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Burning Sara 1/05/09

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  • Burning Sara 1/05/09

    Let's get some AAR's, videos, and pictures posted here guys!

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    Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09



    OK, here goes. Great fun on the TG server tonight, as always, although what do you expect on the worlds number 1 ranked ArmA server...

    I guess this is more of an illustrated video diary, I took over 140mb of screenshots and 9GB of video tonight during our 4 hour mission!.... After sifting through it, this is what I have come up with. A few things first though, firstly, many thaks to all 40ish guys on the server, you rocked. Thanks to the CO, the SL's and 2iC's for stepping up, I think TG showed its true ArmA colours tonight.

    Next, I would like to apologise, I only got my Xfire working again today, and the sound is a little muffled. In-Game ACE sounds rock really good, nice and crisp. Also, you can not hear me our anyone in in game comms, its a xfire thing. You can however hear the TS. If you watch the videos, you will see when I am talking, and in what channel, and see how hectic it gets during a contact. You will be spared me barking orders, and at one point chewing out most of my squad for firing when not authorised to do so.

    I can literally be on TS, straight to Direct for who ever in is my vacinity (CO perhaps to keep TS clear at a vital moment as we get contact reports sit reps, casualty reps etc) and bang onto Squad chat with a contact vector or order to my 2iC or squad. ArmA is immersive, it gets hectic, a IED went of near me tonight and concussed me, I screamed in RL at 4am, not a good idea...OK, here goes.....I hope you enjoy, and I hope this is a good testament to the outstanding game we enjoyed tonight, all from one of our many great mission editors here at TG.

    ****Operation Buring Sara****

    --Order of Battle--

    Alpha Section - Infantry
    Bravo Section - Infantry
    Charlie Section - Infantry
    Delta Section - Recce
    Echo - Platoon HQ

    The Mission consisted of 4 objectives, to destroy an AA gun in the Tiberia, to patrol an area of the city of Dolores, to destroy an enemy defesive position and Ammo cache in Dolores, and to destroy an ammo cache east of Dolores. There is also the optional objective of securing a FOB position half way.
    At the missions start, we get organised at our HQ. CO, Sl's and 2iC's all join our BluFor Command Element TS channel. I am Charlie squad leader, with AlphaSierra in my 2iC role. We get nominated initially as a Mechanised Infantry section, and board a M2A2 Bradly IFV. In the initial convoy to our RP we had 2 5ton trucks, a TOW Hummer and a M119 IFV.


    As we move through our first city, we encounter a possible IED threat on the road ahead, and foot mobile hostiles armed with RPG's. Infantry is instructed to dismount and the M2 is pushed to the front.


    Infantry dismount

    Pushing up with Infantry in support.

    Sadly, as we pushed up and over the next ridge, we got engaged by a T-90 MBT about 800 metres out before we could bring our TOW to bear. Bradley down, 3 casualties.


    Our bodies, nicely arranged after a medic pulled them from the wreck...

    So, we make our way back to the front, and we push forward, hooking up with my Section and retaking control. We secure the area, the T-90 is eliminated with a Javelin, and we board our 5Ton trucks. However, as we move up, we are engaged by small arms fire from the city to our east. One casualty sustained in Bravo, we get of the road to a defilade, dismount and secure the east flank while the medics get to the casualty.


    Medics in top left corner assess the casualty

    Dismounting and forming a perimeter


    To my north and rear

    Alpha is then moved slightly forward of us, as Bravo sorts itself out, and we act as reserve to Alpha.


    Map view

    Alpha gets drawn into a firefight, and takes a casualty, while we sit in the defilade and relax!


    To Alphas rear

    Medic and cover earn their pay


    We then push slightly forward, and get eyes on the town, while I have my Javelin gunner search for targets.


    Eyes on

    Threats neutralised, we push south and get assigned Recce with M119 support while Bravo push south to enter the city to find the AA, and Alpha stay north to assist.



    We then get involved in a fire fight with Insurgents in and around the town.

    Firefight at typical ArmA range

    Bravo move out and get in position to the south of the City, and we begin to move up from the west to support.

    Sexy wedge on me


    We move into the town and engage an enemy truck and some infantry, then begin a search. Bravo set of a IED in a car, no casualties sustained.



    We then find the AA, and place a satchel charge, and leave the town to the South west.


    We regroup, and carry out a supplies and ammo check. We then get a little incident with a civvie....



    Problem Solved

    While the 2iC takes over to arrange ammo resupply, the SL's get called to a chinese parliament by Fuzzhead.

    We decide to move onto this intersection, secure it and move on. Charlie gets designated the North, Bravo centre, and Alpha get to push forward


    We advance in force over the ridge towards the intersection

    When we get their, Charlie gets involved in a contact in the town, and I get tunnel vision. I am struggling to identify legitimate targets and not Civilians. Comms is hectic, with confirmed and suspected hostiles called out with contact bearings, and then engaged.


    Due to this tunnel vision, I notice late the BMP that storms east and south out of town in the desert, and starts to engage BluFor. My Jav gunner does very well to get the shot of. Sadly, i only get video from AFTER the kill.

    All sections then start to move out towards the burning BMP. This is where my Comms discipline left, and I had to reel my squad in for the only time on what was overall an outstading display. We knew of an enemy patrol orth of us, and were pushing past to their south toavoid contact. But someone in Charlie fired....We were engaging enemy from open desert at ranges of 700+ metres, and burning through ammo fast. I was LIVID, and I am sad to say I let them know it with my short sharp burst. However, the team reacted well, and we flanked them good and proper.


    Ammo conservation was now becoming an issue. I made my squad do an ammo check, and a magazine check, before we all pushed up to the FOB and cleared it. Here it gets interesting. I suggest in the following video you watch the comms markers carefully, and see how hectic it got, and thats just MY squad, remember TS as well. We have me shouting orders, SM's calling contacts....crazy. Alpha was tasked with pushing up over open desert to an enemy M2 .50 mounted on a roof. We had no choice as we had no other approach vector. Here is what happened. I was having a nice chat with Fuzzhead in Direct when the **** went down and Bravo and Charlie went weapons free...

    Love this video, you can see the enemy marksman get hit


    Covering fire


    SAW happy

    We then pushed up to support the assault, taking the hill in front of the now deactivated M2.

    Alpha's bloody mess

    Bravo and Charlie then cover after another Ammo shuffle, and Alpha move into the town to patrol the required sector.


    My favourite ever screen shot, let her load....Love the spend casings

    Following this, Charlie was then tasked with destroying the ammocrate in town, which we did with some resistance

    We then crossed the bridge, where a cleverly placed IED would have done more harm had my squad not kept their spacing. We moved to the East, and killed the final cache with a huge infantry assault.


    Sorry about the abrupt end guys, but its now 8am and I have not yet went to bed! Hope this is of some enjoyment to some guys, and maybe encourages others to join us here at TG. I died twice, and only made three kills, but hey, thats what my squad are for!;)

    Here is a player list, lets get some nominations going gents!



    And now, just for funsies, me considering a Combat Jack...It could be my last....


    Thanks to all!!

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      Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

      Great post Jeepo.

      I had a lot of fun, albeit a sore throat from talking nonstop to my squad for four hours.

      Kudos goes to everyone in Alpha who, for the most part, followed orders precisely. I couldn't of asked for a much better section.


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        Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

        awesome post jeepo, great AAR, didnt realize you were taking all those vids and pics...

        I will make a proper AAr for this in a little bit.

        WaterisPoison, holy crap those are some horrible graphics man 0_0


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          Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

          Twas fun, this mission and the fam. grounds is by far my favorite missions now.

          and if you keep callin your honorable fellow squadmembers your minions.. you might just wind up needin a couple epis and more than any junkies amount of morphine.
          "A Veteran is someone who , at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to
          'The United states of America' for an amount of 'upto and including my life'. That is honor, and there are way to many people in this country who no longer understand it."-Author Unknown

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            Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

            After Action Review

            Date & Time:
            Monday January 5th, 2009, 2000-2350 EST

            Burning Sara (Coop)


            AAR by:
            Platoon 1IC Fuzzhead

            - destroy AA gun in Tiberia
            - destroy an enemy defensive position and ammo cache in Dolores
            - patrol and clear an area in the city of Dolores
            - destroy an ammo cache east of Dolores.
            - setup an FOB in the hills east of Dolores


            Platoon HQ
            Fuzzhead - Platoon Leader
            Fansadox - Platoon Medic
            Benny - Platoon Logistics
            Dbzao - Platoon Radio Operator

            Platoon Infantry Leaders:
            Oakley - Alpha Section Leader
            WaterisPoison - Bravo Section Leader
            Jeepo - Charlie Section Leader
            SavageRabbit - Recon Leader

            Ground Vehicle Support:
            HQ with 3 Supply Trucks
            Alpha with M113 APC
            Bravo with TOW Humvee
            Charlie with M2 Bradley IFV

            Air Vehicle Support:

            Video Report
            See Jeepo's post.

            Main Report

            Plan was prety straightforward, move down the road east and then shortly after, get off the road and head to tiberia for the first objective. Recon element was supposed to remain hidden and offer intel for the platoon. Shortly after getting into over watch position, recon was spotted and wiped out, and I believe SavageRabbit had to leave so for the remainder of the mission the platoon was without recon. Although this hurt our overall plan we continued on anyways and I think we did alright without having a recon element, although things could have went a bit more smoothly with one.

            ROE was identify valid targets BEFORE engaging, as the entire area was covered in civilians wearing arab garb.

            Mission took a long while to complete, aprox. 4 hours. Part of this was due to some server issues (I crashed 3 times) and part of this was logistics which were not as great as they could have been, but most were new to this style of mission so it can be expected.

            Positive Notes:

            - All 3 section leaders were great with comms and responded quickly and concisely. It was not a pain in the ass to lead, it was straight forward and for the most part, the platoon lead itself. Recommend all future missions use teamspeak and command channel, it is a HUGE improvement over using side channel, the differences are immense and it really should be adopted as an SOP for all future missions with over 12 players on the server.

            - Enemy contact reports were delivered quickly and with good info.

            - The platoon stayed in good formation for the majority of the mission. A few times sections were out of position or were exposed, but were quickly shifted into better positions without needless confusion, this helped save many lives.

            - Section members did not wander off on their own (for the most part) and there was very little times where rules had to be enforced about following orders. Section leaders did EXCELLENT job at keeping their men together and even with some tricky ROE involving civilians, there was very few (if any) FF incidents, and only a few civilian deaths due to our platoon (collateral damage).

            - Medics did an excellent job of stabilizing and prioritizing casaulties, moving with speed to get the wounded off the front and somewhere safe to be treated. The use of smoke was excellent and well timed in alot of circumstances.

            Areas of Concern / Improvement:

            - Sometimes bit hectic on TS comms but really not a major point.

            - Resupply became a major issue, and getting the ammo to the front to the right people became a major concern. As platoon leader I should have factored in the ammunition levels of my platoon and should have pre-planned for some resupply points as we advanced. Resupply could have been handled alot smoother and in return could have meant less down time for the platoon, this was largely a fault of platoon HQ and not related to the section leaders.

            - Mission did not have any kind of ticket system, so it was virtually impossible to loose the mission. However if we had a certain amount of casaulties we could sustain before the mission ended, it might have become an issue as we lost had 1-2 fatal casulties at each objective (not including the 3 dead crew in the bradley).


            Overall the mission was a great success.

            I think the firefights were really good, lots of volume of fire which is good to see, lots of suppresion, players were not overly concerned about "sniping" their targets, but rather winning the firefight and making sure themself and their buddies didnt get hit.

            Hopefully TG ArmA continues to play in this way, with large player numbers and organised leaders, this is my prefered way to play ArmA/ACE.

            As a platoon leader I could have improved in several areas but I took the job more or less because no one was stepping up, not necesarily because I wanted to do it at the moment, although Im glad I did because it enabled some good results. Hopefully I can apply some of the lessons learned in this mission for future platoon leading, most of which comes down to logistics and timing.


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              Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

              You did good fuzzhead, and so did Waterispoison my squad leader. My squad was great, I think we only had one casualty the whole time I've been there.

              The mission was too big, that was the only problem for me.

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                Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

                Who was it that was asking to use the RPG on the HMG (from your video Jeepo)???

                That had to be one of the more comical things I've seen. After a concerning contact front with an HMG, everything died down, no one was hurt at all ... then out of NOWHERE an explosion rings out like 20m from the squad leader ...

                Turns out our RPG Gunner forgot to sight the proper range and it fell horribly short! Was funny to see for me at least :P


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                  Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

                  Originally posted by fuzzhead View Post
                  WaterisPoison, holy crap those are some horrible graphics man 0_0
                  I actually play on high settings, I have no idea why the picture turned out as horrible as it did. :(


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                    Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

                    Originally posted by WaterIsPoison View Post
                    I actually play on high settings, I have no idea why the picture turned out as horrible as it did. :(
                    You did a Print Screen, am i correct? Those always turn bad.

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                      Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

                      Originally posted by beita View Post
                      Who was it that was asking to use the RPG on the HMG (from your video Jeepo)???

                      That had to be one of the more comical things I've seen. After a concerning contact front with an HMG, everything died down, no one was hurt at all ... then out of NOWHERE an explosion rings out like 20m from the squad leader ...

                      Turns out our RPG Gunner forgot to sight the proper range and it fell horribly short! Was funny to see for me at least :P
                      HAHA, yes, that was my MEDIC Masta Ace! You got lucky, like I said, comms exploded, and I could just about make him out. My 2iC AlphaSierra was shouting in direct not to use it, and I figured, "what the hell, what can possibly go wrong....." BOOM, you guys got lucky! For funnsies at the end of the missions AplhaSierra bet Masta Ace he couldn't hit the electric pole, to which I start screaming "BACK BLAST" and only just made it away, hence the perforated ear drums in the video, enjoy!

                      I would just like to reiterate what Fuzz said, great job by all, especially those in a leadership role, and guys, I hope you enjoyed this, this is how I want to play ArmA here at TG, and you all saw the secret to success, COMMUNICATIONS, nail that bastard and thats half the fight!


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                        Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

                        Yeahh guys, that was a awesome Mission.

                        Have a teaser of my video collection of that mission here: hxxp://
                        The direct-downloads are all fcked up somehow - i tried multiple hosts,, etc. but somehow always at 100% there is nothing happen for like 25 minutes....

                        "The rest" is a 30minutes file with various footages, 500mb in size, original uncompressed was about 34GB - any idea where to upload it with some good detail other than youtube (YT only allows 10 minute videos) ?

                        Having some screenshots of it as well, so if there is any interest in seeing them i will upload them and post them here.

                        Originally posted by Jorge.PT View Post
                        You did a Print Screen, am i correct? Those always turn bad.
                        Actually it should not. Save as bmp saves ANY information of the picture and it can then later compressed properly by programs like Gimp(free), Photoshop or "Advanced Jpeg Compressor".

                        Best Regards, Christian
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                          Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

                          Good to have you on the forums Christian. I am not sure about video uploading, thats why I use Xfire, im lazy!:) Does lose quality though! Sure, post the screens by all means, nice to have the eye candy!! What do you use to record? And god do I sound weird in game!:(


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                            Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

                            Thanks for the warm welcome Jeepo! (btw: nice pictures of you and your girlfriend/partner on holidays)
                            Your voice sounds totally normal, i don't know what you mean :p

                            I have it now in better quality (the teaser): w* (replace the "*" with "w" inside the link - can not post links until 15 post on my postcount).

                            Ok i will post some pictures then later. I guess i will try another upload-service for the vid... re-compressed it now to even 400mb.

                            Question: Where can i post suggestions for some tweaks/improvements of that mission?

                            EDIT: Forgot to tell that i use Fraps (registered ver.) to capture, but it needs a lot of space even in half of my window-mode resolution.... the 30 minutes roughly took like ~35GB of space.

                            But way more important is that you hopefully edit all your screenshots Jeepo. They bloat this forums-page to over 30Megabytes.
                            Even though "png" is a very good and "loose-less" format, its not recommend for screenshots on the web - you have pictues with like 2mb with it. Please look at that screenshot buddy : hxxp://

                            Best Regards, Christian
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                              Re: Burning Sara 1/05/09

                              HAHA, thanks! Forgot about those! Yeah, i probably should get the full FRAPS thingy, I have the free one, but I am skint at the minute, and FRAPS is not on my list of must haves!:)

                              As for my pics, I will get to editing them soon, but I just wanted them up last night, it was so late I could not face doing anything else with them!!




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