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  • Paraiso Redux

    The Invasion of Paraiso
    -- Thursday, November 13, 2008, 21:30--00:00 -5 GMT

    Logged on to an empty TG ArmA server around 9:30 pm and was soon joined by:
    • Naco
    • Insanatrix
    • XMaster
    • michael
    • Winchester
      (sorry, if I have forgotten anyone)

    We attacked the city from the North, working our way around to the East and eventually found our way into the city center near the Church just as the stars started to come out. Winchester, you did a great job on point and you continue to set the standard for excellent teamwork. Insanitrix, it has been a while and it was a delight to see you in my squad again.

    There was some excellent scenes, which included the simple sight of blinking stop lights illuminating the street in the growing darkness of the evening. The night ended in one of the most visually spectacular moments of my virtual gaming experience, with a friendly helo firing rockets on a nearby hillside, arty falling on the same location, and then two enemy helos crashing into the hillside and exploding into fireballs. Very dramatic indeed.

    As SL and acting 'PL' I coordinated the ground assault with pilot Xmaster.

    The ground troops did a great job with keeping each other alive (for the most part) and worked well as a team.

    I found myself reflecting on the element of ArmA that most appeals to me -- strong team cohesion that focuses on mutual support. This is the environment I try to create for the men who serve in my squad. There were some very tight and tense moments of enemy contact in rapid succession, and there were moments of holding and waiting while our reinforcements moved forward from the MHQ.

    At one point micheal acquired a BMP and provided some much needed fire cover as we advanced in the final moments of the attack.

    There was a fine moment of simple but elegant problem-solvng once we acquired the radio tower but lacked schatels. Michael volunteered to drive back to the MHQ and bring forward the needed schatels while we held position. All went according to plan.

    I was not always on top of the situation, and at times squad cohesion and comms fell apart due in no small part to my failure to maintain control, but we managed to pull things together at each interval.

    I have a few comments general and specific, hopeful those participating last night will take notice of the following areas that need work.

    XMaster: While you provided excellent and patient air support, you often flooded the comms with request for targets and so forth. Do you best to keep comm use to an absolute minumum, particularly when the SL/PL indicates that they are under fire and working on a situation on the ground.

    Michael: when you acquired the BMP you called for a gunner -- a good idea but always run such requests past the SL first (respect the chain of command). Once you had acquired the BMP you shortly veered off after some targets and left us on our own. Initiative is good, but communication of your intent is essential. Likewise, a few times i gave very specific 'move to' orders that were not followed. And remember -- if you are firing at something the rest of us need to know what, why, and where.

    Naco: overall good work but take care to precisely follow orders when they are specific. Not sure what happen with you in the last moments of the round.

    My AARs will from henceforth continue to include pointed remarks on areas in need of improvement, and I welcome reciprocal feedback on my own performance. I'll ask the best from my men and I'll give them my best.

    All in all, a very good round, and I was glad to have all of you in my squad.

    Between the necessary individual initiative that is essential, and the orders which must be followed precisely -- such as 'cover that corner until...' we all walk a fine line between cohesion and chaos -- the glue that holds it all together if communication. If you need to deviate from the plan, communicate. If you make contact with an enemy, communicate, and so forth.

    I have a very particualr style of play (as we all do), which focuses on squad cohesion, enhanced group sit rep and the development of collective intelligence -- everyone knows what anyone knows.

    My squad members will always have each other's life and safety as their top priority. Kills, goals, time, and even winning are secondary considerations for me.

    For me, the only thing that attracts me to online gaming is the thrill of being part of a team that is all pulling towards the same goals (yes, the chicks are a motivating factor as well) and the challenge of communication and coordination in a virtual environment. Mutual respect and maturity make it pleasurable and your company and the game make it fun.

    Thank you all for a great evening. I learned some more about how I could do better, and I enjoyed the company of these few good men.
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    Re: Paradisio Redux

    *cough* Paraiso *cough*

    Nice writeup.

    -- I always wanted TG to be different than anyone else out there. We need to be unique in what we offer and how we play, if not we are simply competing with everyone else. --
    The BigC


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      Re: Paradisio Redux

      Great work emale and to all involved, sounds like it was a great game!


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        Re: Paraiso Redux

        Sounds interesting. I'd love to have a game with you sometime, E-Male.




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