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Crashing and Burning (Nov 6)

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  • Crashing and Burning (Nov 6)

    This is less a 'formal' AAR than a 'shout out' of thanks to BlackDog for his preserverance and leadership as Admin and PL during last evening (Thursday, November 6).

    I joined the ArmA after a long day of writing and found BlackDog, Facemachine, Beta, and a few others in a game of TvT. Made my way up to BD just in time to get a 'nade in the face and see the server crash.

    We set up a new round of TvT, this time with myself as SL against another small squad. Just as we made enemy contact and were about to lay waste of them (or be subject to complete annihilation) the server crashed.

    We tried a few more maps, but got no further than the breifing screen.

    Eventually someone loaded the High Mountains map (fairly new to myself), and BlackDog stepped up as PL and got us organized after some demonstration bike stunts from ?? and ??.

    BD demonstrated excellent leadership and patience as he herded the regular mob of TGers, who were joined by a number of men from the ShackTac clan, and one or two entirely new faces.

    All went swimmingly well. I saw some action as I followed Tripper and later joined Beta in a humvee to hunt down a BMP. And then the server crashed.

    I noticed ten or more were persisting on the server, but the magic moment was gone so I was off to my bed and a warm wife (mine...).

    BlackDog does an excellent job of bringing order to chaos, and manages to inject a fine sense of humour into the game without dominating the comms or micromanging the action.

    Everyone exercised disipline with the comms and showed great maturity and cooperation throughout the evening.

    Few things beat a 'night out' with disciplined players, old acquintances, and welcomed guests.

    Well done all.

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    Re: Crashing and Burning (Nov 6)

    Thank you sir! Yep the server issues are becoming a tad frustrating but moves are "afoot" to ty to sort them out! Thanks to all for hanging in there...we will get this sorted and we WILL get the mods working......


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