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  • Operation Rhino

    Ok as blackdog wished heres an AAR well an attempt anyway

    Mission: Operation Rhino
    Date: 28th November

    Objectives: Playing as Redfor side, objectives were to attack and destroy key points around the city and hinder the american forces from acheiveing their objectives.

    It started if with me at my basecamp with another (cant remeber name) We loaded up with weapons and ammo, set up cars as ammo supplies to be parked around the city for when needed and headed towards the city, We split up so we could work on seperate objectives at one time, My first objective assassinate the prime minister, I had an SVD in hand and moved towards the market place where the prime minister was. I moved in and spotted 2 guards and my target, I took the shoot killing him and sent the crowd running or diving for cover, I made my escape and on to my next objective.

    While this was taking place my other team mate was attacking the water tower with an RPG to no effect, I moved to get satchels and complete the job, still no signs of the americans, soon enough the water tower was down. ( not long after this the other player quit due to lag)

    Now on my own I needed to move to another objective, the fuel supply, I ran through the back streets moving to my target and wasnt long before I could hear the sounds of battle ahead, finally the americans have apperead, I crawl along a wall and spot a single infantry man standing in the road firing at people in the town, I set my scope on him and take him down.

    For my postion I had a good view on the fuel station it looked clear except for some AI but soon the MH6 flies in and droops troops in the compound, I take a better look around and start to spot more and more american troops in different places, I spot some on top of the building and take them down before killing of the AI and start to move towards my target before more infantry are dropped off, but I was spotted and gunned down.

    Respawning back at base I work on a new plan to destroy the fuel target, I come up with the plan to sacrifice myself for the greater good and destroy the fuel with a car bomb, I get the car bomb ready and drive as fast as I can towards my target, as I though some more troops had made their way back I come under some fire but too little too late and detonate the bomb destroying the car the fuel and myself.

    (by now I think I had someone else on my team)

    Ealier I had spotted the MH6 dropping infantry on the roof of one of my targets, I take it out next both removing their overlook and and objective, I load my car up with satchels (10 in total) and set out, I get to my objective to find some dead americans around, I set my satchels in the building and grab an M240 and move back just in time for 3 americans to all line up against a wall, well my new m240 made short work of them, I hear a car near and move to find it, I spot a hummer and open fire killing the gunner but missing the driver, but he soon drives too fast and gets his transport stuck on a wall just outside my target objective, the small firefight with the AI told me he was still alive, I moved into postion to watch him trying to use the objetive for cover, soon 5 satchels placed in the building took it down killing him in the explosion. Another objective complete

    Next target the Tank

    I move up with my last 5 satchels and place 1 on the wall to make a new entrance, once the wall in down I get gunned down by the 3 AI standing beside the tank.

    I respawned in the jail but walk straight out as it's not guarded.

    I get my RPG and go tank hunting again. Soon another objective is complete.

    Time I got my SVD back and go hunting. On my way there the americans had moved deeper into the city and has retaken the Racs ammo, I die trying to move around the city.

    I get my SVD back but spot something just as fun a free .50cal hummer just sitting there, well I had to take it for a joyride, After firing off a few rounds at the power station I move on to attack the RACS ammo for more satchels, I die and lose the hummer but not for long.

    After I killed the new guards I get my hummer back and some supplies and move to the power station for my final objective.

    It's at this point I notice the americans have found the documents, somthing needs to be done, I move in and kill 3 americans searching the area and get myself another unarmed hummer.

    With another player joining my side again I set him to defend the documents while I move to the power station.

    On my way there my hummer explodes (dont know why)

    After getting to the power station I find it empty, nice easy target. I set my satchels and blow it up

    All objectives complete down with the silly americans :P

    (was a few days ago so not all details are included)

    Someone should do one for the american side.

    My name: Adept a skilled or proficient person Abyss a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity
    So I'm a very skilled deep hole :D

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    Re: Operation Rhino

    Very good mate! Thanks for the effort!


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