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AAR for Monday Night 2/16 Op. Veritas

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  • AAR for Monday Night 2/16 Op. Veritas

    Was a great rounds fellas. Thanks to Winchester for stepping up as CO, despite his never playing the mission before. Also thanks to the other SLs that stepped up to lead their squads:

    LowSpeedHighDrag - Recon 1

    Steven Seagal/GeneralCarver/Jessie Ventura - Bravo(?) INF

    |TG-X|Marine - TOW/Javelin Anti-Tank

    Impulse - Callsign(?) INF

    Post your recollections and AARs for this excellent mission, and if I missed you as SL or something. I know we had a few guys running the Cobra and Harrier who were a big help as well.

    For me leading the TOW/Javelin team was a blast! 5 BMP kills and 4 tanks as well as calling in 2 CAS strikes. Thanks for the great round squad!

    In fact, the team was so busy staying alive and calling in strikes that we weren't able to finish the mission in the 90 minutes that our CO had to stay, and it was called off by direct order of the President. Regardless of finishing the mission, I had a great time.

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    Re: AAR for Monday Night 2/16 Op. Veritas

    Glad you guys had a great time!

    Originally posted by MarineSeaknight View Post

    |TG-X|Marine - TOW/Javelin Anti-Tank
    haha, that doesn't surprise me ;)

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