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GunShip Troopers Jan 26-27, 2009

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  • GunShip Troopers Jan 26-27, 2009

    The missions was loaded for the first time on the TG server. Nobody had any idea what to expect except the mission maker who turned out to be the pilot for the whole mission. Mission lasted about 3 or more hours, with great fun throughout.

    Special thanks to your truly:
    Steven Seagal and Winchester for piloting and making sure everybody got to the frontlines.

    Chappy for Bravo lead who took on most of the "get in and finish the job" assignments.

    Some thoughts on the mission:
    I think this will become on of the favorite at TG fast. Played smoothly the whole time with nifty surprises here and there. Just have to make sure a proper lead is set up with dedicated pilots.

    Taking out the radio tower. Sniper squad engaged and killed two machine gun emplacements before infantry moved in. Great stuff.

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    Re: GunShip Troopers Jan 26-27, 2009

    Really good mission. Tons of AI that were placed well, without seeming scattered in random spots. Made advancing difficult and kept you feeling jumpy the entire time.

    I really enjoyed this, even if I did spend most of my time in the chopper waiting to get back to front lines.

    Good game!

    "War is politics by another means, but I personally enjoy just kicking the crap outta things sometimes."


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      Re: GunShip Troopers Jan 26-27, 2009

      Ah glad to see the good report.

      I'm glad you guys enjoyed the mission. And yes, those A.I. were not randomly placed. I custom placed enemies at objectives and set up waypoints and ROE as I would have them defend it (without trying to make it impossible to complete). Also, set up patrols between areas etc. That island is alive with enemy. lol.

      I will do my best to keep coming!
      Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. - General George S. Patton.


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        Re: GunShip Troopers Jan 26-27, 2009

        allways willing to help mate




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