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Counter Insurgency Operations AAR (09/24/08)

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  • Counter Insurgency Operations AAR (09/24/08)

    After Action Report
    Counter Insurgency Operations in Central Sahrani
    24 September 2008
    0700 Zulu

    • Sweep the towns of Carmen, Tandag, Guala, and the Bajo Valor region for any insurgent activity and eliminate any threats within the areas.
    • Secure or destroy any weapons or materials that could be used or are being used by the insurgents in the area.

    • Blackdog - Section Lead
    • Pirate - Sharpshooter
    • DeePsix - Corpsman
    • Kit Pig - Grenadier
    • Domo - M-240

    Splitting into two, two-man teams, we boarded separate HMMWVs. Blackdog drove the lead HMMWV armed with a TOW AT Missile Launcher with our sharpshooter Pirate. I drove the second HMMWV armed with a M2 .50cal HMG with Kit Pig. We set out from our Forward Operating base south of Bagango and made our way North towards Carmen. Reports of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) being placed in civilian vehicles and areas such as bus stops made us take less densely populated routes towards our objective. We approached Carmen from the east and dismounted 100 meters from the objective. Pirate moved off around to the north to set up observation on the town and determine the extent of insurgent activity. From his OP just east of Hill 255, he reported a large group of approximately ten men armed with various soviet block small arms. Under his observation, we approached the group and engaged them once they moved into the open. Bounding from building to building we swept all houses and barns in Carmen under the watchful eye of our sniper. We discovered small pockets of insurgents using barns and small wooden sheds as concealment. After making a final sweep, we consulted with locals and departed north towards Tandag.

    Actions in Tandag
    While moving along the road north to tandag, the lead HMMWV spoted a soviet era mine laying in the street. After observing from a distance to make sure it was not an IED, we moved in and marked it on the road and radio'ed for EOD to take care of it ASAP, and continued along the road north. At the "T" intersection east of Tandag, our convoy was engaged by a single soviet era BRDM. Due to some strange server issue (desync), Blackdog was picked out of the vehicle while the TOW gunner re-synced as he fired and missed. Kit Pig engaged the BRDM with our M2 .50cal knocking it out. We waited for Blackdog to rejoin us with an Mk19 40mm HMMWV. Once we had regrouped, we rinsed and repeated our strategy. Pirate once again moved north of Tandag to hill 214, and set an OP. We moved in and swept out any insurgents. Tandag had little resistance and was quickly cleared with much assistance from our sniper in the hills.

    Action in Guala
    After Tandag was cleared we moved back to the FOB south of Bagango and rearm. We loaded our HMMWVs with various equipment from heavy Javelin AT missiles to satchel charges, 5.56mm ammo, and an M24. Spreading the map over the hood of the HMMWV we analyzed our route of approach to Guala. Only a single road extends through Obragon south to Guala with a bridge. This route was unilaterally deemed too risky due to the possibility of IEDs and ambush at the bridge. We decided to take an alternate route using backgrounds and approach Gaula through the area south of Modesta. Using our tried and true strategy. We set up our sharpshooter to observe the town and relay any insurgent activity. Pirate reported at least eight men armed with AK-47s moving in two four-man groups back and forth through town. Using the Mk19 on our HMMWV and supported by the Sniper and the rest of the team, we engaged and eliminated insurgents in the town. Our team moved south through the town and cleared out various insurgents using homes and sheds of villagers as hideouts. On the northeast side of town, a large cache of weapons was discovered including several thousand rounds of AK-47 ammo, explosives, and miscellaneous military equipment. We deemed the cache too dangerous to leave for EOD. We rigged the cache for a controlled det and cleare the area around it. After destroying the cache of weapons that could be used by insurgent forces we did a final sweep of Gaula. On the south end of Gaula we moved in a spread four man formation under the observation of Pirate from the hill. As we walked, we passed a small wooden outhouse in a backyard. I called out jokingly wondering if an insurgent would use it as a hideout since we had engaged a group in the same backyard earlier. Getting permission from my section leader, I popped off three rounds into the backside of the outhouse from 20 meters to the rear of it as we approached. Much to our ammusement, a fully armed and uniformed SLA insurgent tumbled out the door with an AK-4& (Figure A).

    FIGURE A - Three members of our five man section pose around the smelly outhouse where an SLA Insurgent was using as a hideout. From left to right: Kit Pig, Blackdog, Domo.

    Action in Bajo Valor
    After securing Gaula, we remounted our Mk19 HMMWV and made our way east to Bajo Valor. We setup on a gentle slope overlooking the west side of the small hamlet. We sat observing the town, counting SLA insurgents, when a UAZ with two men in started to approach us. I engaged it with my AT4 and we swept into town again under the cover of the Mk19 HMMWV. Once we secured the town and the weapons, we got word from the locals that a large camp of insurgents was gathered in Everon. We mounted our HMMWV and moved on the camp. From along the road, we observed a BMP-2 and at least twenty armed locals in a compound just east of Everon. Using a Javelin Missile, Blackdog destroyed the BMP, and we suppressed the compound. The Mk19 made quick work of groups of enemies and our team's M-240. The compound was quickly cleared and we returned to the FOB intact with no casualties.

    • Patience is key. Go slow. Work Together. Come Home Alive
    • HMMWV will respawn if left alone for a period of time.
    • An effective Recon Element is key to successfully clearing areas with an unknown enemy force
    • IEDs can be anywhere, avoid the beaten trail
    • If you Join in Progress, do not chase after the convoy in a civilian truck.
    • If you don't have the manpower, load up your HMMWV and treat it as a rally point, using it's main weapon and diverse equipment to assist your squad
    • The enemy can be anywhere, approach with caution and check everywhere (including outhouses)


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    Re: Counter Insurgency Operations AAR (09/24/08)

    Brilliant write up mate!
    Following the sneaky new battle tactics shown by the SLA I feel it is right and proper to create a new form of Urban warfare description. So in addition to Close Quarter Battle (CQB) We will also begin training in CTW! (Counter Toilet Warfare)

    Damn lucky none of us needed a battlefield bathroom break which I am sure was the SLA's devious plan!

    Oh and to those who saw me leave just prior to the start of this mission due to a very well presented Blonde young lady calling me to tell me she was on my doorstep, I subsequently shut down the PC, sprinted around the apartment tidying things away (mugs, shoes, adult reading material) and buzzed the door to let her in. Buzzed the door again to let her in....still no one I called her to which I get......"I was only kiddng silly, thought I would play a joke on you!!!!!!!"

    Arhrghrgrhgrhghrghrghrghrg Women!!!!! So I did the only responsible thing to do, turned the computer back on, joined the fellas again and set off on this mission!!!



    "What we do in life... echoes in eternity!"


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      Re: Counter Insurgency Operations AAR (09/24/08)

      Great writeup DeepSix :)

      The mission was a lot of fun.
      I don't think i'll forget that moment when we noticed the white truck coming from behind like a bat outta hell and the Humvee gunner swinging around and lighting it up without a moments hesitation.

      Good times :)


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        Re: Counter Insurgency Operations AAR (09/24/08)

        Good stuff there!!
        "The chief foundations of all states, new as well as old or composite, are good laws and good arms; and as there cannot be good laws where the state is not well armed, it follows that where they are well armed they have good laws." -Machiavelli




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