive fire. The AI tends to ignore it but when it comes to human players it is much more effective. And of course, suppressive fire means ammo dissappears frighteningly quickly. I must commend those responsible (Jex, his medics and the Stryker teams) for getting ammo to us just when it was needed, considering no specific plan for logistics had been drawn up pre-game. Some excellent improvisation.

            It was Section 1 Bravo that ended up battling your MG emplacement near the end Sector. I'm sure other teams were too, but ours was behind a hill directly north of you. I guess it was you and a few others that launched the counterattck responsible for pushing us away from our RP at that farmhouse. You certainly copped me, but i think you also got Fuzzhead. A few minutes after my demise the round was over....well done OpFor.


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              Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

              yea davies, i popped around the corner and shot 2 of u guys, then jumped on the MG Nest and lay down a lot of cover fire..... it was very fun.... at first all i saw was dead bodies, then you moved =)


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                Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

                after getting maybe 20-30 mins in, the remnants of ike took out my power. oh well, hope everyone had a good time. maybe my electricity will be restored soon so i can play tonight.
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                  Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

                  The event was tons of fun IMO. Was my first experience with Arma MP, a large event and as a Section leader. I only volunteered to lead a section as on the 2nd round noone seemed to want to, lol. I luckily had a great section of Solitaire, Snow, peperoncino (hope I spelled that right) and Lt. Winters. I have to say the PL Co's did an excellent job on both rounds.


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                    TG Sep 14 Event Recording

                    All videos are from my point of view so now griping if i am not looking at you most of the time. Again I am sorry but scents I don't have that many posts I need Some one to please make a link to my Wegame page. Then you can watch them in order if you really want to but heck even i did not watch them fully but i made it manigable by sorting them in watchable small segments. You could go to my other post because Scoop was kind enough to make a link to my convoy vid. Then from their you can look at my profile and see my vid's.
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                      Re: TG Sep 14 Event Recording

                      Hey nice work winters.... holy crap your graphics look awful... it looks like OFP... you dont actually regularly play like that do you?

                      Here part 1 of 8:

                      heres winters wegame profile for all the parts:


                      Nice to see a whole round recorded


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                        Re: TG Sep 14 Event Recording

                        Can this be merged in with ?


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                          Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

                          done :)


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                            Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

                            Thanks to TG for hosting, and for allowing a group of ShackTac people to join in. Overall it seemed like a success. Naturally there are lessons that can be learned from any event like this, and I look forward to seeing them applied to help make future events even more of a success. Due to the very limited amount of gametime I had, I don't have anything specific to comment on from that, but reading the remarks of others in this thread has been an interesting insight into what happened throughout the session from TG's side.


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                              Re: Sunday Event 9/14/08

                              Sounds like alot of fun, sad i missed it. Hopefully you'll have a new one soon!




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