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Familiar Ground - 04/01/09

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  • Familiar Ground - 04/01/09

    So, I decided to take command of a small mission today. This is less of an AAR as a place for the guys involved to tell me what I could have done better. Sadly, it was not a win for the BluFor. Many thanks to all, especially the SL's for stepping up, and Ice as the medic, working miracles on the guys.

    This was my initial run out and map screen after moving 1 section into position and gathering some intel. This "plan" was to change a few times, one of the reasons for the failure IMO.

    As you can see, we were badly outnumbered, hence why I though it would be a good idea to create our little ALAMO building at the barns. We fortified it well for the coming onslaught....

    I attached both medics to 1 section, something i was apprehensive at first to do, but it saved many lives, so I am ok with that decision. My own position was on HQ hill, where i could watch the map in safety and the action from my perch. However, once contacts began to be engaged, the enemy began to aggressively patrol the town, and I got bumped, so I had to move. I regret moving to the alamo, sure, it gave an extra rifle, but at the expense of leadership, and thats why the mission failed, we did not have time to sit back and defend, we have to be aggressive. But, with our small numbers, I still maintain we done good.

    Anyway, constructive criticism if you please!:)

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    Re: Familiar Ground - 04/01/09

    First of, I think you did great. The plan was clear and to take cover at the barns was a good idea, as we'd have great cover. The walls, large barns and small entrances provided the necessary entrenchment against overwhelming numbers.. but we failed due to a few things:

    a. We had too few numbers, as was obvious
    b. Beta is a bitch and wants people to fail in his missions :p As soon as we engaged that two man patrol, we got swarmed by a platoon of infantry, BRDMs and a BMP-2 that wreaked havoc on the troops. Still, it was an awesome sight to have that BRDM to appear in sight, followed by a large blast coming from behind the barns 2 seconds later, which resulted in a BRDM going kablammo. Kinda reminded me of the Tiger blown up at the bridge by a P-51 in Saving Private Ryan :p
    c. Not everyone is comfortable with the TG style of gaming. I saw a few people running about, exposing themselves, and taking your command of "I want to see smoke" a bit too literally .. we had a few smoke grenades right in the courtyard.
    d. Due too few numbers, we didn't have any other teams to cover our flanks. It was just a matter of time before we were overwhelmed at the barn.

    Overall, considering our really small numbers, we did great. We held off a large amount of enemies and a lot of jeeps/armor before finally succumbing to the overwhelming enemy forces.

    Finally, this demonstrated quite well how medics attached "permanently" to a team, squad or section can save many lives and wounded.. if approached cautiously. I had to be healed up twice myself as the first time I got stuck in a barbed wire and was shot in the foot/leg (and still dropped unconscious). The second time was... weird.. as people started running up to me, one went Arma-collision-detection-happy and fell on top of me. If medics don't have to cross large distances to reach the wounded, the chance of having the wounded survive increase dramatically. In retrospect, if they're not with the squad they'll risk getting shot at when crossing open ground and arriving too late.




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